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Indigo Sees Future – Humanity Could Soon Move To The 5th Dimension

By on March 19, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Humanity Could Soon Move To The 5th Dimension

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by a team of authors in the Czech Republic,
Contributing Writers,

We are a group of people from the Czech Republic interested in spiritual topics. We’ve met a very interesting young woman who turned out to have paranormal abilities. She is also able to see future events. As she explained to us, humanity could soon move to the fifth dimension: to The Golden Age of Humanity. Her message was very encouraging. She gave us the message and asked us to translate it to various languages and pass it to all the good people living all over the world.


To all the good people: Soon we will move to the Golden Age, we have instructions for you to win over the system.

The answer to the most important question of all is simple: “Why was I born and what am I looking for on this planet?”

How the system works

It all begins with the birth of a child whose soul enters the fetus in the mother’s abdomen with the help of an energy code during third month of pregnancy. This is how the game for each individual starts. Each of us has two brain hemispheres, right and left. The right hemisphere is intuitive and the left hemisphere is logical. After birth, each person begins a “struggle” in deciding between the right and the left.

Intuition usually says something completely different from logic. In most people, logic wins because it suits the ruling system that educates us accordingly. Immediately after the birth, the defenseless child is attacked by a system (we call it the “Matrix”) with a terrifying force that’s supposed to block the child’s brain, and especially the pineal gland and its intuition.

The child, who was originally born as a king and complete sovereign, is taught by its parents that it‘s completely stupid, dependent, unable to make its own decisions, therefore everything has to be decided by others for him. When the child manifests displeasure and begins to argue or cry, it‘s punished. That is a basic preparatory stage for further moronization of a little person, because in order to accept a complete program from the Matrix, it must deny himself internally first. To understand that it is unworthy, inferior, stupid and useless.

They say that we should be grateful that we have a system that tells us who we’re supposed to be, what we have to believe, and what we have to do with our lives. You are being told that you don’t have to invent anything new anymore because other people, who understood it much more than you do, have already invented everything for you a long time ago, so it would be a waste of time. Many people consider self-thinking unnecessary then, some of them are even unable to do so. They always have to go and ask someone else what to do. Taking responsibility for your life and your health scares many people, genuinely. To the great pleasure of pharmacy, church and other systems that suck energy, time, health and money out of people.


That‘s not only about how individuals who aren’t dangerous for the system are being raised, but they also form the system themselves. The individual is thrown into hands of slavery and transformed into a person that‘s perfectly suited for the system.

Do you ask why? Because they want you to be unable to escape the slavery. The whole system is pyramidal. Down there, there are ordinary people and up there, there are people who control them. There are two pyramids in the system, motherly and secondary. Both pyramids must be bypassed, you must not get lost in them. The system tries to prevent you from bypassing them in all possible ways and puts obstacles in your way – temptations and manipulative claims. It offers you loans to make you a slave of money. It steals your time so you don’t get an opportunity to fulfill your true mission and find the reason you were born here for. An Abundance of time for people is a pure poison for the system.

Humanity Could Soon Move To The 5th Dimension

It offers you a tempting job or project that you can‘t reject or maybe joyful hobbies to be obsessed with and waste your time with.

The motherly pyramid is dominated by six fallen angels whose commands are received by the Vatican. The Vatican then passes them onto other levels, secondary ones. The Secondary levels are churches, governments, police, courts, schools, laws, offices, soldiers and all the authorities that control and limit humanity.

Another pitfall of the system is called “pendulums”. Now we are talking about mechanical damage to people. These are car crashes, murders and others that will prevent you from continuing your path.

You are offered poisonous foods and if you eat them, you get yourself into a secondary pyramid. Secondary pyramid is supposed to capture all the people who never got caught in clutches of money and loans, and never allowed their time to be stolen. Your body would start to fade after unhealthy food, your mind will deteriorate and you will see a doctor. The secondary pyramid is a gigantic pharmaceutical apparatus with all its hops in the form of doctors and poisonous pills. Every man is responsible for his body and must never put it in the hands of someone else.

At all times, the system is trying to steal your soul. Some people even sell it voluntarily in exchange for money and fame.

But don’t worry, this message is actually very constructive. It was created upon the request of an indigo girl, whom we met in person. She has tremendous extrasensory abilities, she is capable of levitation, astral travel, but above all – she is clairvoyant.

The girl saw the future of this planet and asked us to pass this message to all of humanity.

Why The Matrix was created

Imagine a council of seven elders sitting around a round table. Only love and good intentions reign among them. They are interested in establishing a new superior system and they agreed on how it should look like. But because they can’t be sure of what the outcome would be like, all of them agreed to try a dry run first. It’s the best solution in order to build something that has no error and the longest viability possible. Therefore, the council of elders split into a constructive and destructive side to play their parts in a dangerous game called Matrix.

The wisest and most respectful member of the council suggested that he would stay alone against the rest. Everyone agreed. His six brothers decided to play for the destructive side to the extreme. It is a game of cosmic importance and for the future of humanity, it’s unrepeatable. You can be thankful that you were given an opportunity to be part of it.

The universe is a huge family with many trillion members. We were allowed by the Council of Seven to voluntarily participate in their game. Nothing you see here is real, it’s a simulation. The one who brought you to planet Earth is YOU, and your guide through the dark is your right hemisphere, whose instructions you should have listened to throughout your whole life. Everyone who lives here is like a character, yet his real source is in a completely different dimension. The character you move around the planet is just a small particle of your real being.

Time doesn’t really exist, it is being simulated only for the purposes of the game. Therefore, a few million years on our planet is like a second for the creators of a new civilization. The Council of Evil has allowed 144,000 constructive light beings to incarnate and play for the good side. These beings know the whole truth and are meant to help people to achieve victory.

We are participating in an experiment in which either humans win over machines and establish a new civilization and the Golden Age, or machines win over humans and the sixth Matrix will end badly, destructively for humanity.

The destructive side has determined that it’s only possible to play the game until the sixth Matrix, in which it must be decided. All five previous systems were destroyed by an atomic war. Now the game is over. On one side of the chessboard, there is the constructive power of the universe, along with 144,000 light beings and other constructive humans, and on the other side of the chessboard, there are the six fallen angels along with all the pitfalls of a system, which are meant to destroy and fool mankind. Either humanity wins, or machines.

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This is a message to all people who are currently working against the system, “Keep in mind that you are constructive and if you are struggling to help others to open their eyes and finally see the truth, you have to persevere in your actions. Do not let the Matrix to mislead you to the wrong path. ”

“You must not start to think destructively. For now, we are winning over the dark force, but it may change, the result is not decided yet. Do not listen to any cynics and people who think only logically, when they tell you that if you make decisions intuitively, believe in angels and live healthily, that you are strange, naive and dumb. Ignore them when they tell you that you believe in fairy tales and that the real world is about something else. These are agents who are supposed to pull you back to ignorance and chaos.”

“The system wants you to waste your time with crap and no to worry about what’s really important so that neither you nor your loved ones could fulfill your destiny and move to the Golden Age. Your mission is of the highest importance to you and humanity, don’t let anything to jeopardize it. Remember, when someone decides to end his mission, it often has an influence on other people that he would have otherwise brought on the right path by his actions. Every person is important, and any individual who stands on the right side of the chessboard can decide the fate of this and the new world. But beware! Only constructive people will enter the new Golden Age. None of those who deliberately hurt others will pass. The future of the Golden Age is prepared only for the good and kind people.”

The indigo girl also told us that in 2012, we had the same opportunity as we do now. We were all waiting for the Golden Age but it didn’t come. The energies needed for the transformation were not activated because we did not fulfill a critical mass of conscious people. We were given a couple more years to find even more constructive people to wake up and see the truth. Not all people need to wake up, but a certain quantity has to be achieved. The transition to the Golden Age is still possible.

The Indigo girl reminded us that none of us can take anything from this world to the afterlife, therefore there is no point in gathering matter and seeking fame. The only truly valuable thing that you were born for here is the transition to the Golden Age of Mankind, that will come after you’ll successfully overcome all the pitfalls.

An important message to all those who have acted against people in their lifetime. These are politicians, lawmakers, judges, lawyers, doctors, employees of the pharmaceutical industry, executors, officials and others who have unjustified power over others in the system: If you have acted against other people, you will not go to the Golden Age. According to the Laws of the Universe, you must not restrict another person or his free will, and must not intentionally hurt him, either physically or mentally.

If you have violated this law not only in your personal life but also in the exercise of your vocation, you have become a being that acts destructively and there is nothing good waiting for you in the system. You have one chance to “redeem” now. You have a so-called “Joker” in your pocket, but you must use it immediately after reading this article. Don’t wait, there is not much time left for you.

It is imperative that all people who have previously acted against other people at the behest of the system immediately change their direction and move to the constructive side. From now on you must not intentionally go against any person. You must not wrongly restrict or punish anyone, nor create and pass laws against people. You must not take money from the poor. Those of you who are doctors by profession must not ever give any person any poisonous medication with terrible side effects and must not harm anyone. It is important that you start treating all people with the respect they deserve. If your profession does not allow you to act constructively, it is essential that you resign and warn your colleagues what will happen if they continue in their actions and remain an agent of the system. You have been warned.

Politicians have a duty and privilege to rewrite laws in such a manner so they would help people, not mobsters and criminals.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, what’s your religion or whether you believe in anything at all. The only thing that matters is whether you’re a constructive being, whether you’ve been good and helpful to others during your life. For those of you who have been, you’ve got a great future ahead of you. Only constructive beings that haven’t hurt anyone in their lifetime, or those who will awake and switch sides at the last moment, will pass to the Golden Age. If you’re having remorse but have realized your mistakes, now you have the last-minute chance to start acting constructively and thus to reach the Golden Age. And be careful, this also applies to your thoughts, which have to be constructive as well. Thoughts have enormous power and they influence the energies of the transformation as much as your actions do.

There will be no future in 3D for people who will not get to the Golden Age because of their destructive actions or thoughts. When a critical amount of constructive energy is reached, activational energy will be sent by the system to initiate the transition. Whereas the constructive part of the population reaches the Golden Age in 5D, the destructive part will be burned by self-ignition and their souls will never be allowed to join the new civilization. There will be no place for people who killed someone/something – human or animal, nor for people with mutated genes, in the Golden Age. Along with constructive people, animals will also move into the 5D.

The Indigo girl says that even a few people who have more or less power can make a real difference, and constructively influence the outcome of the game and trigger the transformation. If there are politicians or people working in a state structure in your family, the Indigo girl asks you to show this article to them. Regardless of their stubbornness.

We were asked to translate this message in as many languages as we can and distribute it all over the world. We encourage you, the readers, to share this message with your family, friends and with open-minded and alternative websites for publication. Post it on your blogs, and if you speak multiple languages, translate it to your native language and spread the message across your home country and other countries. This message is of high importance and is meant for the whole planet, it’s spread should not stop with the Czech Republic but go far beyond its borders. There are so many other beings in the world who urgently need to know. There is power in the words, spread it.

Created by a team of authors in the Czech Republic on 28th December 2019

The original and translations:

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