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McGross: Woman’s 24-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal Shows No Sign Of Decay Or Rot

By on May 7, 2023 in Health with 0 Comments
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McGross: Woman's 24-Year-Old McDonald's Meal Shows No Sign Of Decay Or Rot

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

McGross: Woman’s 24-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal Shows No Sign Of Decay Or Rot

TikTok user @aly.sherb has gone viral after sharing a jaw-dropping video of her grandmother’s decades-old McDonald’s meal. The video shows a plain hamburger and small fries from the fast food chain that have been kept in a shoebox in her closet for 24 years. The packaging advertises a 1996 NASCAR race, and shockingly, the fries, meat, and bun all look like they were just bought.

This strange experiment has sparked conversation about the preservatives and chemicals used in fast food, and how they affect the food’s lifespan. Earlier this year, Burger King made headlines after removing preservatives from their Whopper, and even ran a campaign featuring a moldy burger to spread the news. But Aly’s grandma’s 24-year-old meal begs the question – if a plain McDonald’s hamburger and fries can survive unchanged for decades, what else are we consuming that is not breaking down in our bodies?

Aly’s grandma’s McDonald’s meal is certainly an impressive feat of preservation. The fact that it has remained virtually unchanged for 24 years is a testament to the incredible amount of preservatives and additives that go into fast food.

McGross: McGross! Woman's 24-Year-Old McDonald's Meal Shows No Sign Of Decay Or Rot

In the video, Aly’s grandma points out the packaging, which advertises a 1996 NASCAR race, suggesting that the meal was purchased around that time. She then pulls out the hamburger and fries from the shoebox, revealing that they look almost exactly as they did when they were first purchased.

The bun still appears to be fluffy and the meat patty is still intact with no signs of decay or mold. Even the fries, which are notoriously difficult to preserve, look like they were just bought. It’s truly amazing to see a fast food meal remain unchanged for so long.

This experiment comes at a time when many fast food chains are removing preservatives and additives from their menus in response to consumer demand for more natural ingredients. Earlier this year, Burger King ran a campaign featuring a moldy Whopper to show that they had removed artificial preservatives from their menu.

But Aly’s grandma’s experiment shows that fast food from decades ago, with all of its preservatives, is capable of lasting seemingly forever. It’s a reminder that the food we eat can have a lasting impact on our bodies and the environment.

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