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Interdimensional Shift

By on May 16, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Interdimensional Shift

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing writer,

Interdimensional Shift

After light body processes or the process of cleansing and healing our carbon bodies with controller or human created diseases, body aches and other chronic diseases which the members of the shift or ascension teams passed, we now have interdimensional shift creating body aches which are ‘crucifying’ us daily that you pray to Source to take you along to higher vibrational frequencies in light form or separate us from our physical bodies. Awakened beings are undergoing body aches that you will desire death or conversion to crystalline light body as at the higher realm, we continue our lives the way we really are.


Interdimensional shift is the transfer to a higher frequency, to the fifth dimension where unconditional love, kindness and compassion prevail. We are volunteers raising the consciousness of Gaia, the spiritual Earth to her original paradise reality before the dark controllers and human dummies pulled her down to dense energies. Earth is a young planet evolving on her way to be her own magnetic sun.


Five decades ago an interpreter Paul Shockley put to print transmission from ‘cosmic awareness’ which for a novice is difficult to understand. I am providing a gist of what he interpreted which follows:

“The universe is made up of infinite octaves of frequencies. The rainbow flames of light of seven colors make 40th octave with violet, the most popular in the 70’s brought by St. Germain, the 50th octave. There are ultra-high octaves of frequencies or consciousness reaching to more than 290 octaves and beyond as I have written in 2007 that matter or the universe itself appear or disappear every quadrillionths of a second”.

That is ultra-vibrational frequency and dizzying to know at 3D. These are internal truth as you connect to your spirit within. We are cleansing and healing via five rainbow colors led by deep pink magenta permeating our being, ringing and wheeling dense energies to the magnetic sun, the assistance from Source for Earth and humanity.

Aware and awakened humans belonging to the planetary ascension team (PAT) headed by Dr. Georgi Stankov (MD), Universal Law Press and Carla Thompson, Messages from Source and Daniela Lupo, myself and the rest of the members are terribly suffering in their individual carbon bodies from killing pains and body aches, the likes of daily crucifixion (says Dr. Georgi) as a result of Inter-magnetic Shift happening since January, 2019, for some earlier. I am sharing some of my personal conversations with Dr. Georgi to elucidate deeper meanings of the shift and shed light to these phenomena:

Dear Dr. Georgi,
April 12, 2019


I think the body aches are taking too long. I still have them until this time. There must be some way for the PAT to work out shorter LBP. But there must be an end to all of this.

Love, Angel Jr.

Dear Angel,
April 12, 2019 6:11PM

I fully agree with that but it is not so much the LBP as we have finished with it, but that we still cleanse on behalf of humanity, currently more than ever. (He says in other information that we act as Atlases and Kristos carrying humanity at our back, says Dr. Georgi.)

With love and light, George AV Ornedo Jr Fri, Apr 12, 2019, 7:50PM

To: Georgi Stankov
Apr 12,6:11PM

There must be a path with you at the helm of the PAT to accelerate the shift and transform us to crystalline light energies and get out of these continuing struggles. Can Carla’s energy streams thru five rainbow flames be light guides and accelerate the process? AngeL Jr.

Georgi Stankov
Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 8:33 PM <> To: AV Ornedo Jr <>

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This is what we are doing all the time but we have no control over the course of the events. George


With these conversations we can assume knowing present or NOW events that the collective consciousness of humanity are still short in numbers to make manifestation of our desires created by conscious humans faster before we can have control of events. If the number of the monks, yogis, ancient American Indians, ascended masters and the less than one million of humans awaken, this will assist make our intentions and desires happen faster.

The City of Lights can then be manifested to a reality at higher dimension, reality on our trek to Oneness with All That Is. But we all know that everything is individual and the I Am Presence connects when we are ready so the very numbers we desire grows uncontrollably. At this point, harness the powers of thought, intention, emotions, words and invoke your connection with I Am Presence, we awaken, become fully aware, free from the clutches and controls of the Reptoids.

Light from Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author: Angel teaches love, light and unity consciousness, assist with capitalists funds to generate livelihood in Industrial Estates in South East Asia-Middle East and organize corporations that create jobs. Oneness and “food in the stomach” make us think of truth. Link at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator or E-books and articles at the net. To read messages of Angel go to and to view and listen to them go to channeled videos .

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