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It’s NOT That Complicated – The Journey To Your Purpose And Passion In Life

By on February 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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It’s NOT That Complicated - The Journey To Your Purpose And Passion In Life

by Aurora Serrano,
Contributing Writer,

The two greatest days of your life is the day you were born and when you finally find your true purpose why you are here. Many go through the struggle and often play the victim or walk around feeling lost in this world. How do you keep going and what’s the purpose of all these; spiritual awakening, to believe, wish, or dream?  Is the “SPRITUAL LIFE “, many of us has chosen just a fairytale and will it ever lead us to some understanding of our life? Many wants an infectious energy, a thirst for life, be a manifesting master, and a passion and connection to all that they do.

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Providing and being responsible isn’t that purposeful enough? The daily routine and providing comfort and security should be enough?   It’s honorable and serves a purpose, but why are so many still unhappy, lost, insecure, and pessimistic about their life? I realize being a member in so many” Lightworkers , Empath, and Ascension  groups I started to  realize so many are lost, confuse, depressed,   and desperate to find a purpose or make sense of their life.

I started to slow down, ponder, and took a step back and I realize that our purpose doesn’t come from our head or our mind.  We can’t get there by using logic or our mind.  The problem isn’t that we don’t know what our life purpose is; the problem is our approach on the way we were going to obtain or find our purpose. Our mind is amazing, but you will never achieve your life’s passion and purpose by thinking you will get there by our thoughts. The search on finding our purpose begins not with your mind, but it starts with looking within and seeing with your heart.  Let your heart guide you and lead you to the steps towards what you desire and trust it to help remove  those things in your life that does not serve you or lift you to your highest good.

Many makes life more complicated than what it truly is by worrying too much, stressing too often, focusing on the negative and doubting our abilities. Three simple steps are all you need to align you to your purpose in life. The formula to finding our purpose is very simple:  Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life = Happiness & Success

The vison starts in the heart and not your mind

Your heart is the window to your soul and the light to your path.  It is the best tool to access your true purpose and passion. Ask yourself what do you love? What is one thing you would be excited to do every day? What’s fun, natural, and exciting to you? Start taking steps to “do” what you love and what comes natural and freely. When you feel inspired you lift your energy vibration and you connect to your sources and happiness, which creates an overflowing wave of inspiration connected to your heart and soul. When you see with your heart you create a natural vibe of energy full of joy and motivation.  By doing what you love, you will be inspired and gain insights into what brings the most joy and guidance.

You are the”Co-creator” of your life so start moving and let that energy vibe

You can’t think your way into finding your life purpose! You have to lift that energy and create an energy cycle to bring your life purpose to you. The action we take creates the clarity and our vision in our life.  So instead of worrying, stressing, or overthinking — surrender and believe it will work out.  Do not entertain thoughts the brings your vibe down or create stagnation. Release the lower vibrational thoughts; should da and could da or the “What if……..?  Start taking steps toward your goals, fail if you must, so you can be enlightened.  If you worry too much and stop believing all you’re doing is creating a deeper lack of clarity and dragging yourself to the dark.  Stop listening to your ego (pride space) and start seeing with your heart. This will get you motivated to push that energy to what you’re passionate about.  Clarity comes through the process of exploring, action is the result, and the experience is the reward.

 Let go of any expectations

Many of us our lost because we try to live a life created by others or societies normal.  Trying to find you base on others expectation is the reason why so many are feeling like they are missing something or have any empty void.  Let go of the  expectation that there is only one view, one right, one path, one belief, one way; these limits from fulfilling our greatness and cause stagnation. Many people I have met in my   spiritual journey seem to be the happiest and less stress.  Many have a lot on their plate and some have several different job titles and roles in their life:  life coach, writer, author, speaker, teacher, mentor, healer, and more.  So what were the differences and why are they so happy and fulfilled? The differences was each thing they did brought them happiness and passion, which created a purpose to get up and live life every day.  The things that they do in their life created a passionate life and a purpose.

See with your heart and not your mind; embrace the idea that our purpose in life is just to love fully. . Surrender and just trust self, believe you got your own back, and just take a leap of faith and just jump. Try new things, embrace fear, forgive everything, release all doubts, don’t resist the unknown, and fully engage in what is happening in the here and now. Lead a purposeful life by following your passions and reap happiness and success.  When we have and live with a passion our life becomes fulfilling and that again creates a purpose in our life. That feeling of doubt, confusion, insecurities, and any lower vibrational thoughts goes away.  The doubts, insecurities, and depression in our life comes from living a life without purpose.  Remember, “Life is not that complicated, we choose to make it more complicated”, than what it is.  Find your purpose, by simply putting passion in everything you choose to do in your life and be present for the journey and fully embrace it.  Just enjoy the journey and trust the universe is abundant and will guide you to an enriching and fulfilling life.

About the author:  Aurora was born gifted as a child, but growing up suppressed many of her gifts to try to fit into the “societal norms”.  She started back into her spiritual journey and discovered a whole new world about 2 years ago and has started to embrace her spiritual gifts.  Through  this journey she continues to be a student of life , but also share various perspectives , knowledge , and inspire others by helping them find the their unique truth and purpose by using different modalities of energy healing or connecting to the spirit guide for answers or guidance to help others.

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