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How To Create Your Abundant Future

By on December 17, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Create Your Abundant Future

by Zoe Davenport,
Contributing Writer,

This has come up quite a few times over the past couple of weeks with my clients on how stepping into the void/unknown paves the way for us to get back into that yummy space where creativity – imagination and play can start to come in to create positive thoughts and manifesting our reality in a more heart focused way.

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In order to create this space we must first be comfortable with not knowing what the final outcome will be, we must first look at what we are holding onto so tightly and ask is this serving us? then with trust and love let go and allow space and allow the universe to show up for us in a positive way – more aligned with our heart’s true calling.

This analogy has helped me to focus on where my attentions are on more than one occasion. I am currently in-between timelines so in the space – the void and as I let go of the last shreds of doubt and fear more comes into my path that feels so aligned and true to who I am.

I hope you find this of some value along your path to creating your abundant future NOW.

I love you all,

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport About the author: Zoe Davenport is an Author, Intuitive coach, Channeller, Crystal master, Grid worker & Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healer. In 2011 she went through a life changing spiritual experience and has spent the last 6 years working through what it means to truly live with an awakened heart. Zoe is currently taking enrolment for her Intuitive Business readings click here to find out more. Intuitive Business Reading

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