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Living Illusions Of The Third Dimension

By on September 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Living Illusions Of The Third Dimension

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


Light Spirit Guides provide us true information to awakening humans after thousand years slowly changing our world as a result of interconnectivity-internet and telephony, a prelude to light language. We are million awakened humans all working to raise the consciousness of Gaia to fifth dimension, enough to raise the consciousness of the planet. Dark spirits threaten true channels and still provide punches of fake knowledge and fear passed to controlled channels keeping us on guard every moment. Watch out for these scribes and writers who spread the artificial sweeteners and ‘goodness’ of demoniac Luciferian guides belittling light seeds and workers and the goodness of men.

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Light Higher Beings inform and assist us of what is truth and righteousness in this sphere of influence at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. They inspire us to think, analyze and act and seek for truth. People who agree with the light are asked to share these “new” concepts and values in written or dialogue format in the language people speak. For good communicators, lectures are best to spread the truth at no cost to participants.

The highest good is all that matters, never beliefs. Think always of the best for Earth, humanity, sun, the universe. The three major basics of living are light, water and air. Without light, there is no life, without the Central Sun, no light from suns and stars as the whole creation originated from Central Light Source. Without crystalline light water, there is no life and without oxygen from air, our life is shortened and controlled.


Our physical bodies, the mobile shell-vehicle is the dwelling of spirit and the way of experiencing how to live in a life that seems so solid, physical in form. These are spirit ways to accumulate ideas, ways of living, working, interacting and socializing with other people, in reality, reflection of selves, the truth of ONENESS. Our physical bodies have to be healthy, perfect, ready to attain light crystalline bodies the moment we are called by Source Energy, one of the two ways of Ascension, the other is death of carbon based body. Source Energy, with light tells us eating fruits, vegetables and protein based plants with daily exercise are required of our mobile shell bodies to accelerate our climb to light. Humans under dark control added meat products, processed or not and toxic drugs to accelerate and program the shortening of life. Food sources are produced from ‘photo-synthesis’ using light to produce food. Light comes back to light, LIGHT TO LIGHT. Makes sense, lighter is better as being obese is not light where 1/3 of Americans are obese. Think of the thoughts of Christ on gluttony, one of seven sins and research, analyze what is happening to our minds.


Our five senses are human ways of experiencing the sweetness of life, comforts of living and ‘happiness’ we enjoy. Each individual has a different mode of being happy. Love and service to others is my joy as much as I love self as I cannot love others without an innate love of self. Livelihood complementing love of nature are my purposes of living and thus I took to task “Infinity Breath” daily for life to resuscitate health which I shared for 50 years the ‘breath’ with people sick of similar stress and respiratory problems I had. They are cured of their stress, depression and respiratory diseases. Our editor, Gregg Prescott is doing similar health test on himself on a different sickness. Mine has been ongoing for 50 years. As Gregg says, who will do it except us, ourselves. I will share the infinity breath a cure for sickness in my next article as I have been sharing the cure for the last 50 years. My family are happy every time we hear someone is cured of their disease as they took to heart the Infinity Breath, a Breath of life.


I We love to sit in introspection and meditation at our little corner of our garden. I designed, planted and made a forest in an urban setting at home to reduce cost of going outdoors to simplified lifestyle, a replacement of resort living. Our subdivision’s almost half hectare park of 380 households, secured enclave is now with full grown trees we planted, reared for 20 years, fruit and flower providing edible fruits, veggies and oxygen in an urban setting. The park is a meditation venue for residents. We planted Moringa, local name ‘Malunggay’ the vegetable vitamins pharmacy in our park and most homes at our enclave. I still plant new trees today and care for them. Mountains or beaches would be best but that is a luxury for the affluent awakened, making living turnaround to live in a sea or forest setting preparing for full awakening. That is a very different life I was accustomed to do where I lived a high end employee lifestyle with my wife complementing the income from building homes-‘build to sell’ for others, a very active living at 3D at cities and urban setting. I had weekend beach homes provided by employers as incentive. Third dimension (3D) living is hard but enjoyable sometimes if you help and assist people if you can. For myself, it has always been very hard as my meager income assist family and others live their lives. Help others in our little ways like ‘Breath’ exercises, sending children of others to schools, planting trees, cleaning your front yard and street are examples, good for nature and humans. The universe helps humanity live in abundance, of happiness and spirituality beyond dreams multiplying whatever good deeds and help you did in multiples of hundreds. It is an innate purpose when you came to Earth. If you happen to be ego-centric, loves celebrity status and fame, the amount in dollars and public announcements negate the intention of a sincere and honest desire to help others, it does not work. It looks publicity conscious people are helpers and assists of dark families in the NEW world. Cause and Effect will function in the proper setting. Golden rule/Law of attraction will not work in an advertised concept of what you did.

“Christ is a “state-of-being” and is NOT the name of any man. A man can be as Christ in intent–but the label has no “name” qualifications or definition in actuality. You can act in a Christly manner and it is called GOODNESS…”, says Hatonn who says he is insignificant. Humans are creator gods says Hatonn at sixth dimension (6D). We are his brothers and sisters, volunteers or on training and welcomes us home where we originated. Christ said we seek higher consciousness and return back with Oneness with consciousness as big as the universe.

Spiritual guides share knowledge and assist thru thoughts and words in this chaotic world of religion, government, consumerism, commercialism and addiction to human senses. Ostracism becomes reality when you talk of spirituality. I see hyenas and monkey grins in front of me but I have forgiven the dark of humans as we are all under training by Source. Christ says I simply dust my feet and leave. It is a matter of practicing goodness, minute thoughts of love. I love the planet-humanity and all 3D pitfalls and have forgiven myself and others. My neighbors asked me why I plant trees on vacant lots and parks! There is no money in there. Cancel out of your heart and mind the teachings of a religion that all humans are sinners, someone has to die for humans, false, those are never true as there are millions of people who have died for love of humanity, thinking for the highest good of all and that means they are on their trek home to Oneness with Source.


People in America disappear for no apparent reason. What could that mean– abduction by Archons-Orions, cattle or human mutilation, transmutation or transformation. Interpret it the way you think about these stories as transition to light is an intense affair of our spiritual guides and they do not meddle in our free will, we call decisions. A few could qualify for transmutation and healing, even cleansing as dark pulls us down. Some dark authors tell us that humans are getting mutilated to save an alien species, dying or not reproducing. Believe it or not, fear creation is a part of training and how you react to these news is up to you. Fear or truth you decide as Guides have no comment on these fears and anguish Archons propagated to make the shift-ascension frightening before they say goodbye to our world. Intense pure white light, blue flames and violet fire strike them out. That is the way of SOURCE, dark is stricken, their claws are cut off, they leave or perish. They are the beings who created fear and destruction to Earth and humanity.


Yeshua bin Joseph, carpenter, from Nazareth and Galilee had very hard time teaching spirituality to his family. Our time after these ‘belief’ and control years, our immediate family had four graduate school degrees, educated’ with open minds and they all smile with really negligible comment. If you talk of knowledge-new age, they just nod. What can be hard or easy these times of frequency shift and transition to higher consciousness is for me to hurdle the obstacle. Christ, Higher Beings, Source Energy are words beyond explanation for the moment. I tolerate my wife showing allegiance to masters in Rome, for profit and to run a religion that lost relevance these ‘new intense light years’. Philippines brings to Rome coffers at least 1/3 of church collections and donations when people seem to be intelligent and thinking. It is time to change pagan practices, offering flesh and blood, a dark hymn of control and teach words that would reflect goodness for all and Oneness with Source. This religion can be saved, the reason why Sananda Christ is with us as his name is used as the backbone of this religion. You have your beliefs. Why would island countries miles away contribute to the coffers of an independent state with ambassadors to all nations like all countries have and would not allow criminals of their organization be arrested in the guise of diplomacy. They hide them in their inner sanctum. Banco Ambrosiano case is one- foreign exchange and laundering case, pedophile cases are replicate. Governments of all nations should classify them as simple organizations and tax these religions in all nations as ordinary corporations, prosecute their members for crimes they commit, otherwise religion takes over government like the Middle East countries, which is abhorrent. Tax them to level the playing field. The next move is abolition of government making people pauper and live in mendicancy. Think of how to change for the highest good. RIDICULOUS YOU SAY BUT THIS IS TRUE. AT THE 5th-6th dimension, life is transparent, love, light language and light travel to the universe.


Consider light language, thought control, multidimensionality, travel thru light corridors which are truth to higher beings but at 3D, they are magic, witchcraft or hocus-focus, mysteries of the unknown. Some humans have these qualities, the awakened ones. They are routine at the fifth dimension for all beings. Hyenas are common in a religious dogma world of beautiful robes and fascinating clothes, but tolerance can also be a virtue with discipline in our world with Mother Earth. Some humans possessed creation powers of fifth dimension origin as their spirits come from this vibrational frequency. Unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of all our 3D experiences on the planet should still be our norm but preparation to higher consciousness is NOW required, otherwise you turn out a lost sheep, herded in dark rites and you relive third dimension life.

Christ is a “State of Being” an adjective representing goodness. It is beautiful experience for some living on Earth’s plane, enjoying beaches, mountains, five senses, sex, controlling other people’s lives thru meager provisions for wages, celebrity and fame, and tons of money. They misinterpret giving some of their wealth for tax benefits as compensation for their dark deeds. Miscalculated, mistaken notions and beliefs of yesteryears are still practiced by souls of the dark. These body senses and feelings of happiness are short lived, they die and fade away.

You have your soul-spirit wallowing in a state of unknowing, a state of incarnation to a deeper pit, to darker world. Case in point, our country’s dictator lived the rest of his life incarcerated by incurable sickness and disease in Hawaii by USA. His $20B tons of stolen money says Guinness Book of Records, in 1985 hidden wealth cannot do anything to lift him out of misery, not even sex and Caucasian beautiful women can fill his death. His grandchildren are still suffering from his left-over scars of a billion dollar theft. My son-economist cannot tolerate debt forgiveness. I forgive the dictator and PH for economics sense need the money to rise from debt and lack of infrastructure.

CRISIS AND CRISIS forever in our land. 21st century drugs engulfed us with 4M pusher-addicts loose on the streets and the drug lords make Philippines heaven to their pockets, leftover syndicates of the dictator and new corrupt leaders. Europeans are dipping their hands-on problems not theirs and do not know a single event in our god forsaken land knowing that Queen Elizabeth of England (read historical stories) brought the first drugs-cocaine and heroin to Shanghai and Southeast Asia. Now, knowing the technology Red China and Taiwan are now exporting drugs to Asia and other continents for money. Let us bring to Europe 550 years of crisis after crisis and let us see what they will do as they love to deep their tongue on things they brought us. God bless the Philippines (PH) with a new fighting President who is not in the claws of the dark thirteen families from Europe. PH has a version of oligarchs and neo oligarchs who control 90% of wealth mostly from China and Spain. The darkest communist loves the situation, fear, turmoil and chaos, their chance to govern land of crisis, 550 years of darkness, propagated as the cross, where all Filipinos are sinners to be redeemed by Christ who do not even know Constantine’s protégé.

That is the sweet or not so sweet life at 3D with the Archons but very sweet for the thirteen dark families, (DG13) enjoying five senses, physical comfort, high rise buildings and red roses. Rothschild, Rockefeller families enjoyed their lives in full but lately rebuke by Russia’s President Putin. What is next.

Review, analyze, change our ways accept the ‘awakening’ pure white light from Christ Consciousness, the Source of All That Is.

Ultimately, ONENESS with Source is a reality, what with intense energies overflowing us! The once forgotten land, a planet lost to darkness of a million experiences will be at PEACE with the universe with love injected to our evolutionary process. For Philippines, 550 years of darkness, 3x more than the bondage of Hebrews in Egypt, are coming to an end. We ask all your prayers and intentions to make this happen. Such trials must be unique in the multi universes and on Earth, the millions of human spirits absorbing pure white light from Source and the Consciousness of Christ are full knowing and sharing their wisdom to humanity.

Love and light,

Angel V. Ornedo Jr. 9.2.17

About the author: Angel shares love- light and unity consciousness., a corporate man providing livelihood while healing Earth in his little ways. Link with him at and visit “Knowing the Infinite Creator” by Angel Ornedo, and Barnes and Noble.

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