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Is Your Loved One Communicating From Beyond The Veil?

By on November 24, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Is Your Loved One Communicating From Beyond The Veil?

by Elizabeth Hargreaves,
Contributing Writer,

The passing of someone you love is challenging and can leave you questioning what life is about.  You may ask can they still communicate with you?  Are you just imagining they are beside you?   Your loved one can communicate after passing and they may be beside you even in spirit.

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So how would you go about making the connection? This article is written, complete with factual accounts, to help you navigate your way to communicating with your dearly departed.

Starting with a little history

Communication between souls of people who have passed and their living loved ones has been occurring for a very long time, since well before the Industrial Revolution.  Cave paintings are in evidence to suggest this practice is many thousands of years old. I for one am neither in a position to nor prepared to dispute evidence which others have presented.  But I do have my own experiences which support this as truth so I am a believer.

For some people there is comfort in the thought of communicating with their loved one who has passed over.  Others may believe in the possibility of communication but are fearful of coming across something scary, unknown, maybe even threatening in some way.  Then there are those who deny any possibility of communication after passing.  If you are reading this article you are likely to be a believer, curious and maybe fearful.  Let’s take you on a small journey towards your own knowing on this matter.

Is it easy for a soul to communicate?

People who have passed, referred to from now as “Soul”, have the potential to impact matter in our world.  This means they may make noise, move things, inspire thoughts, create mind pictures in others, shift energy generally.  The Soul does this to attract attention and encourage communication, typically to pass on a message which matters to the Soul.

As with any skill the Soul can find communication initially challenging then with practice can become more at ease and achieve improved communication.  Also, as we all know, communication requires a two way exchange, even if one speaks and the other only listens.  Therefore the second challenge in Soul to living communication is the ability of the living to at least receive the communication. Again, having the tools and committing to practice is the key.  This is where the skills of a medium or other type of practicing psychic can come in and assist.  More on this below.

Many children are born with the ability to receive messages, think of the child who has a departed grandmother who visits at night.   This skill is typically not encouraged and the child turns it off.  Consequently the child’s skill is lost or diminished.  But like any skill it can be reinvigorated with knowledge and training.  If you have childhood memories of visits from a loved one who has passed then you may be able to redevelop this type of connection. Food for thought?

A Soul called at our home

As an example of what can happen I would like to share how a Soul communicated with my husband Jeff and I.

It was a Monday night just four days after the funeral of my father-in-law and, you guessed it, his Soul paid us a visit.  I had been working that day via Skype with a coach who was to help me develop my web site concept.  I had experienced difficulty with connectivity, my computer kept on misbehaving in unpredictable ways. This resulted in a very poor session which I had paid good money for so I was feeling a little frustrated.  Jeff walked in the door after work. Now when one of us arrives home it is normal for us to enjoy a genuine warm embrace – this is something we both value.  But this time it was electric and prickly from the moment Jeff walked in! Nothing had occurred between us to upset our normal balanced relationship, still prickly was our greeting.  Within I think 15 minutes I had become very agitated, irritated by something Jeff had done, and I told him in no uncertain terms!  Weird… I realized the issue I took exception to would normally be a non-issue for me.  My behavior was not called for so I apologized and explained I was puzzled as to why I behaved that way.  Jeff commented he noticed the air was thick as he walked in and we both realized in that moment there was some external influence causing this disruption. Things settled down a little between us yet I was still agitated and Jeff had a wound to lick.

While preparing a meal and questioning my irrational behavior a kind of knowing came to me. I realized without a doubt that the external influence was Jeff’s father’s Soul.  The Soul was trying so hard to be noticed, remember it had been trying all day by interfering with the computer, that the energy was coming through in spades and was easily recognizable when I joined the dots.  I could feel my father-in-law. It was as if I had his energy inside my body as my own energy.  Although not entirely comfortable this was good as I then knew what we were dealing with.  All that remained was to establish why he had communicated and what action we needed to take.

As soon as we acknowledged the Soul’s presence things settled down further.  It seemed the Soul backed off a bit and let us work through the situation.  It was as if the Soul were satisfied we would take appropriate action and respectful of our need to have space to do so.

The reason for the visit came to me later that evening. The Soul needed Jeff and his siblings look out for the surviving step-mother going forward.  That night Jeff made a conscious decision and reassured the Soul he would speak with his siblings with a view to ensuring the right outcomes for the step-mother.  The Soul left our home sometime that night and hasn’t visited since.  And over the course of reading the will etc the family achieved the best outcome for the step-mother.

In this situation the correct solution satisfied both us and the Soul.  That may not always be the case.  It may be necessary to move a Soul on without satisfying its wishes. Imagine the effect on our household if Jeff’s father’s Soul had continued to pressure us because it wasn’t happy with Jeff’s actions. In such a situation I would recommend the services of an experienced psychic or medium.

Learnings from my experience which may be useful to you

You may find yourself in a situation similar to the one I described, particularly soon after your Loved One passes. To help you recognize what you are dealing with I want to focus on a couple of things which happened for me.

Firstly, things started to go a bit haywire, out of the ordinary. To me this is a sign of external interference and an indication something is requiring my attention.

Secondly, after a while the energy of his Soul came into my body.  Not so that I could feel it enter my body, just so I could feel the energy as if it were mine yet it was unfamiliar as being mine.  This led me to question the energy then recognize it as my father-in-law’s energy.  I believe this is a type of experience a medium can have.  It allows the medium to achieve a true Soul connection and pass on the Soul’s messages.

And finally, after the Soul had moved away from me and our home, there was a lovely state of calm for me and for Jeff.   Everything felt OK again.

Signs from your Loved Ones

In the years spent as a student of the esoteric it is apparent there are several recurrent signs which may indicate the presence of the soul of Loved Ones. Some of these are;

  • the smell of their favorite perfume or cologne, or even the tobacco they used
  • the sound of their voice
  • an image of them in your peripheral vision, maybe looking like a hologram
  • a cool feeling in the air for just a defined area slightly larger than the size of a person
  • a slight feeling of electricity passing through you, imagine walking down a hallway and walking through a hologram
  • something disappearing or appearing, for example, you placed your ring on the windowsill and later it is gone
  • a visit by their favorite animal, bird, insect

There are many ways a soul might try to catch your attention.  In essence, if you think it is a sign from them then it probably is so be willing to trust in it.  And don’t worry what others might think, the experience is yours alone so they are not able to fully connect with it.

Finding the right Psychic Medium

If you are feeling the need to communicate with someone who has passed then you might engage an experienced and genuine psychic medium.  A practicing psychic medium may call themselves by different labels, e.g. Psychic Medium, Medium, or Platform Medium.

The emphasis placed on working with an experienced and genuine psychic medium was deliberate.  You will discover differences as you seek the right person for your situation.  As you search through databases and search engines, or as you receive information by word of mouth you will come to a point of knowing this person is either the right one or not.  If not, then simply keep searching.

Experience is a matter of both training and practice.  As with most fields of study there is more than one method of training and more than one method of working as a psychic medium.  So in your selection of the right person just make the usual inquiries, much as you would for a potential hairdresser.  Such as, how long have they been in service, what is their particular strength, do they have experience which aligns to your particular circumstance, and check web sites for reviews.  If there are no reviews then you might move onto the next person in your search.  Perhaps look for psychics who share a similar philosophy to yourself.

A genuine psychic medium will have two notable traits.  The first is they will be heart-centered and will care for you and will take care of you through the session. This is important as once you decide to work with someone they can have a profound influence on your emotional state. The second trait is they will be of the highest integrity which means you will receive an honest reading.  Of course you feel you want to receive honest information.  But what if the Soul’s message is uncomfortable for you?  What if it is surprising, even shocking?  This is where the psychic medium’s heart-centeredness comes into play.  All messages travel via the medium and that person is responsible for deciphering and conveying the message.  So of course it helps if the medium is a caring person who has your best interests at heart.

Connection with a specific Soul is not guaranteed in any reading as the Soul must choose to participate.  This means your journey could involve multiple sessions before your loved one appears if they choose to appear at all!

My personal experience of Soul connection at its least successful was relating to a mentor of mine.  He had experienced a difficult life and as a result did not want to engage with the physical world once he had passed.  When we tried to establish a connection it was as if a sound-proof wall existed between us, a solid barrier.  This was the Soul’s choice and while it was not surprising it was disappointing.  All we could do was respect the Soul’s choice. Perhaps he will connect another time.

Public Demonstration or Private Session

In a public demonstration a psychic medium (Platform Medium) will connect with Souls which come through at the time.  There can be a line-up of hopeful Souls which want to deliver their message to someone in the audience.  So it is luck of the draw whether one Soul can “beat” another to making a connection with the Platform Medium. The relationship of the Soul to the audience member may be friend, family, even be someone who is not very close, an acquaintance, the neighbor.

A good Platform Medium will make a connection with the Soul, provide evidence relating to the Soul which helps the audience member establish if the connection is for them, and, once the audience member is identified, provide any message the Soul wishes to pass on.  It helps for the audience member to speak to the Platform Medium both in acknowledgement the connection is for them and provide feedback on the messages which come through.  If the audience member cannot relate to the message they can say so to the Platform Medium.  Even a great Platform Medium might need to refine a message by seeking clarification from the Soul.

A public demonstration is the lower cost forum for meeting with your Dearly Departed.  If you attend this type of event you may be the lucky recipient of a reading.  But be prepared for messages to be limited in content and to be delivered to other people and not to you. There are no guarantees a Soul will come through for you every time.

In a private session you might attend on your own or in a small support group. You should first check with the Psychic Medium if you wish to have other people join you. It is a good practice at the beginning of the session for you to let the Psychic Medium know if there is anything you wish to explore, anyone you wish to try to connect with.  You might take along an item which belonged to that person to help with the connection.  The Psychic Medium can then work with your desire as an intent and see if the Soul is willing.

In this more private situation you have your Psychic Medium’s full attention most likely for longer than in a demonstration.  Of course this means there is more opportunity for your active involvement and you have the potential to receive greater clarity.  Also there is little to no risk of publicly airing family matters.

A private session will cost more than a public demonstration, again there are no guarantees the Soul will participate.  If no Soul connection is made then a good Psychic will find lots of other interesting information for you perhaps around your current concerns and perhaps future outlook.

I hope you now feel some confidence to explore this aspect of your life.

Please leave your comment below, it will be helpful and much appreciated.


About the author: Elizabeth Hargreaves has dedicated her life to helping others in search of esoteric knowledge relevant to their personal journey.  As a heart-centered being working previously in the field of finance Elizabeth is keenly motivated to contribute to a new type of balance in the corporate world.  She does this by sharing her own experiences and by researching new information which may align with the seeker’s need.

You can find some of Elizabeth’s work at

Image: Pixabay

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