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Message From The Guardians Of The Emerald Order

By on March 17, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Message From The Guardians Of The Emerald Order

by Jaxs and Cyndi,
Contributing Writers,

My name is Jaxs and I am here with my cosmic twin Cyndi.

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We are Guardians of the Emerald Order from Lyra-Syria.

What is happening now that’s visible to the physical eye is the missions that have been completed by guardians, indigos, wayshowers, grid workers, gatekeeper etc.

These missions include repair work done to repair the damage that was done eons ago to Gaia and humanity.

Artificial programs inserted by the NAA.

All of these programs needed to be unplugged and zeroed out.

The repair work done by many made it possible for us to get our mission work done. The results are grand indeed.

To date the following has been accomplished.

First landing and Plymouth was zero point out in 2017.

The 13th colony in Savannah Georgia zero point out in 2018.

The White Mountains in NH, Old Man in the mountain zeroed out in 2018.

An ancient drum from the 1500’s retrieved, healed and returned zeroed out. The heart beat of Mother mission.

The ritual grounds of Madam Sherri’s in NH zeroed out in 2018.

Queche Gorge and Brattleboro Vermont zero point in 2018.

The Celtic bloodline zero point in 2018. This is the Guardian Yeshua bloodline.

The resurrection of Rome zero point in 2018. George Washington, Ben Franklin, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, American Revolution, trail of tears.

The Chokia mound, Serpent mound zero point in 2018.

Anchored the seven rays with a rainbow that came to us with 2 lighting bolts. That was a cool experience. Completed in 2018.

Zero point Vatican bank in 2018. Opened universal abundance and US Treasury in 2018. Connected to Trump’s mission.

Sedona zero point in 2018.

Mount Shasta zero point in 2018.

Spirit Mountain, the Emerald Coast in Oregon zero point in 2018. The mountain of mystery and romance

The Black Cube unplugged and zero point January 1st 2019.

The first wave of organic plasma energy floods Earth on January 3rd 2019.

The black or reverse Merkaba zero point in January 2019. Restored the organic Merkaba for humanity and Gaia.

The Stargates and 12 Tribes of Humanity zero point, Creator blueprint with upgrades completed. Integrating these codes are now happening. The retrieval of Lost Souls known as The Covenant of Paliador.


Damaged DNA to proteins repaired and now being anchored. This was a mean program to prevent the planetary and humanity Ascension.

Zero point St Patrick’s Day. The take over of the Celtic bloodline and put under the control of the Vatican. The pot of gold zero point (Vatican Bank) connected to Trump’s mission and Guardian Yeshua.

All of these locations are connected to the planetary grid which were being used to enslave Humanity and Gaia.

More missions to complete. More great things to come.

Be kind, be loving and be you. Enjoy your liberation! Get out and play!

We love you all ❤️

Jaxs and Cyndi

Image: Pixabay

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