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How To Cleanse And Remove Negative Entities

By on October 8, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Cleanse And Remove Negative Entities

by Shao Ma,
Contributing Writer,

Do you feel that you are rarely having happy moments lately or feeling depressed sometimes? Do you find it hard to focus on a chain of thought for a long time and are distracted by negative thoughts? Do you feel that you are getting agitated easily and feeling anxious sometimes?

If your answer is yes to the above, then you are likely to have an entity attachment. This article will expand on this topic with a practical step by step guide to help you with removing entity attachments.

How Do Entity Attachments Happen

Most people are unaware that entity attachments are relatively common. It comes and goes like other physical symptoms depending on the host’s state of being. Emotional trauma is most common cause of entity attachments because the trauma can generate a wave of negative energy which attracts the unwanted entity. Additionally, having constant negative thoughts could attract the negative beings. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a peaceful state and not get upset by little things in life.

Symptoms of Having Entity Attachments

Generally, people who have entity attachment would experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • emotional issues, like depression, anger management issues or easily being agitated, low self-esteem or having trouble with forgiveness;
  • insomnia;
  • difficulty concentrating and frequent procrastination;
  • experiencing intrusive thoughts;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • dermatitis;
  • itchiness on the face;
  • Disliking certain people or animals without knowing why;
  • wanting to eat more even when not hungry;
  • having trouble with romantic relationship;
  • unpleasant sleep and nightmares
  • hearing voices.

Step by Step Guide on What To Do

Understanding the problem caused by the entity attachment is the half cure. Once the problem is acknowledged, it is easy to adopt some practical solutions. The main goal is to get rid of entity attachment is to fully transform yourself by changing your thoughts and behavior patterns so that you can be fully incorporated into your real essence, your higher self.

Be aware that the attached entity will try to change people’s mind sets in order to change their personality and real essence of their soul. It is necessary to complete the personal transformation in order to realign the host’s real energetic essence so that they can fully incorporate into their higher self. Below are some of the suggestions to assist the transformation process:

1. Identifying the corresponding traumas or triggers that attracted the entity

Firstly, start to pay attention to the repetitive thoughts in your mind and write it down. Secondly, record your dreams if you can remember and try to find a pattern. Patterns of dreams can reflect your subconscious state. Thirdly, revisit your recent behaviors or mindset and write down any changes and its affect on your life.

2. Identify the corresponding emotions that are associated with the listed issues or traumas

For example, if you identified a change in behavior with not being able to forgive others, think about what emotions you feel as a result.

3. Use the opposite positive emotion from the heart chakra to dissolve the negative emotion when it arises

The positive energy that is generated from your heart chakra is powerful enough to counter the negative emotion and remove the attached entity. Here is a chart showing the vibrational emotion scale from high to low.

4. It is a mental game

The entity may play a mental game of making you believe that it is more powerful than you, or forcing you to think anything that is scary. You need to laugh it off and absolutely believe that you are responsible and in control of your life.

5. Create a plan

Create a strategic plan to resolve the identified issues from your traumas. For example, if you have problems with your self-esteem, your plan can involve daily activities that bring you more confidence. Having a few milestone dates can help you keep on track and be more productive. Please adopt the “Five Seconds Rule” by Mel Robbins to guide you accomplishing your transformational goals.

Details are explained on this Youtube Video:

This is by far the most effective method to get rid of entity attachment. It explains the science behind how our brain works as well as teach us to THINK less and DO more. The entity is doing everything it can try to keep you in your head, but the host needs to think less and do more. Once you step into your power by accomplishing more lightworkers’ missions, the entity’s power will be reduced and fall off.

The second recommendation is read and study Barbara Brennan’s book ‘Light Emerging’. This book provides a thorough explanation on how to empower ourselves with detailed information of healing strategies.

You get this book from Amazon:

6. Feel great about yourself.

Self-compliments, self-love, self-recognition can open heart and raise vibration, making personal transformation and healing process easier. A lot of times, people love others more than themselves, and that can cause an imbalance in the heart and sacral chakras. We must find a way to love and forgive ourselves to balance our feelings in the heart.

7. Activating your five senses

People with entity attachments generally have health symptoms that affect their sensory system, such as nasal, eyesight and skin conditions or bronchitis. This is because the entity is cutting out your sensation of your surrounding environment, and you may not feel as much joy when being in the sun or tasting food. To re-activate your senses, engage with people and animals with love and kindness as this can generate warm feelings in the heart chakra and raise vibrations.

8. Fully express your emotions

Some cultures are less expressive with their emotions. Suppressed emotions can trap chakra systems and weaken the auric field so the entity can enter more easily. To enhance the spiritual immune system and cleanse blocked chakra, it is important to fully express yourself to release the trapped emotions. it is good to laugh and cry to release trapped emotions.

9. Stay away from negative people

Cutting cords with all your negative friends family members can eliminate the chance of triggering negative emotions.

10. Make decisions at a higher vibrational state

Don’t make decisions during a low emotional state, as the entity is in more control in this state, instead, try to make decisions when you are in a higher vibrational state. These steps break down the complex symptoms of removing entity. There are many methods of cleansing and removing entity attachment. The above techniques and information are based on the author’s own experiences with entity attachment in the past.

Shao Ma

Image: Pixabay

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