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By on April 2, 2022 in Spiritual Awakening


by Alison Prescott,
Contributing Writer, In5D

I heard this in its full version with a lady who was being interviewed by JC Kay Quantum Truth. I can’t remember her name but it really hit home to me. She found it from an anonymous source as well. I have rewritten parts of it that I thought were relevant to more people. I hope it helps you.


Ali xxx


I release all Resentment.

All Guilt.

All Shame.

All Blame.

All Victim Energy.

All Judgement of myself and All Judgement from others.

All Jealousy.











I release all need to control and I release those who feel the need to control me.

I release manipulation and spite.

I release feelings of “I’m not good enough or feel others are better than me”.

I release all remaining Implants – Devices – Entities – Attachments – Negative Ties to my outdated Past Life Pacts and Agreements.

I release all and everything that binds me to old belief systems especially those that are not in alignment to my highest good.

I release all remaining feelings of separation from myself and including my inner child.

I release my resistance for positive changes in my life.

I release suppression.

I release my negative ego.

I release any blocks, barriers or chains from my past, present and my future. In fact anything that prevents me from moving forward to my most successful timeline.

I release anything that holds me back from truly loving myself and anything that blocks others from loving me unconditionally.

I release any fear that may be stuck in my body.

I clear my body of old memories of pain.

I release all destructive belief systems, templates, old programs, behaviors, thoughts and patterns that keep me stuck in the past and stuck on old timelines that do no serve me well.

My DNA from this lifetime and my previous lifetimes is repairing itself daily.

Every cell in my body is healed and cleansed of any pre-existing illnesses from all lifetimes including any emotional disharmony and anything that isn’t in my highest good.

I am completely aligned with my healthiest self and I understand my body completely. I am fit and healthy.

I release old belief that I can’t heal my own body, mind and my soul, because I can.

I am a spiritual warrior and I HAVE NO LIMITS.

I release all feelings of hopelessness, despair, depression and low self-worth.

I release all Unforgiveness.

I am strong and compassionate for myself and for others.

I release all self-denial, delusions, illusions and false hopes.

I remove all blocks from around my heart and my mind.

I release all mind control and false information from my energy. Nothing can now hold me back from becoming my highest version of myself.

I release every thought from the past, present and future that I am not good enough, strong enough or clever enough.

I am perfect.

I release all feelings and thoughts making me believe I am not worthy of a happy, peaceful, fulfilled, joyful, balanced, abundant and love filled life!

I release all programs that are telling me – I can’t have it all because “I CAN!”

I can connect to the higher dimensions.

I have a direct link to my Akashic Records, My Spirit Family, My Higher Self.

I am a clear Channel to the Spirit World, I have the power to bring through messages for those people who need it.

I connect with my wise knowledgeable higher self on a daily – sometimes hourly basis.

My pineal gland (third eye) and crown chakra are cleansed and working to help myself and humanity.

The rebirth has been completed I am resurrected and reborn like the phoenix from the ashes. I rise like never before as a new down breaks.


I am LOVE.



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About the author: Ally started reading the tarot cards around 30 years ago when she was given her first pack of cards whilst on holiday in Yorkshire. She was given a manual with some basic information and from there she started to teach herself. She devoured Tarot book after tarot book to find a common theme that ran through each deck of cards and this is where her easy to learn booklet was born. Ally runs Psychic Development Classes, Workshops, 121 Tuition and Psychic Counseling. She is a deeply intuitive person who understands other people’s emotions and in which case gives a clearer and very caring uplifting reading. She also is very aware of the Law of Attraction and gives advice and help throughout your reading that will enable you to manifest with confidence.
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