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Manifesting With Affirmations & Gratitude

By on January 20, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Manifesting With Affirmations & Gratitude

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Manifestation is an ability we all possess and we all have the ability to change our reality. Your thoughts are constantly manifesting your reality. Once you start paying attention to these thoughts you can reprogram them to line up with the reality you wish to create. Gratitude is always an important part of this.

When you start paying attention to your thoughts you may find a variety of phrases and words repeating in your head that are on a loop.

Some Examples:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m always getting sick
  • I can’t do ______
  • I don’t want to be here
  • I will never have ______
  • I have (insert some type of condition)
  • I’m broke
  • I hate ______

There are many variations. The first step is always figuring out which ones are repeating for you. I started doing this when I had begun awakening and it took some time to grasp what was there. Whenever I would have the thought “I’m not good enough” come into my head and notice it, I would immediately start repeating “I am good enough.” I would be able to catch when a certain thought/phrase was about to get me to spiral downward in vibration and be able to stop it. It took some time, but after doing this enough you essentially reprogram your mind & thoughts to be more positive. Whenever you notice a negative thought repeating in your head, repeat the opposite for a while.

When it comes to medical conditions and other conditions, as well as being sick, I see this all the time. Someone that is constantly saying “I’m sick” or “I’m always getting sick” is reinforcing the reality that they are sick and always getting sick. By simply replacing that with “I AM HEALTHY” “I AM HEALED” and reprogramming those thoughts they could change their reality for the better. Another example is “I HAVE ADD/ADHD.” By simply saying this all the time someone would be reinforcing the reality that they cannot focus. If they replaced that with “I can focus perfectly” every time they were about to say that, I’d be shocked if after a while they found they couldn’t focus any better.

When it comes to more serious medical conditions, in my healing sessions I add in cellular/DNA healing. I then like to insert the “I AM HEALTHY” “I AM HEALED” phrase into the master cell, then help that spread to all of the cells of the client. Then I ask them to reinforce this as much as they can. You can do this yourself by visualizing one cell and calling it the master cell. Insert the those two thoughts/phrases into the that cell. Then put intention that it spreads throughout ALL the trillions of the cells. Then when you do the affirmations “I AM HEALTHY” “I AM HEALED” you just put intention that you are saying/reinforcing it throughout all your cells. This is best done in conjunction with the other methods & treatments for the condition. My higher self and I can also can give 12 Strand DNA Upgrades/Activations and upgrade the codons one has which is very helpful as well.

Manifestation Technique With Affirmations & Gratitude

As far as manifestations go, to the best of my understanding and experience it comes down to visualizing/putting intention that something has already been given with absolutely no doubt. Although until your doubts are cleared and you have practiced this, there is another technique I have used which can help.

You visualize that your manifestation already has been given to you and you give gratitude for it. Instead of saying “I want ____” you say “Thank you for _____ now” or “Thank you for giving me ___ now.”

The way I was able to upgrade my 3rd eye so many times in 2017 was doing this method. I would sit in meditation for 20 minutes and repeat the phrase “Thank you for activating and upgrading my 3rd eye now.” Another one I would do is “Thank you for upgrading and integrating my 3rd abilities now.”

There were several variations that I’d rotate around. I would repeat them over and over and over again for about 20 minutes at a time (I still do this). How this was described to me was to imagine building a path leading to your goal/manifestation that you want. The path is made entirely out of small stones. When you are building this path, every time you mention the affirmation or phrase you are adding one stone. If you repeat the same thing over enough your path will be completely built and the manifestation will have come through. This can be in regards to anything. “Thank you for getting me this job” and it be related to a job you just applied for. “Thank you for finding me the perfect place to move.” “Thank you for bringing abundance into my life.” You will have to play around with it and find the ones that fit best for you. This also ties into the I AM HEALTHY and I AM HEALED.

Often times I had read about affirmations and seen them mentioned all over the place, but what I found was missing was an explanation as to why these were so important and how they worked. Once I understood and tried the 20 minutes daily meditation to repeat them, I would see results generally within a few days or a week depending on what it was. As with anything else in life, it does take some effort and dedication. You can also look into the Saint Germain I AM TEACHINGS. Repeating a list of those in meditation while simultaneously utilizing the violet flame energy is fantastic too!

Love & Light


Love & Light


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