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Manifestations Will Happen At A Much Faster Pace

By on March 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Manifestations Will Happen At A Much Faster Pace

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

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As you have heard the word dimensions, you should know that there are 12 dimensions in this universe. One dimension is not better or worse then that of the next as each dimension exhibits a different expansion than the one above or below it. So there is no judgements as to where anyone is dimensionally, as we are always a working process of evolution.

Within each dimension, there is a multitude of parallel realities. Each parallel reality is slightly different than the one before or after it. Most of humanity are really not aware of parallel realities because of living in linear time.

Linear time references future, past and present. That is a 3rd dimensional construct. Time is actually a man-made construct. In truth, time does not exist as we know it here or anywhere. The reason for time in this dimension are many, but one of the most important reasons is because we are all creator beings living under the veil of amnesia.

We are instant manifestors. If we used that power under the influence of amnesia without time much negatively and destruction would take place. Time has a way of bringing the manifestation in at a very slow pace. It slows everything down. For example, if someone was in a deep state of polarity and was having a horrific argument with another, and time did not exist, and out of the heat of anger, which is a emotion says, “I hate you! I wish you were dead,” then that is exactly what would manifest.

So, the agreement of the belief of time slows manifesting down to a snail’s crawl. It gives you “time” to change your mind to be exactly sure what it is you choose to experience.

Many have noticed that time is speeding up, so you need to know that where you spend most of your thoughts, fired up with emotion, is in the process of being created. One must understand that it is that emotion that gives spark to the creation. It doesn’t matter if that emotion is positive or negative. Emotion is just emotion, no polarization exists with creating that spark. There isn’t, “Ohhh my, this is terrible or that’s good”. It is like striking a match. The match doesn’t have judgement of the individual that strikes it. It is just merely a strike to create a spark.

Going back to parallel realities, all your experiences exist in a parallel reality. All lifetimes throughout all time, space. All lifetimes and probabilities of potentials. You pull to you, in your current perspective, existence that what you choose to experience, but under the veil of forgetfulness, you have no awareness of this. Mostly, you pull to you a multiple of experiences you experience by default.

Wherever you spend most of your thoughts that are charged by emotion, regardless if it is positive or negative, is in the creation stages of being created, which means you will experience it as time starts to dissolve.

Manifestation will happen at a much faster pace. This is why it is important for you to have this understanding now. There are so many that live in fear, lack, worry, shame, guilt, lack of self worth, blame, frustration, anger, ect, ect. As one lives in this state, one will continue to experience that experience. The same is true with those that stay in a constant state of playfulness, fun, laughter, abundance, prosperity and comfort draw that experience to them like a magnet to be experienced.

One has to live from the highest vibration in order to experience that vibration. One can only create to the level of what they are. When you recognize that you are not where you need to be vibrationally, you can change that vibration.

We are all energy, a frequency like that of a radio station broadcasting. When you are in a denser vibration, turn on some music to your favorite song and you will change the vibration to a higher vibration. By doing this, you may be like a radio playing 93.3 and you are a frequency match for 93.3, but you need to be at 108.9. By getting into a state of joy, you just changed your vibration to be a match for 108.9.

You are the controller and creator of your life, you just have to take control over it. If you live in a state of scarcity and fear, you will experience exactly that. If you live in a state of abundance, joy, laughter and playfulness regardless of what is being presently project in your reality, you will see this reflection being reflected back to you. You will live it.

Remember, it is gratitude that opens the vortex for receiving. Understand you must create and live in the state of being you choose to experience as if it is already existing. You have to believe it before you see it. You have to emotionally charge that which you choose to experience and once it is completely emotionally charged with all you have, all you have to do is let it go. Forget about it. The strike of the spark has been created. That’s all you need to do. Nothing more.

Don’t try to understand how it will come into being. Release all control of it and don’t change your mind. All the above actions will only postpone or possibly stop your creation.

It is important to know whatever to wish on another you will experience 1000 fold when you least expect it. That is a universal law. So be careful with what you want. Life was never meant to to such a grind.


I hope this helps someone as I was guided to write this. Remember, you are the light of the soul. You are beautiful and bountiful. Work on creating your day, your life. We are in a time of stepping into your sovereignty. No more of creating by default by letting life just happen to you while you hope someone will save you.

You have the power within you to step into your highest potential. You have always been the creator. Shine your light for you have always been the radiant star light. You just forgotten.

With that of infinite and gratitude from my heart to your soul,

~ Rosie Neal

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