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Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call?

By on December 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call?

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by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing writer,

There are major energetic shifts taking place on our planet right now.  Many who agreed to be in service have been held down by density and fear and are not ready to step up in this time of great need.  Some are being torn from the inside out as they battle the inner voice calling them to service but allowing fear to hold them back.  Fear expresses as anxiety, depression, stress, anger or anything that is not presenting as an elevated emotion.  For a while it was possible to straddle two worlds and not fully step onto one or the other, but the ascension train is pulling away from the station and the gap between those two trains you were straddling is forcing you to commit one way or another.


Many lightworkers are saying all the right “spiritual” things but barely scratching the surface when it comes to the deep inner work required to elevate.    Life circumstances presenting are creating stress.  It may seem like the world is falling apart, when in fact, those very experiences are presenting a wakeup call.  All of us are being forced to stand firm in our alignment with our higher selves to source.  Now is the time to assess everything being invited into our lives.  How are you treating yourself emotionally, mentally, physically?  Are you choosing to nourish our body or punish it?  Is the community you hang out with holding a higher frequency and elevating you or bringing you down?  Pay attention and choose wisely.

New waves of energy are pouring into the planet.  People are feeling it whether they are awake or not. Personal energetic fields are being flooded with higher dimensional energy.  To assimilate and hold those frequencies inner work is required.  People living in the lower density vibrations of fear will feel inner turmoil until all is resolved.  Resistance to the process will create tremendous suffering emotionally, physically and will possibly present in negative personal life experiences as well.  Healing of the inner wounds must occur.  Peeling back layers and layers of karmic debris in order to go higher is essential for ascension.    The higher frequencies are creating a transparency never experienced before.  It is getting harder to mask the lies as the truth wants to bubble to the surface.    Relationships are crumbling, people being shaken to the core as things long suppressed are coming up to be examined and healed.  Contrary to our instincts, going into the dark is where the most powerful work takes place.    Looking at all those shadow aspects long buried and working through them with love will transform your life.    It takes great courage to go there, but the reward of becoming whole and complete is worth it.

Ascension is the elevating of our personal energetic frequency.  It’s time to break from the pack and take the road less traveled.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, love and light.  Enlightenment and ascension is a process.  It’s basically the complete stripping down of every aspect of self that was ignored or buried for lifetimes bubbling to the surface being dealt with and cleared.  Cutting the ballast allows the quick rise of the light quotient held.   Marconics energy accelerates the life path and assists in personal ascension by pulling karmic debris from the field and aligning you to your highest vibrational frequency.

This is a critical time in the history of our planet and for humanity.   A Clarion call has been heard.   Every one of you reading this are meant to be here, to create impact, you matter.  Elevating ourselves is the best way to assist those around us.  How we are showing up in our every day lives creates a huge impact.  The frequency we hold as individuals radiates out to the world.  Our thoughts are powerful creating timelines and ripples we may not even be aware of.   It is critical to release anything in negative lower vibrational bandwidths.  Fear is pervasive and insidious, it preys on every vulnerability within us.   As lightworkers, we must shed all doubt about who we are and what we have come here to do. There is an inner knowing that you are here for a reason.  Every single person on this planet is contributing to the collective tapestry.  The question is, will it be a positive or negative contribution?

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Align with your truth and listen to your heart.  There are those who will not be able to understand you.  They live in a different vibrational place.  I heard a quote recently, “you can’t speak butterfly language to caterpillar people”!  The matrix encourages people to participate in the hive mind, to move like bugs to the light.  Following specific doctrine, politics, and bombarded by media images of what should matter leaves no room for individual thought and expression.     Walking your path takes courage and strength.  It can be a lonely road.    Seek knowledge and wisdom but filter it through your own belief system.  Soon the foundation of who you are will present itself and from this foundation you will grow.

If you are reading this, you are being urged to come forward.   Believe in yourself and know that you are here to shine a light for the people around you.  Be the highest version of yourself.  We can no longer languish on the sidelines waiting for the right time to strap on the boots and enter the fray.  I believe many are being fast tracked at this time.    For those light workers who are still on the fence, trapped in fear and doubt, the time is now!   You all have a very important role to play and it is time to stop dimming your light and playing small.   We have all contracted to be here at this very moment to assist others.   Silence the critic, go deep, and do the inner work.    The Clarion call has gone out and my hope is you will answer.


About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a writer, certified level IV Marconics energy practitioner, and intuitive life and spiritual coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. In 2017, she wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was also voted Life Coach of the Year. She is a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here: or blog:
Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

Image: Pixabay

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