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Humanity Is Awakening

By on March 26, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Humanity Is Awakening

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Humanity Is Awakening

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

It has been said before and worth mentioning again to not lose yourselves in the illusions that surround you. It seems to be a chaotic mess currently, does it not? The media has run away with yet again, another seeming catastrophic event. This time, the ante has been upped significantly and there has been a complete “lockdown” in all cities and towns across the globe. This is not to say this virus isn’t real. The emphasis may be overwhelming to say the least.


The reasons for this distraction may be several. It is election year, humanity is awakening, and there are backstage battles that are being fought across governments all the while. “What” is not the focus now. The focus truly should be on your own ascension journey and finding what resonates with you specifically. It is encouraged most that you find what truly makes you happy and focus on that.

I know that in most instances, especially now, that may be easier said than done. But perhaps that is your challenge that you are faced with. There is the reminder that you are an amazing soul and can triumph over anything and everything placed in your path. You should also know, that any challenges that you face now or in your future expression of time, is available for you to choose to rise above and conquer.

There is no doubt you are capable. You are more than capable. You are Divine Warriors after-all. You would not be here on Earth during this magnificent Ascension shift and chance for evolution if this was not the case. And perhaps you need that reminder to rise higher once again, since all that has happened, has attempted to lower you down once again.

This is a message of encouragement and hope. Decide to use your discernment and intuition that fear is an illusion. It is best when you choose not to over react or find yourselves in a state of panic. It is absolutely favorable to be aware and cautious of your surroundings. This is no different than when faced with any situation. You can also choose not to put yourselves in crowds or gatherings where you are especially concerned. It is also uplifting to send your healing and loving energy to those who may be most vulnerable. ❤️

Strive to remain positive even though you may feel restricted to be where you want to be or go where you want to go. You or your children may also feel a deep disappointment when sporting events are cancelled or what you as a family may have been looking forward to attending, is no longer an option. If you focus on viewing this as a blessing rather than a hindrance, you will continue to uplift yourselves out of the seeming dark cloud that is determined to “rain on your parade” or lower your energy into sadness or despair.

How about deciding to view this opportunity as being together with those whom you love? If your loved ones are out of physical reach, you may have more time to message them or speak with them by other means. This may also be a time where your mundane but busy life is suddenly silenced and you have the opportunity to spend quality time with yourself. Perhaps with your mind silenced from the distractions of everyday life, you can clearly focus on your goals, aspirations, and desires of the heart more clearly with added epiphanies. Only you can decide to feel this way and make the most of any dark or damp cloud that is attempting to follow your every move.


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After any rainstorm, the sun will eventually show itself again. When the sun does come, a beautiful rainbow ? is likely to follow. This is to remind you that there is a bridge ready to lead you into better times and better places. This is also motivation for you to continue forward through any tough or darker times in your life. When you do, there is the energy of peace, blessings, and new beginnings awaiting YOU and all of humanity.

So be it. And so it is.

Brightest Blessings to ALL, ☀️

About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and TwinFlame who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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