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Miracles In Your Physical World

By on December 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Miracles In Your Physical World

by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

Miracles happen to those who believe in them.  
– Bernard Berenson

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Do you believe in miracles? Yes! 
– Al Michaels.

Similar points of view from two very different people; one you’ve likely never heard of, 20TH century American art historian Bernard Berenson and one who’s probably been in your living room through the power of television many times, sportscaster Al Michaels.  Spoken at least 50 years apart in very different circumstance, both speak to a power that we all have wished and prayed for at some point in our lives. But do miracles really happen? Is there a template to create miracles in your life, or are they just random coincidences that come and go, unrecognized for what they really are?

I’ve thought about this lately because I was recently in dire need of a miracle, but had never given any thought to the possibility that it could happen, or that I could actually help manifest it myself. This led me to re-consider three events that had occurred in my life, and to reframe them from just luck or coincidence to important turning points in my physical and spiritual life.

You see, I know now that I have personally experienced three miracles in my life. Small in the grand scheme, but life altering for me personally.

When I was twenty-one, a friend urged me to go to a psychic healer with her. I had no belief system in place to suggest anything other than thinking this is a complete waste of time. I was suffering from severe allergies and a sinus infection; and was rightly shocked when this kind, elderly Irish woman placed her hand on my head and said, “May God give healing to your breath” and within seconds, I was breathing normally.  The allergies never returned with the same vengeance again.  I was grateful for sure, but it was a miracle, not really recognized by me.

When I was thirty-five, I was working in the corporate world in Washington, D.C and while avoiding the drug culture of the time, I never gave a second thought to the level of alcohol and occasional weed that invaded my after hours. That was until I took one hit on a joint that was apparently laced with some harder drug and found myself alone, on the floor in my apartment, heart racing uncontrollably. A call to 9-1-1 was stupidly never in the cards because the fear of discovery and loss of a high paying job was almost equal to the fear of death.

All that was left was to pray that I wouldn’t die right there. Pray hard – and I swore to God I would never touch another joint, or any drug, if I JUST LIVED THROUGH THE NIGHT. After two hours, the uncontrollable waves of tachycardia, finally subsided and I have never touched any drug since that night, some twenty-five years ago. I was beyond thankful and relieved but again, did not really recognize how fragile life is, or why it didn’t end that night.

About ten years ago, I was driving along a two-lane road with a 40mph speed limit and with grass swales on either side.  Another car was a reasonable distance in front of me. I heard a siren, glanced in my rear- view mirror and saw an ambulance gaining at high speed. I pulled onto the swale as my focus returned straight ahead – to find that the car ahead of me had already pulled over. Now, I’m going 40, on the swale and as I tap the break, I realize the grass is wet. My car seems to increase speed as the anti-lock breaks grind. My last thought is “I’m hitting this guy,” as I grip the wheel, bracing for collision.

The only way to describe what happened next is that I experienced some sort of angelic intervention. It was as if I blacked out for a second, and then, I’m still white-knuckling the wheel but my car has stopped, less than a foot from the car in front of me. Cars don’t go from 40 to 0 MPH like that. The ambulance sped by and I immediately sensed an angelic presence. It was a warm, knowing feeling of protection that I’ll never forget.

Are you closer to believing in miracles? If you’re still uncertain, here is what transpired to cause me to actively seek out the manifestation of another miracle.   I am a person with hopes, and wishes and troubles, just like anyone else. I’m also someone who pushes himself to the limits in all things, including career and fitness. I consider it normal to get out the door at five a.m. to get a workout in and still be on time for an eight o’clock meeting.  I’ve worked in a high stress environment for decades – and with added emotional pain of a troubled personal relationship, I use the gym as my sanctuary and tension release outlet.

A few months ago, I visited my doctor to check out a pulled muscle in my shoulder and upper chest. I knew exactly how I did this and asked for a referral to my orthopedist.  Instead, I was directed to a cardiologist, who put me through a battery of tests. When one test revealed a problem, the doctor told me that I needed an angioplasty and would be required to start the maximum dose of a popular statin for the rest of my life.

Considering my level of fitness and that my cholesterol is actually on the low side, I was totally shocked by the diagnosis. I was also shocked by the almost car-salesman like quality that this doctor seemed to have, in pushing me to move forward quickly, stating that my life was changed forever starting now, that I had severe coronary artery disease and that he was going to save my life.

My reaction was to first, call a friend who I knew had been participating in a weekly psychic healing meditation. I had been invited to attend in the past but didn’t have the time or the desire. Now, I felt immediately drawn to attend the next session. I also got a second opinion. The new doctor, said that despite passing a stress test and blood work, based on that one other test I did likely have coronary artery disease. However, another non-invasive test could be done to confirm that, and if surgery was required.

Before the test, I attended the healing mediation. The woman who ran the group was actually trained and initiated by the famous Brazilian psychic healer Joao Texeira da Faria, more well-known as John of God. Prior to the meditation, a set of cards were handed out, one for each of the twenty-five people in attendance. Each card had the representation of an arch angel, ascended master or saint, that works through the healer. I prayed to receive St. Germaine or Arch Angel Michael, but was surprised to receive the card of Santo Expedito (Saint Expedite.) A moment of confusion turned to shock when I flipped the card over and read, in Spanish: “The saint of urgent causes.”

The meditation ensued and while all that I received was highly personal, there were two important messages. The first words I heard, telepathically were, “Your heart was broken, but now it is healed.” As I sensed dark energies, debris and sludge melting off my etheric and physical bodies, I heard, “Crushing emotion hardens the heart both energetically and physically.”

Once the meditation ended, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted, I went home and researched Santo Expedito.  You will be amazed to find everything about this little-known patron saint of emergencies and quick solutions, here.

All that was left was to take the follow up test, and the results were what I had hoped. No major blockages and no additional surgery or medication was required at this time.

You could say that perhaps the first doctor was too pushy or got a false positive and all of that could be true. However, I choose to believe that greater forces were at work. I believe that a miraculous healing occurred, not only from the physical result, but from the almost instant energetic healing of the pain from my troubled relationship. I believe that a miraculous healing occurred thanks to the power of prayer and that God, our angelic masters and guides watch over each of us and will provide their assistance, if only asked.

I believe I’ve been guided to share this highly personal story now, to plant a seed in your energy field and for you to know that, in tune with your higher self, you can create your own realities – and that there can be miracles in your physical world.

by Robert Stewart,

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