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Meet Your Dolphin Guide

By on September 13, 2013 in Spiritual Awakening
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Meet Your Dolphin Guide

by Kim Caldwell
Contributing Writer,

Like the spirit of the dolphin moving through the waters, you can choose to soar through your life.
A Channeling from Sirian Archangel Hermes, February 1999, in the book, Affinity by Amorah Quan Yinir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1879181649

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Like most people, I am strongly attracted to Dolphins. I have long believed that they are master healers and was excited to find out that this is true, firsthand.

My good friend Susie sent me an energetic healing dolphin picture created by energy artist Julia Watkins. Julia’s art is enjoyed by the likes of such greats as Deepak Chopra and millions more. The picture has a magic quality and is filled with swirls of light and color. I placed this picture in my family room so that I could enjoy it daily. Within 3 weeks we went on a family vacation for our first visit to St. Georges Island in Florida. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is a popular hangout for dolphins to fish for food and enjoy life.

On the first day of our vacation we went out in the ocean on a modest little yellow kayak. I was so amazed and excited to see dolphins swimming beside us that I started crying tears of joy. I had been experiencing health challenges for a while and knew of the healing powers of dolphins but never expected to experience this miracle for myself. I was in total awe. I started singing my little dolphin songs to let them know how happy I was to see them; which I am just now discovering is a powerful healing technique. Amorah Quan Yin in her book Affinity suggests that we make the dolphin sounds when inspired. She explains “Let the sounds move through your cells, your consciousness, until you are nothing but sound that is aware of itself…” Dolphins have the most Divine and healing energy I have ever experienced and I am forever grateful and blessed by the experience that helped me through a very hard time. When paddling with the Dolphins, I completely lost all sense of time and space. I have never experienced such a joyful peace and knowing.

In Affinity during a channeling by Archangel Hermes, he explains that each of us has at least one dolphin guide. We may ask our dolphin guide to swim through our aura, as we breathe deep and enjoy this divine connection. I noticed when I was with the dolphins that they take very deep breaths; we want to remember the healing power of deep breathing for feeling our best and calming our minds.

Amorah explains that we may blend with our dolphin guide and see through their eyes to enjoy life more.

I personally was so transformed by the dolphins divine energy that now when I feel sad or off, if I can remember to focus on the dolphins my vibration will raise quite quickly.


Dolphins have a Divine vibration that we may sync with simply by setting the intention. We do not have to be with the dolphins to experience their healing magic. I have created a few healing Dolphin videos for your benefit. Please enjoy them with an open mind to the idea that they can raise your vibration and thus enhance your life.

My encounter with the dolphins inspired me to create a Dolphin Love Relationship video. Practice this visualization and meditation for more harmonious and satisfying relationships. The dolphins are masters at loving energy and some of our best teachers; we are in good company.

I send you peace and blessings.

About the author: Kim Caldwell, author of Activate Your Abundance Book and Meditations Program, Solfeggio Switchword Meditations Trilogy and How Green Smoothies Saved My Life.

Image: Pixabay

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