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Program Source Code: How To Easily Rewrite Your Program!

By on November 17, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Source Code: How To Rewrite Your Program!

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by Brigid,
Contributing writer,

You are the creator of your world! Everyone lives in their own subjective little world, but lots of people are living in crappy ones. Once you wake up to the idea that you really are a creator, you can change your world.


Source Code: How To Rewrite Your Program!

Here’s how we know that life REALLY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

Our “primary operating systems” are instilled in us from birth. Our parents, our religion, our culture, even what part of the world we were arbitrarily sprouted in, all have a huge impact on who we are. The books we read, the shows we watch, the articles we program into our social feed, these all contribute to the amorphous field that is “us”.

Humans are animals, and our brains work in the exact same manner as our four legged friends, if we aren’t careful to pay attention to our programming! Think about some of the dogs you’ve met.

Meet Schmoopy, a little fluff ball that’s gotten nothing but love, treats, and nice pets all of its life and is programmed to believe that the world is pretty great. It’s had no reason to ever believe anything else. That doggie has a WONDERFUL life. Nothing really bad has ever happened to him, and he has no reason to believe the universe is anything but benevolent and loving. His perception is correct, for him, for now. His owner dies and he gets adopted by a real dick who ignores him and doesn’t care about his happiness. His whole world has changed!

Meet Lars, a lone wolf who hasn’t had a friend since he was a pup. Doesn’t see much need to socialize or put himself out there. Another wolf bit him pretty badly once and despite some therapy sessions he was never able to quite get past the notion that all the other wolves want to bite him too. He’s got plenty of valid reasons to feel the way he does. He’s been bitten, he’s never had a real friend, and he’s got no reason to believe he needs one. He has no idea how cool it might be to run with a pack.

Then one day he meets some new wolves on a full moon and they manage to take down a freaking MOOSE! His whole world has changed!


Meet Macy: A junkyard dog who has been taught that everything is nasty and everyone is the enemy and to attack anything that comes close. Literally her entire life has been a trial of training and thieves. She’s been beaten, electrocuted, and had a mostly terrible life and has very few moments of peace. The whole world is out to get her, it always has been, and being vicious and attacking first is so ingrained in her that when she finally retires, she won’t be put into a nice home because bad things will happen.

None of these dogs are right or wrong, they are seeing the world as it is for them. Their perception of the world has no bearing on how the world actually IS. Life is a combination of perception and experience. They all live lives that have been trained into them, and if Macy had grown up with Schmoopies parents, she would have been the most lovable girl you ever met.

Changing how you perceive events is one of the most sacred gifts we have as thinking creatures. We CAN change our minds, but a lot of us don’t learn how.

Sometimes stuff sucks. Sometimes it’s great. When you break free of the program that’s running society, you realize the world at large is pretty neutral, with the experience relying solely on the viewer.

One guy is going to look at getting mugged as the latest in a series of proofs that god hates him, the next guy might take it as a wake up call to stop clubbing until two in the morning.

If you decide that the universe is working in your favour, it will be. If you decide it’s out to get you, it will be. Your own program is the only one that matters.

How do you look at life? Are you a happy little fluff ball or are you a sad old junkyard dog?

All dogs, given different circumstances, could comfortably slip into the role of one of the other dogs. Even a wolf can make an excellent pet if you love them enough. (Rare, definitely, but not unheard of)

We all have the capacity to unlearn what they want us to be, what we currently are.

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We aren’t dogs. We aren’t at the mercy of the world. We all have the capacity for self reflection and change. We can all take an objective look at ourselves and decide that maybe the way we are going about life isn’t working as well as it should, or maybe that we are f•••ing it up completely.

Life is exactly what you make it. The system WANTS you down. It wants you scared, alone, untrusting of each other, trusting only what it wants you to. Ignorant. Stagnant. Medicated. Zoned out. You’re easier to control. You won’t fight back or change the paradigm, you won’t even change your own damn self. Is that how you want to live until you die? F••• that.

Love each other. Learn. Become comfortable in your skin. Grow. Be the uncontrollable light of consciousness that the universe wants you to be!

Be the you that the universe planned, before society got in the way. Wake up to a whole new world.

If you want to really kick your life into high gear, you need an environment that’s conducive! Check out my new book “Get Sorted!: 5 Steps to an Easy Home ” to discover EXACTLY how. On iBooks  and on Amazon. Also available on Kindle

Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

Image: Pixabay

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