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How To Experience A Sacred Love Affair With Yourself

By on April 28, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Experience A Sacred Love Affair With Yourself

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

There are many looking to find that special love so they will feel completed. You must find and experience a sacred love affair with yourself before you can attract that kind of love.

You must become the full embodiment of what you choose to experience. It must be deep and authentic and attached through the heart.

Breathe it in with each breath feel your heart pulse all the love to every cell that exists.

As you become one with that experience and integrate such a deep loving connection to every cell, you will become a beacon that will begin to emit the frequency of pure unadulterated love out to the universe.

It will be only then will your sacred call be heard.

It will only be a matter of time before that frequency is matched.

Because that is universal law.

~ Rosie Neal

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