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Is Reality As We Know It Completely False?

By on August 5, 2016 in Awareness, Exiting The Matrix
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Is Reality As We Know It Completely False?

by Rize Above,
Contributing Writer,

Have you seriously been questioning reality?  Does nothing about this world seem to make any sense anymore? Do you sometimes ask yourself “Where the hell am I?”. Does it feel like you just woke up, and don’t know where you are or how you got here? Have you been slowly realizing the major possibility that almost everything we know about the world we find ourselves currently stuck in may be completely false?

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Isn’t it funny how there’s so many different scientific, and religious answers that supposedly explain our existence? There’s so many different answers for so many different people. The controllers knew not everyone would fall for the same trick, so thousands of different tricks we’re invented to make sure everyone was covered. But there are now those of us that don’t fall for any tricks. Maybe some of us once did but we’re awoke now!

As I sit back, and watch people argue, debate, bicker, and fight about how right their beliefs are, and others are wrong, it’s become pretty evident to me that we still lack the ultimate truth. We still have yet to find out what this world we live in truly is, and why we’re in it. Many people claim to know the truth but yet those same people still send their children to school. Those same people go slave away at jobs for 40-60 hours a week just to earn money to pay for their basic survival needs. Those same people will be casting their vote for the next U.S. president this coming November! Would a carrier of the ultimate truth of our existence still live those kind of lives? My answer is a big fat NO.

In the iconic movie The Matrix (Which is my #1 favorite movie by the way) the inhabitants of The Matrix lived normal lives, and carried their own beliefs of what their world is. As we later find out in the movie, the world was not what they thought it was, and they were completely oblivious to how things really were. In the beginning, Neo, the films protagonist is also living a normal life. He’s works at an office by day, and hacks computers by night. But at some point he starts to feel that something about the world he lives in is not right. As Morpheus puts it, “It was like a splinter in his mind”. Neo couldn’t quite put his finger on it but he just knew! Isn’t that how a lot of us are feeling right now? Neo would later be taken out of the Matrix, and pulled into the real world to learn the truth.

Now let’s visit Mr. Truman Burbank from another iconic film, The Truman Showir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789. Once again we have another character, who in his mind, is living a normal life.  But like Neo, Truman starts to feel that something about his world is not right. After much, much craziness Truman comes to find out everything he thought he knew about himself, and his world was a big fat LIE. He discovers that his life, and world are both a staged production. Even the town he lived in, the weather, the ocean, the sky, sun, and moon were all the makings of huge television studio. Poor Truman! But again, like Neo, Truman ends up leaving the fake studio world he once knew as truth to pursue the truth on the outside world.

Do you notice the pattern with both films? Both characters live in a false world that they eventually start to question which leads to them discovering that there is another world, the real world, right outside of what appeared to be reality. It is my humble opinion that we are exactly where Neo, and Truman were when they were on the edge of discovering the truth. We know somethings not right. We see past the false religious, and scientific answers. We know the powers that rule our world are evil, and corrupt. We know we are without the ultimate truth of our existence.

So my question are:

  • Are we like Neo, and Truman?
  • Is our world completely false, and there’s a real world right outside of this world?
  • Is the prison planet theory true?
  • Are we really galactic prisoners imprisoned in this plane?
  • Who really put us here, and why?
  • Most are concerned with changing, and/or saving the “planet” but should our real concern be escaping the planet!?
  • Why are we stuck here?
  • Why is our only two options for getting out of this world death or suicide?
  • Why are the most serious questions about our existence complete mysteries?
  • Look up at the sky, and seriously ask yourself what’s really up there, and beyond, and why can’t we venture out there despite what we’ve been told! Why are we forced to be in this insane asylum?

I guess the big question is, how do we get out? To be honest, I have no idea but ladies, and gentleman, welcome to Operation Escape Earth!

About the author: Rize Above is a filmmaker, writer, and truth seeker from Toledo, Ohio.

Image: Pixabay

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