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Breaking Through The 5-Sense Reality Construct

By on May 6, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Breaking Through The 5-Sense Reality Construct

by Sean M. Akers,
Contributing Writer,

I watch movies by myself from time to time. I used to watch LOTS of movies by myself when I was in my late teens and early twenties because that’s all I could do for entertainment. I often had a limited selection because I was strapped financially, so I watched movies over and over and over. The movies had to mean something for me to justify shelling out the dough to buy them.

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The funny thing about those movies that I bought, is that I would use them more as conscious meditation facilitators than I would to tune in and drop out of the world around. They give my mind permission to thought-drift after having already watched the movies several times.

With that said, enter this little thought nibblet:

For some reason or another, while I was watching a movie, I decided to look up 3-D TVs. These types of TVs are gimmicky at best in my opinion, at this stage of development. But hey, I wouldn’t turn one down if it was offered to me. So, I started doing research online about 3-D TVs to see the state of technical progress, and where it was going.

Then that led me to think about a trip to Disney World, where my first true 3-D experience happened. Disney also incorporated another element of smell. Smell-o-vision, remember that idea being floated upon the masses through magazines like Time and Newsweek? They were always crap shoots, a nice idea. But Disney made it work, so I know that it can be done correctly, when you have the right approach. Disney also added ANOTHER element, touch, to the experience by adding the sensation of air pressure at certain intervals.

This made the feeling of rats flying around your feet feel very real. As the 3-D mice ran from the stage towards you, which appeared very real, the sensation of apple pie aroma from the kitchen rolled over your senses, which was the background setting, and then you had the sensation of the rats as they scurried past your feet, and you FELT them do so. WHOA!

Now, the state of the art research for 3-D TV is really focused these days on holography, or somehow replicating 3-D space. But that’s not all, let’s add smell, and then also TOUCH to this equation, and what have you got there? Well, you potentially have something very much FULLY and sensationally encompassing. What’s left, taste? Probably next on the list. I mean, you think that Burger King burger really tastes like that because of the high-quality ingredients? That’s synthetic tastes created in a lab.

Back to the original sentence above, that’s 3-D TV above, with smell, and touch. The articles I have read have indicated that ultrasound waves could be used. That’s just vibration, but it’s enough I suppose.

Who is pioneering this research? Japan. Not surprised. They are at least a decade of the rest of the world in terms of technology. But they’re not bent on creating this device as the next entertainment gadget. Their intent is for this to become a “universal communication” device.

[Note to awakening self: That article linked about the new TV’s was written and published almost 13 years ago, back in August of 2005. Imagine what they have already been able create by now?]

What does that mean? You could laugh at me and say, “Sean, the TV is a universal communication device.” And you would be partially true. It is a communication device that is one way, through the visual and auditory systems. However, that is rapidly changing with PC monitors becoming so large these days, or by adding 3rd party hardware to existing monitors to enable 2-way communication in real time across the world.

But walk with me and think that perhaps that the term “universal” means to encompass all senses. That would truly be universal wouldn’t it? Universal senses. Universal communication. Plug in and receive the signal. That got me thinking about scientists, legitimate people in real publications that posit that the Universe itself could very well be a computer simulation, and that they’re actually looking for the proof of such a theory. What proof? It would be artifacts or anomalies that might be found at the most extreme ends of our known reality. Things that are either repetitive, or don’t make sense. Like quantum mechanics. That’s my idea (quantum mechanics) that could serve as odd.

What would happen if you came to the realization that you are already within this sort of device, or entrainment? You would have no way of knowing, or would you?

Your visual input is being artificially fed, your auditory input is being artificially fed, your touch/sense input is being artificially fed, your olfactory input is being artificially fed, and then your taste input is being artificially fed (that’s the last puzzle piece). Check mate.

How would you escape? Is there any means of escape from such a capture? Hard to say. Your brain takes in an astounding amount of information, filters out the redundancies that it thinks are redundant, and then gives you just a fraction of it for your actual conscious mind. If you thought that there must be more to life than just that as we know it, then how could you hijack your mind to permit you to turn on or turn off certain filters to permit or restrict access to certain information streams that might enhance your perspective, or provide a glimpse into an entirely different perspective that you haven’t even considered as possible?

Enter brainwave altering. Potentially something that could be used as a tool to break the trance, but for a moment. Hard to say if it would work, but your mind is nothing but a conglomeration of waves, and if the illusion could be broken, or if the proverbial curtain could be pulled back, if but for a second, then the GAME IS OVER! because the viewer recognizes the artificiality, or limitation of what we perceive through the five senses. What happens then? The house of cards tumbles over, because one cannot stand without the other.

So then, slowly this tesseract folds in upon itself. What might happen to the user during this process. Could it be synchronicity? Maybe. Could it be insanity? Yeah, it could induce that too, but only temporarily. Could it be the revelation of a lifetime, a most beatific vision that must be shared? Why not? It could also be a grand awakening. The entry into 5D.

And that is what a lot of people are saying is happening right now. It’s an interesting thought to entertain, is it not? Synchronicity is real, once you recognize it. In fact, you can always recognize it in hindsight. You smack your forehead and say, “God! Why didn’t I see it while I was in the moment!?”

You did, you just didn’t connect the dots in real time. Time to speed up, update, or over-haul your processing system.

So, you hear that all the time, wake up, wake up, wake up, the awakening. What does that even mean. “I am awake already! You must be dreaming or bonkers to keep telling me that I need to wake up. You better reality check yourself.”

Remember, we can see but a sliver of the known Universe.


We make great strides in creating tools that permit humanity to see beyond this visible light spectrum, but there is more to reality than that. Out of Body experiences are real. Feeling “one with the universe” is real. These things cannot be discarded and marginalized as mental aberrations. These happen to people who hold serious academic and professorial weight. It means that all of these “new age” revelations have credibility. I am not saying to reject the reality as we know it and have been educated within, but to also be inclusive of this otherwise suppressed aspect of supra-reality.

  • You cannot have conscious without unconscious
  • You cannot have a heads side to the coin without the tails side
  • You cannot have light without day
  • You cannot have birth without death
  • You cannot have good without evil
  • You cannot have this 5-sense reality without all the other realities that are interwoven and filtered out

This is what is meant by waking up. There is more going on than meets the eye. If our eye could discern everything all at once, then there wouldn’t be anything to observe. You must have discernment to have definition. You must have definition to navigate a reality. You must know of a singular reality first to have the realization there are other connected realities, or dimensions. You must be asleep first, before you can wake up. That’s what is happening now. Without going through the process of one after the other, of having a filter in place to realize there is a filter in place, one cannot go through the metamorphosis. They are both diametrically opposed to each other, and at the same time, existentially connected to one another, because without the one, the other is not possible. See?

So, what happens then if you find a way to break through the 5-sense reality construct that is overwhelming your known sense of reality? What happens then when you reduce the inputs of sense as we know them? You start to have original thought which everyone is entirely capable of, but you must be quiet to hear the original, your original thought. That original thought breaks the trance. What does the Universal computer programmer then say in response to realizing that “check-mate” is no longer ownership of the entity because the game is changed from the entity within, and no longer controlled through input?

“Oh, crap.”

That’s when the programmer stops, gets up, and walks away from their programming station.

That’s the transition point of transition to 5D and humanity’s restoration to self-actualization, liberation, and compassion. We will come alive like a spark that ignites the fires of passion for love, life, empathy, wisdom, and humility. We are walking through the veil together, and we are nearly past the point where the curtain is above the eyes are awareness. I cannot wait to arrive there soon, and with you all, see and feel the emergence of Mother Earth in all her regal 5D glory. We are on the cusp of an amazing adventure that is only just starting, my brothers and sisters.

Please and love to you all!


About the author: Sean M. Akers is a researcher within many avenues in need of exploration. His passion is to discover and share the actual, real truth in order to catalyze the betterment, empowerment and mass self-actualization of love, compassion, empathy, remembrance, healing and humility to all conscious persons engaged in this experience we are collectively sharing through life.

Image: Pixabay

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