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How Toxins Harm Your Energy Field

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by PL Chang

The human body is an amazing biological quantum “machine” that has incredible potential. When we look at the human body from the outside, we see a beautiful biological form made of flesh. However, beneath the flesh there are many different layers of tissues.

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What many of us don’t understand about the human body is that it is also made of energy fields and energy structures, including but not limited to the chakras, the meridians, and the aura. The idea of the existence of chakras, meridians, and auras was once laughed at by conventional western scientists, but due to new advancements in subtle energy detection technology, many scientists are starting to admit that these energy systems exist.

At the fundamental levels, the human body is a hologram made of condensed light or energy. If this were true, how come we don’t see our body as light? The reason why we don’t see our body as light is because our mind processes the energy codes of our light body as matter, causing us to see our body as flesh instead of light. If this is hard for you to believe, read this enlightening article titled Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life.

The moment when our mind processes the information of our light body as matter is the moment when we are tricked into believing that our body is truly made of flesh and blood. This doesn’t mean that the matter that makes up our physical body is truly an illusion. It just means that matter works similar to an illusion. From the perspective of our physical self, matter is very real to us.

How food and environmental toxins harm your energy fields

Understanding that your body is truly made of energy or light is essential for understanding how toxins can harm your energy fields. Your body has many different energy fields. To be more specific, these energy fields have magnetic and electrical properties. The proper term for these types of energy fields is electromagnetic fields. Your body does an amazing job of generating countless electromagnetic fields. Many of these electromagnetic fields are small and hard to detect. The ones that are easy to detect are the heart’s electromagnetic field and the aura.

When your body is healthy, it often produces electromagnetic fields that flow properly and are mostly free of negative energy and information. When your body is saturated with food and environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, sodium fluoride, refined sugar, and pesticides, these toxins disrupt the electromagnetic communication process of biophotons, which are the “living light” in cells. This disruption then causes abnormal electromagnetic resonances, affecting how your body generates electromagnetic fields. These toxins also interfere with the communication process of cells, because they act like a kind of electrical noise in your body.

How toxins harm your cells and DNA

The longer food and environmental toxins stay in your body, the more abnormal electromagnetic resonances they cause. Over time, these abnormal electromagnetic resonances will cause harmful biochemical changes in your body, leading to serious medical conditions. Besides causing abnormal electromagnetic resonances, food and environmental toxins can also lower the numbers of electrons in your body. When inside your body, food and environmental toxins often act like free radicals.

Free radicals are basically molecules that are missing certain electrons. This feature makes free radicals very destructive to the molecules of your body, because when inside your body, free radicals like to steal electrons from the molecules of your tissues and DNA. It is considered normal to have a certain quantity of free radicals in your body. However, when there are too many of them in your body, they can get out of control, causing molecular chain reactions that can damage your DNA and cells.

If you don’t take actions to reduce the amount of food and environmental toxins in your body, in the long run, the negative energy and information that these toxins release into your energy fields will pollute them so much that your energy fields won’t be able to function properly. Your energy fields play an important role for your health, because they are some of the major systems of your energy body that act like a communication network, allowing your mind, body, and cells to communicate and work more in unison. Your energy fields also contain information that is important for your evolution and survival.

To learn how to avoid food and environmental toxins, read this informative article titled Ten Neurotoxins You Should Avoid.

Source: Eversole, Finley. Energy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy, and the Future of Health. Inner Traditions. Rochester, Vermont, 2013.

Image: Pixabay

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