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DNA: 2 Strand To 12 Strand. Where Do You Stand?

By on May 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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DNA: 2 Strand To 12 Strand. Where Do You Stand?

by Heather,
Contributing Writer,

For the millions of years that humans have populated Gaia and since science has reached “new levels” everyone has heard about DNA and their DNA. It’s nothing new, so why is DNA becoming so relevant and talked about again?

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The short answer is because our DNA is changing. There is not a single person on this planet that has less than two strands of DNA. However, many people are now showing signs and full proof of having three strands of DNA. So what is triggering this change? In short, we are. The ascension has finally reached mass levels and humanity is awakening. On the path to ascension, we as souls are advancing. It makes perfect sense that our physical bodies would have to do the same. It’s well known that humans currently don’t use over 90% of their DNA, some even labeling it as “junk” DNA. But what happens when it’s not junk and it’s simply a part of our structure and make up that has been lying dormant until we were able to access it and use it.

Every human incarnate here today has the ability to access and awaken additional strands of their DNA. The additional DNA is already within you and simply needs to be triggered to come online so to say. Three strands DNA will be the first mass advancement in human DNA. It is our first step in aligning with higher frequencies and abilities. Most of you who are reading this will already be in the process of activating your third strand without even realizing it. Our awakening process, dark night of the soul, loss of ego, our beginning steps towards enlightenment are what triggers this third strand to become active. Once active, this strand is what supports our heightened intuition, our different “clair” abilities, and our internal knowing. As we know, we grow from there and so does our DNA.

Once a person knowingly or unknowingly activates their third strand of DNA they begin to exist in an environment that will support the continued advancement of their DNA. Just how the beginning of our awakening triggered our third strand, as we continue our journey towards a deeper understanding we will be readying ourselves for more strands of DNA to become active. As we heighten our abilities and become more in tune with our soul journeys more and more of our DNA will become available to support us.

Twelve strand DNA was designed to be the highest level of human DNA activation that we would reach while still being incarnate here. By the time we reach a full twelve strand DNA activation we will be nearing the end of our physical time here. A person embodying a full twelve strand DNA activation will be quite obvious as they would seem to really have no separation between here, and higher dimensions along with no separation between themselves and their higher selves. A full spectrum of spiritual gifts and fully embodying the universal knowing would be evident as well.

Reaching above twelve strand DNA activation will be rare but not unheard of. The number of strands of DNA they we have along with our ability to access them have more to do with our soul composition and galactic history than a set rule. There are a few of the oldest galactic creations, like Founders, Mantis beings, or Lyrans that will possess the ability to reach higher levels of DNA activation while incarnate here if necessary to aid in our final ascension. If you believe you are in the process of DNA activations and upgrades and feel as though you are struggling there are energy workers and healers available that possess the ability to align and soften this process for you. They are able to manually go in to help a struggling DNA strand become active and allow it to integrate into you without causing mass side effects.

My personal recommendation if you are in need of assistance would be Meashenu Light Healing. If you would like to verify how many strands of DNA you currently have or see what would be your next best step to activating more feel free to contact me at

Love, Light, Meow

The Lyran Initiative

Image: Pixabay

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