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Living The Light Of Courage

By on July 27, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Bren Palad,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

We are courageous beings.  Born into innocence and forgetting where we came from.  We started small and worked ourselves to create a life the way we wanted.   We set goals, dreams and ambitions expecting things will go as planned.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Things change, people change, systems change, our life change and we come to a point being frustrated, lost, depressed, lonely, hopeless and powerless.

Even in the lowest point in our lives, we are courageous.  Some people will say to us to have courage and things will get better.  Broken hearted as we are, we continue to strive and live, not knowing what will come next.  In the midst of our brokenness, we try to find ways to mend ourselves whatever it may be.  We try many things just to ease the pain we are feeling.  We try to find people who can lend us their ears and shoulders to cry to. When we cannot have someone to cry to we keep ourselves busy just not to feel awful and despondent. We travel across the world to see the beauty and uniqueness of cultures.  ­Running away can only temporarily heal our pain.

Suffering has many faces be it physical, emotional or mental suffering.  The unknown triggers fear, worry and doubt.  It makes us feel lost and powerless.  Fear and powerlessness are the gateway to courage.  In the space of fear and powerlessness, it opens up aspects of ourselves that needs healing.  Our Soul will release dark memories of our past and it attracts similar or negative events for us to face.  The way we respond to such events is something we have to be aware and conscious.  The question will be how do we respond?  Do we respond the way we use to? Or are there other ways for me to rise above in these emotions?

Our feelings and emotions are true and valid no matter how painful, agonizing and debilitating it may be.  It is to be honored and loved. It is courage to face the dark aspects of ourselves.  Our Soul wants us to free ourselves from the grips of fear and powerlessness.  We can face it by being  in the space of acceptance, surrender, presence and knowing we always do things with the best of our abilities.  Acceptance and surrender give us the wisdom to be aware of ourselves.  To see beneath the pain and suffering, there is something for all us to see and that is Light and Love. When we stay and be with our hearts, it naturally heals any pain we are feeling.  We need to allow our hearts to be as it is.  Whether it is feeling fear, anger, lost, pain, heaviness or grief, it will transition to the space of peace, calmness, joy and love.

Suppressing, avoiding and judging dark aspects of ourselves  will only add more pain.  When we stay present with our hearts, we will eventually see the many options and possibilities in our life.  New beginnings, new ideas, new love and new energy will spring from within.  Our hearts help us because it loves us deeply.  We need to be gentle, to compliment and to praise ourselves always.

Suffering is the ultimate tool for us to reach for the Light.  It softens our hardened hearts.  It heals our wounded hearts. It molds us to a new version of ourselves.

In courage, there is patience.  In courage, there is hope. In courage, there is strength. In courage, there is honesty.  In courage, there  is passion.   In courage, there is love.  We are love and we always continue to love because it is our nature.

About Bren: I live in Las Pinas City, Philippines.  I am an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person.  I realized about this gift about 2 decades ago.  As an Empath, I experienced a lot in my journey and led me to my awakening and understanding about the reason for our existence.  I discovered and developed many gifts that I never imagined.  I share to you my insights and inspirations I receive and been given.  I have given readings to friends and family and give life counseling.  I am also a Reiki Level II initiate and a Corporate Finance and Investment Lecturer.  Email:  brendapalad@yahoo.com

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