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The Multidimensional Ascension Experience

By on January 5, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments


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by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing Writer,

The Multidimensional Ascension Experience

People forget that our human aspect is a mere fractal of who we really are. So much energy and emotion pour into this human linear experience. People often wonder what their life purpose is, what they should be “doing” as if surviving the density of 3D and trying to ascend out isn’t enough. The work we do in the higher realms is powerful.


For those able to tune in and bear witness to themselves through bilocation, there’s an understanding that maybe it’s not that big a deal if they are 5 minutes late for a meeting or decide to take a nap instead of run errands, they might be battling or helping to move people to new more positive timelines. Those power naps may be necessary for energy upgrades and downloads.

Sometimes I must close my eyes and before I know it 3 hours has gone by. It seems lately I’ve been put down a lot to receive, integrate and anchor the frequencies coming into the planet. I completely honor the process and what I’m being guided to do rather than press on. We are here now to play our role as light workers, to assist humanity transition to light body and align with the new frequencies of Earth.

Ascension should be a priority, but often the decisions that align with ascension are trumped by the Ego. Excuses are made because it’s inconvenient to rest when we know we should rest or honor our truth which could result in a major life shift that is possibly too uncomfortable to deal with. Fear is also a huge part of the equation. It takes courage to go deep, to do the inner work and unpack all that karmic sludge we’ve been hauling around.

Facing ourselves is possibly one of the hardest things we’ll ever do, but in the end it’s the one thing that sets us free. Ascension requires alignment with the soul. It’s a decision to remain in that column of light from you to your higher selves to source. To continue to shed density and peel back layers and release all the ballast holding you down. Ascension means to rise or expand vibrationally and it can only be done through this deep inner work, taming the Ego and conquering the mind.

Having the courage to stand alone in your truth is necessary. Being able to break from the fear programming and hive mind is the only way out. Discernment around what is true for YOU allows you to find your own GPS. Each personal truth and core value should be something that resonates for you, not the accumulation of generational, cultural, and religious dogma and expectation.

Ascension requires the embodiment of truth as discerned by you. It comes from the inside out, not the outside in. There comes a time where all the external seeking is over, and you reach within yourself for the answers you seek. Your higher self will data stream or send downloads to move you forward. Connection to your higher aspects is the key. This requires silence, presence and feeling through the heart space. Ascension isn’t achieved through a book or an intellectual experience. It is the journey you take back to you with the help of your higher selves and full trust in your inner guidance.


As Earth ascends and reaches the new harmonic frequencies, those who have chosen to go higher up and out of the 3D experience are now being asked to face their truths. What has long been buried will now rise to the surface and cause great discomfort for those used to presenting a false front. This is the year of clarity around who you are and what you have come here to do/be. The games are over, the deception for social acceptance and even lying to ourselves about who we are and what we are about has come to an end. The new frequencies will not allow the charade to continue.

Those who resist will suffer and make the process more difficult because they will be faced with experiences that will present more intensely until they pay attention and shift. The walls come crumbling down in order to clear the field and create a clean slate for rebirth and the experience of a life of alignment, harmony and grace.

Cutting the ballast in your life is essential, which means everything that isn’t true and aligned with you must go. Relationships that you are faking to keep paying the bills or meet social expectations are going to start to feel the heat. Lifestyle choices that don’t support physical health are going to start to impact people. As the human carbon based body evolves into light body, alcohol and foods that do not support and fuel the light body will have a more negative impact.

Hydration and rest are recommended. Proper nutrition is essential. This doesn’t mean everyone has to be Vegan. Everyone must honor what their body needs. Each person has a different soul origin which requires different nutritional needs. Be mindful of what aligns with your truth. Know what you must release to go higher. Honor the vehicle that houses your soul.

Emotional detachment and boundaries are critical. This allows you to observe and accept the situation around you without being triggered. When you respond to life from a detached space, you are able to have a higher perspective and make love based decisions. This doesn’t mean approval of perceived bad behavior or forgiveness, it is merely an observation and acceptance of what is. Loving and respecting yourself allows you to create boundaries with people. This honors your time, energy and space completely.

The people who are used to you compromising for them will not like it. Allow that. Step back and disengage. Detachment doesn’t mean you do not love someone, in fact it means you have unconditional love and you will no longer participate in a codependent way. It’s the observation of where someone is on their journey without judgment. Allow people to make their own choices and have their own consequences. It’s a complete honoring of yourself while holding space for another, or if the situation is toxic, choosing to walk away.

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A massive clearing is happening on the Earth’s surface. Fire, flood, earthquakes and other natural disasters are clearing and releasing energies long trapped within our beautiful planet. It’s a cleansing of karmic energies and all is as it should be. Despite the human judgment around the tragedy of lives and property lost, from a higher perspective this is necessary. There are also many people transitioning either through natural causes, natural disasters, mass shootings or suicide. This too is by design as they are contracted to leave through these experiences, agreements made on a soul level long before they arrived here for this Earth experience.

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We are all multidimensional beings. While being human is having the tangible experience here on Earth, there are other aspects of us having experiences in higher dimensional spaces. The more aligned you are, the thinner those veils become. There is a massive awakening happening on the planet whether it’s happening consciously or unconsciously, it’s happening.

Perhaps your higher self is a frequency holder or creating the new crystalline grid, maybe you are fighting opposition. Maybe you’re a healer and you don’t know it, you are assisting humanity by your mere presence here on earth. Every single person matters and affects the collective, reach higher. I encourage you to get in the arena and pick up your sword because now is the hour.

Wendy HutchinsonAbout the authorWendy Hutchinson is a Writer, certified level IV Marconics Energy Practitioner, and Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach.  In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. She also wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was voted Life Coach of the Year.  She’s a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.  

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential.   Contact her here:  Follow her blog:

Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

What is non-religious ascension?

Ascension is a spiritual journey towards higher states of consciousness and awareness. It’s raising one’s personal vibration and frequency, allowing for a deeper connection to the divine and the expansion of one’s consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical world.

Ascension is seen as a natural evolutionary process, available to all individuals who choose to embark on this path. The process involves shedding old beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve one’s highest good and embracing new, higher vibrational states of being.

Ascension is not limited to any particular religion or belief system. Instead, it is a universal process that can be achieved through various spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, energy healing, and mindfulness.

The ultimate goal of ascension is to attain a state of oneness with the divine, where individuals are no longer bound by the limitations of the physical world and can access higher levels of knowledge and wisdom. Through the process of ascension, individuals can experience greater levels of peace, love, and fulfillment, and contribute to the overall evolution and transformation of the planet.

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