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Magic Journals

By on February 25, 2015 in Meditation

Magic Journals

by Kim Caldwell,
Contributing Writer,

One Written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold.
Japanese Proverb

I love to remind people that magic still exists. We know this as children, but tend to forget, as we grow older. Now is a great time to bring a bit of magic back into our lives. There are no accidents; you found this information because you are ready to do some conscious creating.

What is a magic journal? Well, let’s start with a definition of magic. Magic is defined as inexplicable things: a special, mysterious, or inexplicable quality, talent or skill (Bing dictionary). A journal is a place to write it all out, our hopes, desires and sometimes fears. The journal suggested here is a powerful creating tool that will bring more of what you desire to specific areas of your life.

As we write out our goals and desires, energies we cannot see but feel go to work for us. Writing out what we love now and are going to accomplish sends a strong message to our subconscious and the universe that we shall thrive.

Journaling has been endorsed by respected authors such as Catherine Ponder, Abraham-Hicks, Og Mandino, Wayne Dyer and Lousie Hay just to name a few.

For this process, purchase a special journal with the intention of enhancing a specific area of your life. You will need one journal for every area you want to enhance. This may include, but is not limited to, vibrant health, loving relationships and enhanced abundance.

For example, you may choose to create a journal to enhance your love life. Pick out a special journal that says love to you. This may be a specific color, size or texture. To get started, take your journal and fill out the first pages with all the things you intend to experience more of.

Examples include divine Love, deep communication, common interests, chemistry, and inspiration. There are no rules, just keep writing out everything you desire in a relationship. Next, find pictures that speak to you of great relationships to put in your journal.

Remember it is the feeling place that creates, as stated by Neville Goddard, one of the fathers of positive thought. Goddard reminds us that our subconscious mind creates with pictures, so choose beautiful ones. Each day fill your journal with positive thoughts, ideas, pictures and quotes. Be patient and release all attachment to the outcome, as this slows the process.

Another important step is to write out our fears and negative emotions with the intention of releasing them. People often get frustrated when they are not getting results even though they are trying very hard. One of the reasons this happens is because negative subconscious programs get locked in the mind and body due to past upsetting experiences.

An example would be if someone was hurt in a relationship and hung on to the pain; they would find themselves struggling in this area. Writing out all the hurt and anger will create spaces for wonderful new things to come. This is for your eyes only.

Once you have written out all these negative emotions, tear this paper up with the intention of releasing it from your body, mind and life. You may need to do this writing it out process more than once, there is no exact number, simply follow your intuition.

When you put your journal up cover it with a crystal, piece of special silk or item that feels powerful. This way you continue focusing on the great things you are creating. Do not discuss your journal with anyone unless they are loving and supportive.

Our new ideas are like seedlings in the beginning and need time to take root and grow. As you play with your magic journals be easy on yourself, enjoy the process and expect miracles. You have found a process that is tested and works for many, welcome to your power.

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Kim Caldwell author of Activate Your Abundance Book and audio program, How Green Smoothies Saved My Life and the Solfeggio Switchwords Meditation Programs. Learn More at

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