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5D Frequencies Are Happening!Despite The Chaos

By on April 4, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Despite The Chaos, Integration Of 5D Frequencies Is Happening!

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by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

Integration Of 5D Frequencies

I have not been online really at all. As I have been guided as to connect to spirit. I have been told the cords to 3rd & 4th dimension has been severed. We are now in 5d frequencies. Most will be unaware of the change as it has been completed inside on a cellular level.


I have personally been laying back and in waiting for everything to play out as it has been intended to be done long ago. I was told not to partake in the imbalance of energies of light or dark. But to maintain the sacred neutral balance. So, I have not been interacting with anyone especially social media, only immediate household family. I was guided to put a post out and, as of this moment, I am integrating much information that is coming through. I am being guided to put out a post to bring harmony, understanding and balance.

There are those that are becoming aware of dimensions that exist around us. There will be a time when we will have full awareness of all 9 dimensions and have complete knowingness of the oneness as Christ did when he walked upon the earth.

Every photonic wave and particle of light on earth will be able to fully withstand the new frequency of light necessary for the full conscious evolution on a global planetary scale.

Your higher self is fully aware of what is taking place.  Follow your heart from moment to moment and live in your full present awareness as we move forward, allowing transfiguration to take place. There is a frequency of purity that is taking place within the core of every electron that exists at this moment.

The forces of the universe are not working against you even with this coronavirus taking place and being witnessed on a global mass scale. There is much that is happening behind the scenes that you are not being told at this moment. Much is not being broadcasted in your newspapers or broadcasted over the networks, but I will tell you that we have all crossed a threshold into a new way of being. Even if you have not yet consciously brought this knowledge into your full spectrum of awareness.

There will be much chaos coming to the surface all around you but it will be very severe in those areas that carry the densest of energies I will use the united states as a analogy such as New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia etc… This will play out on a global scale on every continent on the planet. The coronavirus will bring all the densest of energies to the surface to be transmuted and transfigured and healed.


This corona virus is what some label as a hoax is very, very real. It was created and manufactured by man and was set off at a geographic point location. The original signature imprint was designed to be a major non-beneficial impact on the world on a global scale. But there have been many from that of the unseen world and the angelic realm that has stopped it from taking millions that it was intended to remove from the planet. This organization behind that creation now fully sees how its plan has failed and is dumbfounded. Still trying to feed off of those completely fear based.

I was shown a vision of when a time like this would come. I was not told what exactly would happen to bring such fear to the planet on a global level. I was shown as I resided inside my home with feelings of complete peacefulness that my family and I would live with complete contentedness as all the chaos resided outside. Everyone must do this.

This virus has stopped everyone from being distracted by unnecessary distractions. It has brought your family together so that reconnection can take place as old wounds begin to heal. It allows integration of receiving the light codes and fractal aspects of self being brought into unification and total integration as a whole. Now it is time for you to unify all versions of yourself in completion.

5D Frequencies

It is through the isolation that much evolution will take place. You won’t be able to see it happening as it unfolds in your realm. It will appear as a horrific tragedy that is taking place everywhere. You will feel the fear deeply, but know once you are able to step beyond the fear and find your footing of balance and center. One must remember we are just learning how to step out of polarization, something that has never been completed on this planet before. It will take time as we inter-generationally integrate all the new energies we have been receiving over many months. Everyone is at a different level of awareness and integration of these frequencies. It does not mean one is more or less than the next; it just means the next step to bring these new frequencies into coherence and balance will take time. As we all walk this passage together, there will be many blessings and miracles bestowed upon the planet over the next decade.

Nothing will remain as it once was. We will see huge shifts in consciousnesses on a global level, but also on a physical level. When I stated earlier that we have cut and severed all cords with 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional realms, it means that the ego lost in amnesia can no longer control the physical avatar. Your first step of knowingness is your heart muscle is your interacting point of consciousness though the I am presence. This heart muscle will have complete and total access to your brain, all the wisdom, all intellect, your sympathetic and parasympathetic aspect of your physical avatar. The I am presence is a much higher technology that connects you to your soul. Your soul connects you to the spirit which is directly linked to all that is. Source ((god)). God of all gods originally prime creator.

As the I AM takes over the physical avatar, each will have direct knowledge into the source stream. The physical avatar will very slowly begin to heal itself on every level. The avatar, once restored, will begin to remember how to regenerate itself and will precede to do exactly that, taking you back to the age of enlightenment that is witnessed in heaven as the age of 30/32. You will see that of the most colorful rainbows, butterflies as you will have only the deepest of wisdom and knowingness. You will experience joy, happiness, and all the things that make life grand. You will have mystical contact with all your guides, angels, guardians and will return to full understanding and will now understand how to create a future in which you can go forth with divine source power. Yes, it is your heart, the actual energy systems, that creates the photonic light intersection of soul stream and manifest physical body of this now.

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It is the heart, mind and soul trinity in action. Past versions of you have different residual images’s but share the same soul light frequency. You must reconnect to your heart as it will be where the I am presence will reside. This will be your first step of knowingness that you were born in this great technology of the I AM presence who’s gone through birth and the great forgetting and the great remembering of who you are.

There will be many new technologies brought into your awareness on a global scale that will change everything as your world will take a huge leap in technological advancements. Many known as the cabal will be removed from your system. If you think 2020 has been big there will be another huge shift this fall.

As we move into 2021, you will witness another layer of the onion being removed as we find our division beginning to come into coherence and unity on a large scale. This a divine dance taking place like ribbons of light in different colors dancing together returning to the dance of the spiral advancement of the soul which has be lost in amnesia for way to long. We shall each feel the joy on a soul level as we each come into union and reunion with soul family. We all live in one degree of separation there are no accidents as we all are brought back together to understand and identify the collective consciousness creations and will have a choice point in what you would like to create as a collective whole and independently.

There will be much that has been kept from you that will be brought to the surface through all the chaos. There will be things that will come into your level of awareness that will be very disturbing for you to hear.

You must understand that there is nothing for you to do; just be aware. Transparency is coming to the surface as transfiguration will take place and you will begin to understand truth and know that even that of the darkest of beings that reside in the densest levels of polarization have played out some of the must hideous of evil acts against humanity that have been kept secret hidden from your eyes and sometimes hidden in direct plain view. But hidden never the less.

Everything will be brought back into balance and recalibrated back to center. Then, it will be encapsulated by the turquoise ray of truth never to be ever used against humanity again.

There are many races that have come forth from many universes to witness all the beings, especially humanity that resides on Mother Earth exactly how everything experienced will continue to play out for all living beings. We that are here at this time are that of the strongest of souls that exist. We are being fully supported by the angelic host of the highest. There is much we will go through on so many different levels.

Stock back rations until June to avoid any stress as the reset continues. Remember to find your footing with center and balance. The entire collective is being recalibrated and rebalanced.

Live in a place of internal peace as the chaos continues to come to the surface outside.

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Much love always and in all ways. Blessings as we finalize a ending to the old paradigm and open the opportunity to welcome a new beginning with a new perspective for a new era that this planet has never experienced before. As we together step into a new dawn profound blessing to each of you.

Be safe and know all will be well.

~ Rosie Neal

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