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Learning To Live Vibrationally

By on January 28, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Learning To Live Vibrationally

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by CJ Martes

We exist in a world comprised of many different forms of stimuli. Our lives are filled with a myriad of different energies. When we a born to this planet, our perception of these energies is sometimes limited as we struggle to overcome the starkness of physical existence compared to our etheric existence in the other dimensions. The world is truly a melting pot of not only different types of humans, but also different types of energy and vibration.


We are entering a time now where our previously limited perceptions are expanding toward an evolution in consciousness. Our blinders are being removed to reveal a world full of depth that we existed within, yet did not realize due to much of this world’s stimuli that works against our etheric energy at times and clouds our vision.

Shifting our perceptions to the dynamics of energy all around us can be difficult. The key is to shift slightly to understand the existence of and incorporate more energy concepts in our daily lives. By recognizing that each individual has a unique energy, that plants and animals have their own, that emotions, feelings and words convey energy and so on, we can transform our perceptions. By expanding our consciousness this way , we accept that we are receiving energy and vibration throughout our day. Once we view these dynamics, then we can begin to assess how we feel in relationship to these energies. We can then form trust with our instincts and feelings as we learn that our reactions and feelings are based on our interpretations of energy between ourselves, this world and other dimensions.

People who grow up in their physical existence already fully aware and in tune with these energies learn to interpret them earlier and are hence more connected to the universal life source and the information it brings. These are the psychics, mystics, healers and gifted ones of our world. The amount of awareness already “built in” is generally in relationship to the life path of the individuals. Of course there are no absolutes, however if the tools are needed by the individual, then they can be already established coming into a particular lifetime. Everyone is capable of learning to interpret energy and connecting to the universal energy if it is in their highest desire to do so.

So that you can begin to shift your own perceptions, here is a sample situation to illustrate a common energy dynamic and one that causes frustration for many of us:

You are waiting at a red light at a busy intersection. You see a car coming up to the intersection, headed your direction in the lane next to you. The light turns green and you push on your accelerator to proceed across the intersection. The car in the lane beside yours approaches quickly and leaps past you, then cuts you off. Several seconds later the car hits its brakes to slow down to turn onto the next street.

You are upset and startled. The situation occurred quickly and was over the moment the car in front of you turned.Now you are driving on and how do you feel? A common response to this question would be angry, mad, frustrated, frantic, and so on.


Could you see the energy dynamic in the above situation? To say that the behavior of the individual in the other car was rude and upsetting or to get mad and yell is not necessarily an incorrect response to the situation, however let’s take it a step further and look at what’s going on energetically.

First, the person in the other car has their own energy. They are traveling at a high rate of speed in a vehicle. Let’s just imagine for a moment what happening with energy as you sit in your car while the force of energy is coming up behind you. Your etheric self can feel the wave of energy moving toward you, well before it reaches you. Then the wave arrives, not only the momentum of energy of the individual but their thoughts and feelings as well. They could be late or worried about getting somewhere. All these lower vibrations cross you as the individual is even with you on the road. As they pass and then move in front of you, their energy surrounds you.

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As a being made of energy, you can imagine now the reaction you would have to such an energy force coming at you and surrounding you. This is where our emotions come into play. Our emotions are reactions and can be a counter move to stimuli as we experience it. Often when energy comes at us that is forceful and of a lower vibration, we often match the vibration we are receiving, in order to reach a balance with the “invading” energy. So when the car came forward and cut you off, your etheric reaction was to emit an emotional energy in order to accommodate the new vibration you were receiving.

Our etheric bodies are wonderful adapters to situations. In the physical world we call this type of reaction “fight or flight”. In a similar way, our etheric body can match a vibration in order to maintain a balance of energy. We can teach ourselves over time that we do not have to necessarily match the vibrations of others, but can hold our own vibration in balance and harmony instead. This comes with practice and a willingness to hold the highest vibration in the universe-unconditional love.

You can now apply this same view to other interactions in your life. Understanding the energy dynamics in your life is key to the full awakening of your etheric self in this world. We can also assist others with there own spiritual transitions if we all begin to open our hearts to understand the energy between us. As you open in the future to the energy in your life, a dramatic shift will occur as you gain greater empathy for people through your utilization of these vibrational concepts. When you view the energy involved in a particular situation it becomes less and less about “he said, she said” or “me and them” and more about being one with the collective vibrations of the universe. We all can help to remove the judgments from our world by incorporating energy and living more vibrationally in the years that follow.

Image: Pixabay

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