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There Are MANY Levels To The Ascension Process

By on January 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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There Are MANY Levels To The Ascension Process

by Tiffany Stiles,
Contributing Writer,

There are many planes, or dimensions of existence. There are parallel universes, or timelines of existence fragments of our souls live and play in daily. We are not aware of these until they start to present themselves. Until those fragments merge through collapsing timelines there is amnesia of one’s zero point. Until Kundalini rises there is amnesia of ones 12 strand DNA being unlocked, and the full metaphysical potential you are capable of. And You must do the individual work necessary to get there. There is NO ONE who can get you there but You!


The forerunners volunteered to come here and experience this first to show the way, and guide those through so they don’t feel alone and to speed up this process (100th monkey affect). Many in the distant past experienced “physical body ascension”, but Never shared their experience with others. It was an individual journey, not a collective one. As you can see, and are well aware, there are thousands of forerunners here that are sharing, guiding, and assisting you on your own journey. BUT… We are careful not to give you all of the answers. We understand each journey is unique to the individual soul. We trigger you to remember and begin your own journey.

There are lower vibrational realms on the Earth plane, but there are higher ones here as well. Many are just now experiencing these higher dimensions.

What I’ve learned on this journey is we are all creators of our “own world.” Those that match our vibrational frequency, and see the same things we do, experience the same things we do. I, myself, have made a correlation between blood types and vibrational frequency emitted. Between your dominant Aura signature and the frequency that correlates with your dominant Aura signature. Those that vibrate at a different frequency see and live something else… completely different. So whatever you believe, and whatever frequency you vibrate at, IS what you will see or experience, or be living in daily.

Everything is energy; including the human body, Earth itself, inanimate objects, and the 3D constructed illusion…. it is just that, an illusion. Sometimes we HUmans take it way too seriously instead of living in the moment and just having FUN!

My higher self gives my soul triggers (flashes of memory) to remember when certain things are presented to me. I either pass it on because it doesn’t resonate at all, or I perk up and listen because I’ve been triggered to remember this or that. Many of you who are highly intuitive do the same thing. If not, practice using your gut feelings to master your discernment queues.

In dealing with the different dimensional realms of existence since I was a child, I am able to discern frequency, vibrations and energy. What might ring true for others, may not ring true for me or visa versa. We are all on our own journey here, and it is not up to anyone to force their beliefs on anyone else, or judge anyone else. But to present information for triggers, OR for passing up. What is my reality doesn’t mean it is yours, and visa versa. So don’t get caught up in comparing your journey with someone else’s. Focus on you, go within, and it will all begin to come forth. Your truth. Your reality. Your co-created world you live in daily. Being “awakened” simply means you are self aware of how you interact with yourself and others. You actually focus more on working on yourself than what anyone else is doing. You reach a higher level of consciousness and acceptance for each person’s individual path. You no longer interfere in someone else’s journey. It is theirs alone they chose to come here to learn from, grow from and evolve from. You understand the Universal Laws and how to master alchemy. You understand you cannot take away someone else’s life lessons they came here to learn. You give them their free will back. You understand there are certain things some must experience to clear their own karma. This journey is about clearing all karma from ALL timelines. When things surface for you to clear, focus on the lesson, not the pain. Forgive yourself, others AND LET IT GO! The more you hold on, the harder this process will be for you. And some may come back here to do it all over again, because they just couldn’t let go. Get off the wheel of karma, that is the only way you can increase in vibrational frequency. It is all about forgiveness and letting go. Detachment to all, at the same time as being connected, and emitting unconditional love and your light. There are zero strings attached to this. It is given freely. Period.

For many this awakening journey begins with a traumatic life event that forces you to go within and begin. When you have won the war with your ego, you become your authentic self. You begin to vibrate at your “true vibrational frequency.” You begin to attract members of your soul tribe through this transmitter called frequency. You realize you are not alone. There are thousands of those that step forth you previously made soul contracts with to be your soul family here. And these souls are all over the world, but you have an innate telepathic connection with them. You know exactly what they need when they need it, and visa versa. You are connected and plugged in to the Quantum Consciousness.

It is up to each one of us to use our own discernment, to reach our own truth by going within. By doing our own research. Everything you need to know is within you. It is encoded in your DNA and the Akashic records. There is NO ONE who is going to take the easy road to physical ascension- light body crystalline activations, I REPEAT NO ONE!

Many of the forerunners do not have all of the answers, and have agreed to experience certain things as they happen in order to be able to “put it into words for you.” And just because I am experiencing this or that at any given time, doesn’t mean that you are too. Or you may very well be experiencing the same exact thing!

There are MANY levels to the ascension process, and each level one reaches you will experience different things. Many ask me when is this going to end, and I will BE THERE? I’ve got news for you, that this is a long and arduous process that takes earth years to complete. BUT on the grand scale of things it is a mere blink of an eye. It takes years, because the mind that is embedded in illusion and cannot comprehend any of this all at once. You will shut down. The human body could not with stand a full body vibrational upgrade from spliced 2 strand DNA to 12 strand DNA quickly, or your physical body will expire. It takes years with gradual upgrades, and downloads to acclimate, and integrate to your new operating system. And when you do Nothing in your life will ever be the same. You will experience the miraculous, instant manifestations, the unexplainable. So patience with yourself is key, and honoring yourself on each level you reach is key. We will be in the photon belt of light for 2000 years. You have time, so be patient.

My inbox gets inundated with messages everyday. I had to make a conscious choice to no longer respond to the thousands of questions people have. I am one person, and balance in my personal life is important. I used to do this job, sometimes 18 hours a day. But just like anything else, you will burn out if you do not recharge and honor yourself. I no longer respond to private messages unless you were a client, we’ve had lengthy conversations in the past, or I know you personally. I have people comment, Tiffany I’ve tried to reach you and didn’t receive a response. That is why I have two websites: where you can find an array of metaphysical articles and Energy Reports that is free to anyone. My other website is where you can order a service I provide. Sometimes I just post quick Energy Updates on my page here, so if you like seeing those hit “see first under the follow tab,” and you will have my posts show up first in your news feed.

The take away is, we are all here on our own journey. Treat others with respect and courtesy, empathy. The forerunners do not owe you a 24 hour day. We too have times when we need to disconnect, and process our own upgrades and downloads. We have families, and personal responsibilities to tend to as we navigate 3D, 5D and higher. We have massive workloads with our own clients. We are all doing our very best to assist you with the time we have available in each and every day.

Much love, light and blessings. I love you all, and honor each of you on your journey. I am beyond blessed to be connected with all of you beautiful souls all over the world. Beyond!



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