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New Earth News – My Experience Of Seeing 5D While In 3D

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My Experience Of Seeing 5D While In 3D

by Annie Fourie,
Contributing Writer,

It is with excitement that I’m writing this article. I have experienced clairvoyance, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, and astral traveling, but nothing compared to what I have seen and felt on April 15th and 16th, 2018.

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I spent the weekend at a spiritual festival and stayed over at the organizer’s farm. On his farm, there is a river that runs through it. A friend and I were sitting close to the water when we heard a noise and commotion on the surface of the water. My friend stayed sitting on the grass but I walked closer to the edge to get a closer look. My first thoughts were that it was probably ducks playing.  As I peaked through the reeds, I saw an Otter. The Otter looked at me for a few seconds and then disappeared again underwater.

Now you might say yes well, river and otter, very possible but no one on the farm has ever seen an otter in the area, but still it is not impossible. I told the farm owner and he was also excited because it means the water is clean as otters don’t live in polluted water.

This was not the end of my experience though.

The next morning, I was up quite early and after a shower.  I went to the garden where I had some coffee while I enjoyed the clean air and birds singing. I felt so happy with life and everyone we met that weekend were amazing souls. While sipping my coffee, I noticed a tortoise on top of a shade netting a few meters in front of me, above where someone planted vegetables. After a second of seeing it,  I realized it cannot be a real tortoise as there is no way it can get there, unless it fell from the sky. Mesmerized for about 10 minutes by what I was looking at, I figured it must be made from wood or maybe stone. Not thinking to investigate further, I finished my coffee and went back to the room to find my friend.

About an hour passed when I was sitting at the same spot again, this time with my friend. I looked at the shade netting again.  It was gone and the tortoise vanished. I got up and looked around to see if it maybe walked off somewhere.  Nothing. There were three workers in the garden at the time.  I asked them if they have seen a tortoise.  They told me that they have never seen one in the area. I asked if they knew of anything like a rock  that was on the shade netting or if they had seen anything on the netting that morning.  They all looked at me like I was from outer space. At the time, I believed I was going slightly mad! I called my friend and workers together to look closer to the netting.  There was a clear sagging in the net as if something heavy was laying on the exact place where I saw the tortoise.

Two animals within 24 hours.  No one has ever see them in the area that vanished after I saw them. What are the odds?

I then realized what I saw was 5D vision in 3D reality. These animals brought me a message and they made sure that I would take note. What I saw was not anything like Clairvoyance, where you get a flash of an object through your psychic vision. It was 3D real, only impossible in 3D reality.

I am a very skeptic person and believe in experience rather than what anyone tells me to believe.

If anyone still has any doubt that we are moving into 5D reality, then all I can say is, I don’t anymore!

It’s real, it’s here!!

Annie Fourie

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

For those who feel like they’re moving in and out of dimensions, this video helps to explain what you’re experiencing <3

Mysterious Loud Booms and 5D Earth |


Image: Pixabay

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