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How to Let Go and Live in ‘The Flow’

By on December 31, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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How to Let Go and Live in 'The Flow'

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

By allowing yourself to lose control (or at least a perception of control), you can in fact gain more freedom and clarity of mind.


By holding onto our attachments and perceptions of what is, and what is not, we in fact hold ourselves captive; enslaved to our own mind. Though in reality it is the act of letting go of all control of our thoughts that we truly gain control over ourselves, through the process known as the removal of self; or the attainment of the divine or higher mind.

Without attachment to our thoughts, we attain the ability to flow more freely through this reality, without the additional harsh effects and dense influences from any negative thoughtwaves upon our light body; an aspect of our higher or eternal self.

In the act of non-attachment to the dense thoughts and emotions which arise in our daily existence, we promote and cultivate the ability for more of our light quotient to fill our physical vessel. With every day that passes, as more light flows into this reality and as we identity less with our thoughts; it becomes easier for our energy field to hold these higher frequencies, not being constrained by old thought patterns. We as such are always constantly adapting and allowing the higher aspect of our self to be present – simply learning to watch and observe the roller-coaster of the monkey mind without holding onto that which transpires.

In the act of letting go of control, we in fact attain so much more; gaining the ability to energetically tap into realms of existence which our minds both cannot fathom nor function properly within.

This is why meditative and trance-like states, along with other energetic practices, cultivate the bringing forward of the higher mind; they allow greater non-attachment from this reality of 3D consciousness and provide a gateway for alternate (and higher) parts of our being to flow through into the physical realm of being.

The act of non-attachment; the degradation of the mind’s perception of ‘I’, helps to cultivate the clear knowingness of the eternal presence and promotes an ability to be in the higher state of self, without a want for anything; just allowing that energy to be fully embodied and floating through what needs to be done on a daily basis.

This state cannot be taught;
It cannot be sought after;
It can only be embodied, without care for maintaining it or chasing to be eternally within it.
The chasing is exactly what will remove the ability to sit within it.

It may seem paradoxical, but when the knowingness is there, abiding and not being inflicted by lower density vibrations; the eternal self will be more present; you will be in the flow.

Casey Francis

About the author: Casey is a 24 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening and has had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences in the last 12 months; now spending his time writing, creating art, creating music and performing healings amongst various spiritual and galactic encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

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