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Message From The Lion’s Gate: Time To Lead With Feeling

By on August 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Message From The Lion's Gate: Time To Lead With Feeling

by Gabriel Heartman,
Contributing Writer,

The last few nights have been super intense emotionally for me.  I have had waves of doubt, self-punishment, and anxiety arise in my field that began to overwhelm me.  Hard to fall asleep with the intense energies and I needed to connect with the Divine energy to move through some of it.  Through my SoulFullHeart process I know they are not mine but coming from something within me that needs to be felt.

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It has taken form of a MetaSoul aspect of mine that is living an Atlantean lifetime.  I had a beautiful group session with the help of Jelelle to feel this aspect and begin a more balanced relationship with him and his intensity.  Last night I began to feel energies that didn’t feel connected to him and could be another aspect of my soul coming through around anxiety.

What the heck is going on?

I felt to tap into my guides and intuition since I couldn’t sleep and was told that this is a very intense time for many.  I have known about the current lead up to the Lion’s Gate portal for a while now, and I am starting to piece some things together for myself around it.  What I received is that this is a time of great confluence.  Many energies are coming together that may feel like a squeeze to some.  It is thinning out veils and the gap between what is authentic and not.  It is bringing in codes that feel to be bubbling up old unhealed lower frequencies that are preventing us from moving into our next growth places.  These frequencies are held by parts of us as well as Metasoul aspects that are bleeding in at this Thinning.  It can be a crazy-making time if there isn’t a larger container to hold all of it in.

It may be advised to just ride out the wave and be kind and gentle to yourself.  I agree with being self-loving to yourself is key right now.  But I also feel there is great opportunity for growth and letting in more of the love we came here to experience.  It all brings up the unloved energies within us that are needing to be held and felt to make room for more.  It is like the altitude is changing and the old denser energies are needing to fall away.  But there is an invitation to actively participate in this process, and not just passively let it go by.  This is the leading edge of consciousness we are stepping into!

I feel that this is the message of the Lion.  He is inviting us to lead ourselves into a new relationship with our experience of life and Gaia as we have known it.  He is about finding our courage and strength and feeling all that we need to feel during this highly transformative time.  What wounds and pains, both this and other lives, are looking to be heard and felt at this time? What resistance is showing up inside of us that keeps us from fully inhabiting the largess and love sponges we are?  This is not an easy choice to make going INto the pain, not to suffer, but to heal.  To reveal. To discover.  It leads us into our jungle and arise as the king and queen of our truest dreams and inner knowing.

You may be pressed to make some difficult choices along the way.  We can not have things stay the same and expect them to be different.  Leading your way into your next emotional and spiritual growth terrain is what Leo is offering and guiding us toward. Healing your way to passion, purpose, and the remembrance of magic.  From denser energy to higher vibration. From care-taking to self-actualization.  From being alone to being in community and sacred passionate romance!

The Lion is a huge totem for us and what we came here to do and be.  I am listening closely myself and feeling what it is that needs my attention to enter into more expression of Love and Serviceship.  I invite you to do the same.  Be kind and gentle with yourself during these days and months to come.  Serve all that is arising in you in the call of the wilds of heart and soul.

About the author: Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit  for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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