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Just ONE HUMAN Can Turn Off The Reincarnation Trap

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Just ONE HUMAN Can Turn Off The Reincarnation Trap

by Jane Higham,
Contributing Writer,

“It is a pickle, no doubt about it. There is no way of telling if what I am saying is real or not, you either believe it or you don’t”.

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This quote from The Matrix movie comes to mind when I think about what I am about to tell you. I can neither confirm or deny the accuracy of what I am about to share, because, I don’t know. I will just tell you the way it happened and perhaps, someone, somewhere can make use of it, if any of it is real. I am coming more and more to feel it just may be.

On May the 10th, 2016, I met face to face for the first time, an online, UFO community, face book friend, when he came to stay from interstate in Australia.  I will call him “Jo”. I had organized for two other face book ufo community friends who I had only met briefly in person once before, to join us for the day he arrived and for a Sky Watch that same night. We spent 11 excited hours talking about everything conspiracy and alien. We ended the day with a Sky Watch on a beautiful mountain top, but there was a wood smoke haze from homes warming the cool autumn evening that blocked out the light of the stars, and there was a party going on at the other end of the car park. That, and the fact that I was so excited having such visitors that I could talk all things controversial to, meant there was no chance of seeing even a satellite. Still, no matter. We had seen various non terrestrial origin, lights in the sky before, and chances are, we would again. We went back to mine early and sat and talked some more over a coffee. The friends went home and my guest stayed.

The next day was just Jo and I and we were so tired that next evening, we almost didn’t squeeze in a Past Life Regression for Jo. Almost two years ago, I did a course and gained a certificate as a Past Life Regression Facilitator. I was slowly building up my confidence and still practicing on guinea pig friends and acquaintances, so I was not as yet doing it as a profession. After I went through some relaxation exercises with Jo, I asked him to walk from inside an imagined corridor with many doors on each side, and through the door which gave him insight to the first question he wished to know the answer to regarding a past life. I had a list of questions that I had noted down that he wanted me to ask, prior to the regression itself. Most often, clients are shortly through a door in their mind, and having a good look around, but Jo could not get through any door. When I asked about this, he said that all the doors were locked. After asking Jo to go check again, and with no luck I said that he now had a skeleton key, which would open any door he might choose. Jo said that he could still not go through and then added that he was not allowed to go through. I asked why not and he said it was because he was being told, knowing his past lives was not important and a distraction. I thought for a moment and said to him that we can ask for his higher self and his guide to take him where he needed to go instead.

From earlier regressions I had discovered that folk who came to road blocks in their regressions were not (so far) unable to be regressed, but were giving me a sign that they needed to go somewhere else in their regression, and did not always wish to answer the questions  that I asked, as requested by the client. Sometimes, their higher self, or their Guide, wanted the regression to go in a different direction than the usual path. Or so I discovered in the most recent regression prior to this one. So with that last experience under my belt, I asked his guide and higher self to take Jo where he needed to go to learn what he needed to learn. I was going to wait a few minutes for Jo to do this and after a minute or so he started to talk. I realized he was not talking to me, but to someone unseen, and unheard by me. It appeared this someone had told him something he did not want to hear and a conversation ensued between the two which went on for some time, although I could only hear the conversation from Jo’s end. When I felt I was not interrupting, I asked Jo who he was speaking to. He responded “Seehing”. This was a name I was meant to ask about a bit later, but had no idea as to who Seehing was. I could hear one side of the conversation, and then suddenly, Jo’s voice became slower and deeper, and it appeared there was ‘someone else” that was now part in the conversation, that I could hear, also coming from Jo.  So I said, “who is it I am speaking to”? The response came instantly, “Who do you want to speak to”? I was a bit surprised and it was uncharted territory for me, so I said, “Well, that is up to Jo”. This “someone else”, said “They will be fine”, and then it seemed to be Jo, making a  facial expression, as if yes no problem and nodded slightly as if it was neither here nor there, no problem, you go for it. His unconscious or higher self had given the go ahead. All the while, Jo’s eyes were shut.

So I asked, “Who are you”? And the “someone” replied that he was Jo’s Guide, Seehing. This is not the usual type of thing to happen and it had not occurred in any regression I had facilitated before. But I was a little familiar with Dolores Cannon’s work and others, and I knew instantly that Jo was channeling. I had also suspected much earlier that what we would call our “Guide”, is most likely what we would consider ET. So I asked if Seehing was an ET? The answer came back, “We are all one”. I said yes, but would we, as humans, consider you as a Guide, to be an ET. “Too many words for the same thing” Seehing responded. Not being one for wishy washy answers, I tried again. I said, “I get the, we are all one thing, but from a human perspective, are you ET?” Answer, “YES!” At some stage, he said that he looked like Gandalf the White. And I said jovially, “Oh, I really like Gandalf”.

As we were not permitted by Jo’s Guide, to explore past lives, most of the questions Jo had instructed me to explore regarding past lives were not able to be followed up. Jo and Seehing seemed to have finished their conversation by now, and Jo had received the message Seehing wanted to deliver to Jo personally. Up until this stage, I had been writing notes on everything Jo had said, but the conversation was going slowly because I could not write dictation fast enough. It felt like I was talking to someone long distance and knew that my note taking was taking up too much precious time between questions and answers. Seehing waited patiently, without saying anything, while I wrote. So I decided to put down the note pad and pen, and began to ask Seehing the many questions that came to me, related to what he spoke to Jo about at the beginning, and then about the message Seehing wanted to give to me.

I don’t even recall exactly how he came to tell me, but Seehing wanted to give me a message. For the next few hours I asked the questions and Seehing answered. I  thought it was all on tape, but the conversation went on for much longer than expected and the video camera,only captured  the first third.

Two days later, I wrote down everything in point form that I could remember that Seehing and I spoke about, and then added more points as they popped back into my memory over that next week. I think I have remembered at least eighty five percent. As Seehing did not offer up an expanded view of things as he said them, I would ask and ask, from one angle and then another to get a better overall view of what he was saying. May I point out, that had I not asked another question after the first, and another after that, I could easily have jumped to assuming further things that would have been incorrect. You will see what I mean when I tell you what we talked about. As I really had no idea who I was talking to and to the accuracy and reliability of the source of information, I crossed questioned, asked qualifying questions, and regularly challenged the information coming through. I also apologized regularly to Seehing for questioning him on answers that seemed in contrast to what he had said before. Only when I asked further questions from many angles did the picture appear very different. I also wanted however to see if I would receive a response from Seehing that would be driven by ego, but not once did Seehing act out of ego. I also tried to trip him up, as politely as I could. At one stage, there was a little additional “joke” remark made. I asked “So you have a sense of humor”?   Seehing answered  “No, THEY (meaning Jo) broke in for a moment”. It seemed that Jo’s higher self or some part of his unconscious self  was not beyond listening to the conversation and adding a little humor at an opportune time, much as his conscious self would in everyday life. As the conversation twisted and turned and double backed, I can’t remember the exact order and sometimes, the exact words that were used. So I will try and put the following into a general order in which we spoke.

First and foremost, I will tell you about the message that he wanted to get across to me. Seehing started to tell me about the “Grid”. He simply said “The Grid. You need to switch it off”. I said, something like “Sorry, the what? What grid”? Seehing was a minimalist when it came to details, and I felt like I was going to have to play that game where you have to ask many questions to get a simple yes or no, to build up an accurate picture of what it was the other was talking about. I must say that everything he talked about, was quite familiar, although often differing from my views. I felt it to be too good an opportunity not to ask the many questions that we in the UFO community go round in circles speculating about. I had been asking myself this very question for months, but came up with no answer, “Are we in a karmic cycle trap as it were, or not? And who’s idea was it?” The conversation now flowed more freely and at normal conversation speed, not the slower speed of a regression. I now felt like I could have been having this conversation over a coffee as it seemed so natural.

I will call Seehing  (S), and me (ME). The conversation continued something along these lines.

(S)-The Soul Trap Grid.

(ME)-So not the natural ley line grid around the earth?


(ME)-Do you mean there really is a grid that keeps souls from ascending back to Source?


(ME)-Well, what am I supposed to do about it?

(S)-Switch it off.


(S)-You know how to switch a light switch off don’t you?

(ME)-Yes. Are you saying it as easy as switching off a light switch?


(ME)-So where is the switch.

(S)-Humans will have to find it.

(ME)-Why haven’t you just switched it off?

(S)-Don’t know how.

(ME)-So how do you know there is a soul grid there?

(S)-Because it is there.

(ME)-So if you know it is there, why can’t you switch it off?

(S)-Have you flown in a plane?


(S)-Do you know how to fly a plane?


(S)-Ok, so you know it is there and you want humans to shut down the grid?


(ME)-Who put the soul grid there?

(S)-The Others.

(ME)-Are you talking about Negative ET’s?

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(S)-The Others, yes.


(S)-To put the souls they captured on earth to get them out of the way.


(S)-Because they don’t remember who they are when they incarnate as a human on earth and they don’t pose a threat to the “Others” when they are trapped on earth.

(ME)-Why would we pose a threat?

(S)-Because the positive souls were trying to stop the “Others” and take down the Grid. The positive souls are powerful but they forget and get caught in the karmic cycle which distracts them and keeps them out the way. Don’t go into the light.

(ME)-What about when those souls have been right through all their karmic lessons and lives and are ready to ascend? They can just ascend then, can’t they?


(ME)-Why not?

(S)-Because they cannot. The Grid prevents them from leaving.

(ME)-So where are those souls then, the ones that have completed their karmic cycle?

(S)-At the bus stop. Waiting. For the barrier to come down.

(ME)-So none of them can get through the soul grid?


(ME)-What if they don’t go into the light. I have heard from some people that if they don’t go into the light when a soul passes out of their body on death, they can go back to Source and pass through the Grid.

(S)-No, they can’t.

(ME)-So they are floating around up there like a ghost?


(ME)-That doesn’t sound good.

(S)-It is better than incarnating on earth.

(ME)-No, I don’t like the thought of being a ghost, I would rather be down here.

(S)-(Seehing scoffed a bit, surprised at what I just said). Why would you want to be on earth? (With emphasis) It is hell!

(ME)-What do you mean?

(S)-It is hell on earth.

(ME)-Really? Are you saying there is no other hell? Just this life on earth is hell?


(ME)-Oh! So you are saying it is better to float around like a ghost, waiting for the soul grid to come down?


(ME)- (I was thinking I would still rather be down here. I love natural places and the wildlife, despite all the hardships and heartache, so I just could not understand what was so great about being a ghost over being in a human body).

(ME)-I don’t understand why we got put down here.

(S)-Because it is a Prison Planet.

(ME)-(Confused, and starting to get annoyed at the injustice of it). But I thought….what about all the light workers down here? I thought the light workers and plenty of others are good. Why are we here with people who do really evil things? Why did we get put with them? Why would we deserve to get stuck with all of them? (Bit angry now).

(S)-None of the souls that incarnated into earth bodies are evil.

(ME)-What do you mean?

(S)-None of the souls that came into the karmic cycle are evil.

(ME)-How can you say that, plenty are.

(S)-That is in their human form. All the souls were good when they were captured and put into the karmic cycle. It is just when they are incarnated in the human body that they do evil things.

(ME)-Why do they do evil things when they get incarnated into a human body?

(S)-Because of EGO.

(ME)- (I had been reading up on ego in just the last few weeks previously, so I had a fair idea of how we can project our own negative, unrecognized, unconscious emotions out and into the world without realizing it as part of ourselves and identifying the negativity as coming from an externally  manifested source. Which often happens even culturally, identifying an enemy which originates from within the individual or collective culture, as if it were a threat from outside ourselves). So, I have been reading about ego, but I have also been reading about negative ET’s. Which one is it that is causing the strife, such as what is responsible for the bad behavior in the (Bleep) Government that is causing massive problems in that country and for many other countries.

(S)-First of all, the governments only think they are in charge. They are not.

(ME)- (I questioned him on this but still did not understand what he was saying there, about the governments not being in charge as he just repeated the same thing and did not expand).

(S)-It is ego. The more power, the more ego.

(ME)-So is it a matter of that saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?”


(ME)- (I was more interested in what the answer was to my question, about what or who was responsible for the ills in this world).


(ME)-So are you saying that it is ego that is causing most of our problems? That for the most part we get left to our own devices by the others and the dramas are a result of the ego of the human body?


(ME)- (Back tracking a bit). You said that there were no bad souls that got put into the soul trap to incarnate as humans. What about people like Hitler?

(S)-Hitler tried to save his people, tried to stop it happening.

(ME)-No he did not, he killed millions. What about all of those people he sent to the gas chambers and all the others?

(S)-Your history books are wrong. That is not what happened. He was not responsible for that.

(ME)- (I went on to tell him that my neighbor when I was a child, had escaped the Nazis during the Second World War and I know it did happen).

(S)-It did happen, many perished, but Hitler was not responsible. The “Others”, were involved.

(ME)-So negative ET’s are responsible for some things that go on down here?


(ME)-But for the most part are you saying that it is our ego that causes most of our disharmony?

(S)-Yes. They put up the soul trap to keep you there.

(ME)-So they put us down here, put us into the karmic cycle and left us for the most part, to cause our own problems, and with only some interference from them?


(ME)-So why did I and everyone else get chucked down here and other souls are left to live free outside the soul grid?

(S)-Because they haven’t been caught yet. More and more are still being caught, and being put in the soul trap.

(ME)-How are we supposed to switch off this soul grid? Why is it only the humans that can do this? Why can’t you look for it?

(S)-Because if we come inside the grid, we get caught.

(ME)-Where are you?

(S)-Outside the gird.

(ME)- (I was surprised that he told me that). Who put up the grid?

(S)-The Others.

(ME)-You mean the negative ET’s?


(ME)-When did they put up the Soul Grid?

(S)-When humans were first here.

(ME)-Is the soul trap an intangible thing, that can be brought down or broken through by more and more people waking up and meditating and raising their vibration and that of everyone and everything around them. The earth?


(ME)-Is it tangible, like, is it technology.

(S)-Yes. The only way to shut down the grid is to switch it off. You must switch it off.

(ME)-How many people does it take to switch it off? (No light bulb pun intended).


(ME)-One person?


(ME)-Who must switch it off? Are you saying Jo must switch it off?


(ME)-Am I meant to switch it off?


(ME)-Who then?

(S)-(He thought for a moment about this, and then said), There will be a man, who has the (moral) backing of many people, many who are awake and give him support.

(ME)-(I did not think at the time to ask more questions about “The One”, but instead asked about “the how”). How are we meant to find this switch? Where is it?

(S)-On earth.


(S)-Do not know. We just know it is there because the grid is there.

(ME)-Is it in the air, or on the ground, or under the ground?

(S)-It is under the ground.

(ME)-What runs the grid? What sort of energy does it run on?

(S)-It comes from the Source.

(ME)-What Source, the God Source?

(S)-No, the Source of the energy.

(ME)-What is the Source of the energy.

(S)-The Engine. Find the Source and switch off the Engine.

(Me)- What powers it?

(S)- It creates it’s own energy.

(ME)- How are we supposed to even begin to know how and where to find it?

(S)-Follow the yellow brick road.

(ME)-What does that mean?

(S)-Search to find the answer.

(ME)- (Just great, I thought. Very helpful). How many people on earth have you told? How many know right now?

(S)-Very few.

(ME)-Few means about two or three to me, how many does few mean to you?

(S)-Few. Not many.

(ME)-A few to me, means two, is it just me and Jo or are there others that you have told?


(ME)-How many?


(ME)-Are you talking 10, or 200, or two thousand?

(S)-No, not many, few.


(S)-No, less.


(S)-(He then said something like “searching”. I got the feeling he was accessing some sort of data base. He then said), “Do not know”, as if he was not privy to that much detail.

(ME)-Have you just started to tell people about this?


(ME)-How long have you been telling people about this, about bringing down the Grid?

(S)- A long time.

(ME)-Thousands of years?

(S)-Yes. Since the beginning of when humans were first here.

(ME)-How many have you told over time?


(ME)-But you said you have told only a few, and now you say many?

(S)-Very few know now, many told over time.

(ME)-So no one must have been able to find the Engine over thousands of years and switch off the Engine to shut down the Grid, because it is still there.


(ME)-No pressure then?

(S)-No response.

(ME)-Do you think it will be brought down in my lifetime?

(S)- It is…possible. (I got the feeling that it was unlikely, but possible. That it would take more time).

(ME)-Who put the soul Grid up there? Was it the Reptilians?

(S)- (Slight frown). Reptilians? Searching. Not getting anything. (I got the impression he was not familiar with Reptilians, or perhaps not familiar with the name).

(ME)-Which negative ET’s put the Grid or Soul Trap there then?

(S)-The “Others”.

(ME)-What Others? What name would a human know them as?

(S)- (I think he may have said, “more than one”, but I can’t remember. He went on to talk about ants in an ant hill. Maybe he said we are all from the same ant hill, but I did not understand so I have forgotten that. Maybe that names did not matter. Just not sure what he was meaning).

(ME)-I thought that the light side, the good guys always won over the dark. Aren’t there many more good ET’s than bad? There are a few prominent people in the UFO community who share that there are no bad ET’s, and that saying there are, is false. I believe them. But there are also others that I trust that say there are negative ET’s. There are also many that I do not believe that say there are negative ET’s. I feel like I should believe the people who have said there are no negative ET’s because they are in positions where if anyone on earth can tell us the truth, they can, and I just feel they are good people and telling the truth. But I just don’t know. I just want to know what is true.

(S)-They just do not know. (Seehing was speaking about those who are certain there are no negative ET’s).

(ME)-They don’t know about negative ET’s? Why not?

(S)-When you look at the moon, what do you see?

(ME)-Um, a bright light in the dark?


(ME)-A circle, half circle, crescent moon?


(ME)-You only see the light side of the moon, you never see the other side, the dark side. The light side is always facing us?

(S)-Yes. You cannot know the whole until you see the full circle. Where there is light, there is also darkness.

(ME)- (I was starting to feel like Grasshopper, lol). I understand. So, where does Source come into this Soul Trap? As in, God? Did Source have anything to do with the Soul Trap/Grid?

(S)- (With great emphasis). NO! Source would NEVER do anything like that!

(ME)- So it is just what we would call negative ET’s?


(ME)-So only humans can shut down the soul grid and you can’t help?

(S)-We can’t or we will be trapped, but you must as humans switch it off. You need to do it, to learn and grow.

(ME)- Spiritually?


(ME)-Ok. I am trying to think of any other questions. So this Soul Trap, or Grid, is “technology” that needs to be switched off by one person, can’t be penetrated or brought down by the raising of the vibrations on earth (although I did not discuss the importance of raising vibrations as I presumed that wasn’t even worth questioning as it is obvious raising vibrations down here is obviously beneficial), but we need to find the Engine that runs the artificial Grid, and switch off the Source of energy. It takes just one?


(ME)- Anything else?

(S)-The book that Jo knows about.

(ME)-The one he keeps telling me about called “Alien Interview”?


(ME)-So it is relevant and important?


(ME)-How many souls are waiting “at the bus stop”?

(S)-A Legion. Waiting.

(ME)-I have only heard the negative side use the word “Legion”. Is it being used negatively here?

(S)-No. It just means there are many.

(ME)-How can just the one person, switch off the Engine?

(S)- How did Napoleon, or (and he stated a list of leaders leading their way into battle), ever achieve what they did? They were just one. But they had the support of the many behind them.

(ME)- But all those people who led the way were going into battle and killing. You are not suggesting this is going to be violent are you? (I was still testing as to what the motives of this source of information was).

(S)-No, but humans are stupid.

(ME)- Yep! So are you saying it will be more of a spiritual victory?

(S)-Yes. All of you need to wake the others up. (He was meaning, all those awake and aware I think).

(ME)-Anything else before I go?

(S)-You must find the Engine and switch  off the Grid.

(ME)-One more thing, is Nibiru, or Planet X real or not?

(S)-Oh, it is real.

(ME)-So is it going to affect the Earth?

(S)-Yes, many will perish.

(ME)-Oh, O.K. So what if we don’t switch off the Grid before it gets here?

(S)- It will reset. (Whatever that means. I assume it was the karmic cycle). But, there is a possibility that it will knock out the Grid (But he said it like it was just a maybe).

(ME)-O.K. Thank you Seehing for coming to talk to us. (I had been calling him Seehill throughout, and each time he would patiently correct me. He would simply say “Seehing”).

(ME) Goodbye. (By this stage I thought he was off, and I went to bring Jo out of the relaxed state, to be more fully in the room, and for him to open his eyes. So after saying thank you to Seehing, I started to say, “Now Jo, I want you to”….

(S)-(when Seehing interrupted with) “Leave him”.

(ME)- I responded with, ”But I was just about to bring him back into the room”.

(S)-Again Seehing said, “Leave him”.

(ME)- I then asked, “Oh, ok, but will he be alright”?


(ME)-So I stood up and as I turned around, I heard Jo start to snore. I went out of the room, and went to the bathroom. A few minutes after leaving Jo, I went back to see how he was. He looked groggy and was stretching. I said to him, “Oh my God! How was that”? Jo looked at me and said “How was what”? “The regression”, I said (although it didn’t turn out as a regression). Then he said as he stretched again, “I remember not being able to get through the locked doors in the corridor, and then I fell asleep for half an hour”.  He remembered absolutely nothing! I could not believe it. Luckily, there was the first 52 minutes of footage to prove he had not just fallen asleep. Even as he watched the re run a half hour later, and watched himself speaking, he did not remember any of it.

So there you have it. Not accustomed to being in a position to chatting with a Spirit Guide or ET, I forgot to ask if he was in a body. To the best of my ability I have told you what happened, minus a few private messages to Jo himself.  I cannot give any guarantees as to whom I was speaking to or to the authenticity of the material, and Jo remembered none of it, but as there was potential that this was a genuine channeled message from a benevolent ET who’s job it was to “Guide” and give a message to the awakened of humanity, I thought it too important not to share, especially as that was what I was more or less asked to do. And if it was not at all true, well, I would be the first to be very grateful. True or false, real or not, I have no idea. I am just the messenger. But too fascinating an encounter I thought, not to share. In my mind I imagine there are a few out there whom this may make much more sense to, and perhaps do know what the engine is that runs this “Grid”, if indeed it does exist. If it does, I imagine it must be something to do with ancient technology, whether underground or hidden in ancient monuments that have an energy flow that is artificial in construct, but I am just guessing. Who knows? I would love to know the answer to that.

No matter if it is true or not, our positive, loving intentions to each other and everything on and in, and around mother earth does have a huge impact on our reality that we co create, and if there is a genuine puzzle in this that we have to cooperate together to solve, let us send positive energies to where we can see a positive outcome. Let us create the future that we want. I get the feeling, reality is not at all as we think it is.  I also found it difficult to share this experience because the details sounded unlike anything I had ever heard about, although I had been asking in my head if there was any truth to the soul trap rumor I had heard in passing, here and there. Since this experience however, I have found others videos online who’s understanding seems in alignment with this message.

It never ceases to amaze me how many layers of possible truths or at least mysteries, present themselves one at a time, to be peeled away. I have come to expect that just when you think you have gotten to the core of the matter, and there could not be possibly any more to discover, another layer appears. And I don’t expect this to be the end of it. The search for an answer continues.

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