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Meditation And Visualization

By on August 16, 2018 in Meditation
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Meditation And Visualization

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Guest writer,

For two decades of learning spirituality from within and without, the topic herein covered is very significant and allows us to learn transmutation of dense energies from the first and second chakras to our magnetic sun. The process prepares us fully to our path to unity with universal consciousness. Love, light and unity prepare humanity to Oneness with Source.

Meditation is the first and foremost form of entering our inner self connect our hearts with the divine mind allow us to live with our heart. Visualization is a way of manifesting our desires and intentions. Yoga with exercises and meditation are ways of praying by monks chanting sounds of love.

With intellect and reason, western civilization accomplishes intentions thru planning, evaluation, research, perseverance and sheer determination. NASA uses PERT-CPM, Program evaluation review technique, critical path method in space projects, a process short of knowing and awareness of the needed light flows. Linear time, years ago visualization and meditation assisted our group marketing efforts accomplished our plans swiftly. Go within, attune your intuition, intention and action then go out to the world and pursue your plans and magnetic light flows will complete your task faster than you think it will, as your intuition is your guide.

Meditation coupled with visualization develop awareness leading to awakening. There and then, individual consciousness joins the human collective consciousness that raised the consciousness of Gaia, earth’s spirit to the fourth, thence to fifth dimensional reality NOW.

We are assisted by observers, Rainbow crystalline light beings who assist us, permeate our beings with rainbow lights of rose pink, magenta blue ray and gold green ray. In this process, our dense and heavy energies are wheeled to the magnetic sun for transmutation and healing. Volunteers and aware humans birthed Gaia after eons of years of sleep that happened when all things are perfectly aligned with Gaia and the blessings of All That Is. With deep realization and appreciation from Source, this is our path to alignment, our way to unification with All That Is.

Universal law-the axiom of Energy = All That Is or Source=Everything is now being understood by humanity, similar to the science of Einstein, everything is energy. Let us pursue the needed energy flows from Carla Thompson, Messages from Source and I quote:

“Learn and understand the needed flow of the circular motion of the rainbow lights overflowing and permeating all our chakras, healing and cleansing dense heavy low energies, swirling and wheeling them up to the red magnetic sun to higher vibrational frequencies.”

“Place the ring in your third chakra, your power chakra, to empower all of your creations and to free all from control and manipulation”……. “The Rainbow Gateway marks the arrival of the new magnetic rainbow colors. The magnetic waves are circular and create a vacuum, an upward vacuum, lifting negativity out of every chakra – continually, optimally, and graciously up to the light of the Magnetic Sun for transmutation and healing.”

Make this process happen thru visualization and meditation. We are on our path to unity with All That Is at the fifth dimensional expression, to the pristine and transparent world of beauty, the cities of light. There is no going back.

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the author: ANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SE Asia-Middle East, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris,, Barnes & Noble or link with him at or listen to you tube, universal

Image: Pixabay

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