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Mass Timeline Activation Information

By on May 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Mass Timeline Activation Information

by Amanda Lorence,


We are at the absolute start of ‘THE BUILD’. It began approximately 7-10 days ago, but NOW this week’s download of DATA and physical sight of data clarifies the earlier ‘sensing’.


Absolutely key to this infancy stage of ‘New Build’ is to take continuous MEASUREMENTS. Continuous measurement via our inner sight and higher senses, will create perfect alignments for the NEW FOUNDATIONS to be laid, to highest degree, for humanity and beyond. Observation in every moment is KEY to measuring PRECISELY. Thus ensuring we lay the first foundations of the new build.

This can not be emphasized enough: Inner Observation of our energy, inner use of our senses…in order to MEASURE, OBSERVE, ALIGN PRECISELY, and LAY the NEW Foundations for this Era where humans become the NEW HUMAN. Where humans live by and as the NEW HUMAN. This emphasise NOW on measuring and true, purest alignment is because we at present, as human, are living amongst variable human energy frequencies in our daily existence. It can still be easy to be distracted away from this FOUNDATION STAGE of the New build. Distractions come in many guises.

Master Builders, in human form will lay the INITIAL FOUNDATIONS for change. They build without the old contracts they have dismantled. They build from heart not lower brain, they build aligned completely with Source, with acute attention to their ever increasing multiple SENSES. They build by seeing, hearing, feeling ENERGY as their daily living state of awareness. This ‘build’, is not old business, old structures, old lower mindset, old egos, old anything. It’s ALL NEW: it creates from NEW. It is completely NEW. We Build by NEW ENERGY in ALL ways. What we are building has NEVER existed and is timed to perfection with the 26,000 year cycle, the stars, the planets, the evolving ENERGIES of humanity. Up to this NOW timeline, many have been knowing, and trying to grow themselves, businesses, structures, communities based on their teachings, knowings that a new Era was to come or that they simply wanted ‘out’ of the old control system and consctruct. Yet the UNIVERSAL TIMELINE had not presented. The desire was there, but not the activation of timeline. Also, the evolution of HUMANITY was not evolved enough. Until NOW. The timeline is activated.

NOW, in real time ascension of 2018, Master Builders are to LEARN how to lay New Foundations for the WHOLE, whilst actually LAYING the said New Foundations for the whole. So they will LEARN and LAY at the same time. In this learning period, they will see how a lack of observation via their own HEIGHTENED energy and senses, creates mis-alignment through lack of PRECISE MEASUREMENT. Mis-alignment creates weak Foundations. So anything mis-aligned fails, falls flat, dissolves quickly, is not TRUE. This is how we LEARN to live, lay, build, by:

  • FEELING the energies
  • SEEING the energies
  • THINKING, based on our inner energies and what they feel like
  • SPEAKING from our inner energies ONLY TRUTH in all moments
  • DOING from our inner energies in an alignment to Source/Oneness

Master Builders do not/will not build via old ways, means, old thought forms, service to self or ANY desire for control over others. They are HERE for the whole. The whole is humanity, Gaia, the Kingdoms, the multiple universes and it’s lifeforms, for Source/Creator/Original Point. Master Builders have grown, cleared, evolved to the ONENESS INTEGRITY to be, think, speak, do and answer easily, in the Highest good, in each moment that presents.


In human terms, Master Builders are currently ‘finding’ those they will build the Foundations with. MEASUREMENT is at play here. For whilst they will magnetically attract the humans they WILL work with to build said foundations, they will also still attract a variety of frequencies in human form. Selecting the aligned people is part of their growth period and learning, as they also build; by using their own inner energy (rather than old programmed lower brain) to discern which people to work with, and for what reason. Each will align to their heart space and path, yet find co-creators with similar ‘future’ paths to work with. Everything has to align. For ‘human’ choices made will either allow DIVINE FOUNDATIONAL WORK to occur, or the joint work will fail through non-alignment to the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL. This Stage, this work to be done, is not singular. Meaning, Master Builders will join Master Builders, become teams across the planet, for this IS Unification Stage where we work together, as one, for all.


Even the term ‘dimensions’ is no longer accurate but will use for the sake of explanation.

EVERYTHING the Master Builders do here (in third dimensional plane), they are simultaneously doing in Higher Dimensional planes. At the highest frequency plane for this ‘build’, they are not human, not light body, not ET species…they are LIGHT NODE. Via divine programming of each Light Node, each node magnetically attracts another light node, then another, then another. They become present together. As light nodes, that move in MEASURED, PRECISE formation (hence the precision of measurement needed on Earth in their human form), they thus ALIGN, and thus create a NEW sacred, geometric structure of light: THE NEW BLUEPRINT. So to emphasise once more, the Master Builders are SIMULTANEOUSLY creating…at the same time, in multiple frequency spaces (dimensions). Not just as human and Light Node at higher planes, but at every plane they exist in between the two. Ultimately, at their highest frequency outside of Source Point, they are each a light node, moving into position via embedded magnetism. Once in position, with other Light Nodes, they will have created the NEW BLUEPRINT we will live by at human level. In their human vessel, at earthly living levels, they are now learning and then creating the PHYSICAL and HUMANITARIAN NEW FOUNDATIONS for humanity, as THEY live by this new divine Blueprint.


At the LIGHT NODE LEVEL of energy frequency, once the initial sacred, geometric shape is formulated, the VERY existence of this New Light Blueprint attracts more Light Nodes to the initial light structure. Thus, the Light structure grows and grows as more and more light nodes magnetize to it via energetic attraction laws. Back on planet Earth, as the physical and humanitarian Foundations become laid by the Master Builders in human form, other humans are able to see the NEW Blueprint and observe the Master Builders. From their own choice, they will be able to learn, see, and do also, for they can observe the NEW HUMAN BLUEPRINT, being shown in it’s working form by the work of the Master Builders. They will be drawn via energetic magnetism to teams of Master Builders and they too shall become the NEW HUMAN via the newly created NEW HUMAN BLUEPRINT. For they too are also Light Nodes at the higher frequencies of existence.


At this current NOW Live Ascension moment of 2018, Master Builders are NOW magnetizing to one another. At the same time, they are learning WITHIN to use ONLY their inner energies, inner guidance, inner powers, to choose who to work with, and choose what to build as the NEW foundations for all (in truth, what they build and with who, is already destined within their own cellular and higher etherical crystalline program). They build for ALL, meaning the energy created spans SIMULTANEOUSLY through all dimensions and all frequencies of existence. It is not the MAIN BUILD Stage, this stage is the Foundation work. Via teachings, through ions of linear time, humans have heard of the Master Builders…NOW is this LIVE TIMELINE they as human, remember who they are…and work with the steps they will take. They will build, they will be the cause of the ripple, orchestrated from original Divine Source Programming.


Mentioned in February Live video, was the Crystalline Program we each come in with. Within that program are KEY jump points, that we then create and expand from. They are similar to points on a program where certain criteria has been met, and therefore another section of the program is activated. This Foundational Build Stage is set within the crystalline program, we just don’t remember well behind the ever dissolving ‘veil’ of forgetfulness we agreed to experience here. However, the points in the crystalline program are pre-set, and contain UNIVERSAL, simultaneous activations. This STAGE, where Master Builders begin to learn and build the multi-verse Foundations of the NEW Divine NEW HUMAN Blueprint, has NOW, in Live Mass Ascension time, been activated. We are in it. Fantastic!!

One Love,

Amanda Lorence

Image: Pixabay

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