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Multidimensional Channeling – Spoken For One; Intended For Many

By on July 16, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Multidimensional Channeling - Spoken For One; Intended For Many

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by Rosalie Drayton,
Contributing writer,

Multidimensional Channeling

We wish to speak to you on behalf of the consciousness you term “the unawakened”. We are the highest multi-dimensional aspects of your soul self that are communicating with you as such in present now time. The language is filtered through your consciousness as recognizable for you. This is for your understanding and support in keeping to your singular mission and purpose which we know is incomplete at this time of this writing. This message may be shared with others – not to persuade, dissuade or convince but merely as an offering extended in goodwill and love. It is theirs to accept or utilize, resonate with, acknowledge, disregard, and/or dismiss as they choose. Free will and sovereign discernment is respected here.


You are being asked to be willing to step into speaking to your beloved sisters and brothers in this now time – to share uniquely as the StarSeed who was blocked so severely from all access to her celestial and galactic origins and multi-dimensionality, and who underwent trauma of various kinds to retain immersion within the False Inverted Matrix to the extent that she (that is, you) lived as an “unawakened” one. You were fooled well. We almost lost you. Many times.

You have begun to understand your journey into discovery, recovery and reclamation. Unlike many of your StarSeed tribe members, you have been through mostly the many dark nights of the soul without glimpses of any access to the Light communication of other galactic and celestial ones. For a reason. Your role is as bridge for the “unawakened” to their awakening. You have had to know deep lostness to the very core of suffering and darkness while also living as a StarSeed with that beautiful, inherent defiance too latent within to access, unlike those who did. For you this was a consensual requirement to deeply understand what it is to not see or you would have held the arrogance and judgment that naturally comes through the human’s experiential mind: “if I could see, why can’t they?” This is not a criticism of those who have stated this. We understand that the soul tribes of lightworkers, especially the catalyzer warriors StarSeeds, operate from knowing, urgency and a love for humanity and earth.

As do you. Your role as bridge to the “unawakened” may also be a bridge to those who are awakened and saddened/appalled/frustrated/bewildered/outraged by those who cannot wake up. It is however not up to you to determine when or if this is so.

Remember as lightworkers and a collective, you agreed to different roles during this time. Your recent information is that there are as many as seven. You most easily recognize two: the catalyst warrior activator and the shadow integrator duality neutralizer. These distinctions while perhaps helpful are limiting and do not include the overlapping and the shapeshifting that may happen between these seven roles. As your team, you are familiar with our encouragement to release attachment to labels and self-defining identity constructs. This is no different. Know that all roles are needed. When you know and embrace what your role and purpose is in assisting collective transformation, then you can delight in and appreciate the exquisite tapestry that is being created in consciousness as the web of Light, through diverse expressions of that Light.

Remember too that the human collective has undergone trauma beyond understanding – on many levels. A trauma-based collective demonstrates trauma bonding with false authority and the disintegration of connection to an inner sovereignty.”Unawakened” equals Trauma Response and an attachment to the programming that created the resultant paradigms. Those who cannot see yet are not to be blamed. The trauma is immense and the blocks to truth still in place for some although continuing to unravel. Have compassion for the trauma effects on consciousness – theirs and yours, for truly you cannot be separate.

Understand that your soul contract for your awakening and quickening included glimpses into freedom, seeing, releasing, accepting and finding your own way to empowerment. Compassion and forgiveness is necessary as the transformative agent to change. Forgiveness of everyone – including yourself.


Great Darkness has been matched with the counterpart of Great Light. Acknowledge that even if you are not in agreement, you offer acceptance. Acceptance is the precursor to compassion and forgiveness. Compassion and forgiveness brings you into alignment and understanding that the grand design of the consciousness game is returning you to your true state of oneness. Judgment only feeds the polarization and duality you do not wish to see, and ultimately the unawakened state of sheepdom you judge and label.

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Every time judgment is inflicted, you participate in and energize the Inverted False Matrix, essentially empowering it. Love is the only way to alter the matrix into dissolution for conversion into ultimate unity reflection. Love the shadow aspects of yourself – the one in you who does not see. “Unity within first, Unity without will mirror the reflection”. Let this become your paradigm shift.

In addition to loving the unconscious shadow aspects we speak of to bring about Unity emergence, there is one more essential unity integration to acknowledge: that of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. When these two unite within to become the Divine Union template of partnership, you have Resolve and Fierce Love coupled in perfect union. The elements of Resolve and Fierce Love as intentionality provide the highest and most balanced guidance as True Sacred Wisdom (and thus a triad component). Resolve and Fierce Love ignite the action that is directed by True Sacred Wisdom to serve the highest good of all. Thus a new design for an integrative kind of co-creation begins in service to all.

Allow these truths as you experience them to reveal their meaning and application as needed. There is always more to be revealed.

This transmission is now complete.

About the author: Rosalie Drayton assists people in accessing their true heart wisdom and coming into alignment with their highest version of Self. She is committed to the integrating of that which we term light and dark (but which is really all love) into neutralized oneness. From here True Power and True Light is organically and naturally embodied. She also writes poetry that depicts this very personal journey. You can find Rosalie on Facebook.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

What are the origins of metaphysical channeling?

Metaphysical channeling is the practice of communicating with non-physical entities or energies, such as spirit guides, angels, or other entities. The origins of metaphysical channeling can be traced back to ancient spiritual practices, including shamanism, mediumship, and divination.

Shamanism, which has been practiced in various forms by cultures around the world for thousands of years, involves communicating with spirits and energies in the natural world. Shamans often act as intermediaries between humans and the spirit world, using various techniques such as drumming, chanting, and trance states to access higher levels of consciousness.

Mediumship is another ancient practice that involves communicating with spirits or deceased loved ones. In many cultures, mediums have played an important role in providing comfort and guidance to those who are grieving or seeking answers.

Divination, which includes practices such as tarot reading, astrology, and numerology, also involves accessing higher levels of consciousness or spiritual energies in order to gain insights or guidance.

In more recent times, metaphysical channeling became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Practitioners often use channeling as a means of accessing higher wisdom and guidance from non-physical entities, and some even claim to channel extraterrestrial beings.

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