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How To Let Your Vibration Rise With No Effort

By on December 23, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Let Your Vibration Rise With No Effort

by Mitch Gannon,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

Do you know how easy it is to allow your vibration to rise effortlessly?  It really is quite simple and can be done instantly in any moment of time.  You don’t have to meditate, repeat mantras, or perform breathing exercises.

If you already are flying high vibrationally maybe you are okay with where your energy is sitting.  But do you want to raise your vibration even further? Or maybe in the moment your vibration is in a negative place.  It doesn’t matter on which spectrum you fall because you can go higher. Source is infinite and has an unlimited uncapped ceiling of high vibrational output and reach.  Since you’re an extension of this Source that means you have limitless levels of how high you can go vibrationally.

In order to let your vibration rise automatically, first realize how you are feeling.  Whether you are feeling negative or positive you can always go higher from where you are standing vibrationally right now.  

Once you awaken and become conscious to how you feel the next step is to observe and witness your current emotional state and thoughts.  Just be the observer. Don’t push, pull, lean in or out, judge, attempt to influence, or control what you are observing.

Next, continue witnessing and observing, “standing back”, from your thoughts and emotions.  Here’s where the magic will begin to happen. The longer you observe and watch your thoughts with no attachment your vibration will begin to rise on its own.  Allow this to happen. You should feel instant relief upon doing this. The key is even as your vibration is slowly rising on its own, through your detachment of your mind, do not hook in or reattach to the thoughts and feelings that are changing within you.  

When you feel you are at the high vibrational set point that you desire whether its happiness, joy, peace, appreciation, bliss, etc., then focus back into the new thoughts that are coming to you based on the emotion and vibration you’ve newly arrived to now.  Naturally, thoughts match the vibration you are currently feeling and experiencing. If your vibration is happy and joyful you will not have thoughts joining that energetic set point that are sad or depressed. It is impossible. Through the power of focus you can ratchet your vibration up further by holding your attention on the new thoughts that joined your new vibration you just allowed to rise.

You can change your vibration within minutes.  As a result, your reality changes to match the vibration you are emitting.  It really is that easy. We can be high vibrational constantly if we wanted.  It is our natural and divine right to be the highest vibrational expression of Source. 

So, fly high!

About the author: Mitch is a gifted psychic, healer, and spiritual consultant who has been helping clients for over 10 years. To find out more about Mitch, schedule a private or email reading, and get cool free offers visit his website at mitchpsychic.com. Mitch also has a fun YouTube channel where he offers comprehensive videos on a wide array of spiritual and metaphysical topics and even holds live broadcasts doing free mini psychic readings. Click here to go to his YouTube channel and subscribe.

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