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My Spiritual Awakening Experience

By on April 14, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening on December 2nd 2016. I have felt guided to share about this experience here and how things have gone for me.

I originally came across material about the shift in consciousness/ascension, sacred geometry, past lives, meditation, ETs, and various concepts like that when I was around 16 years old. That was when I first practiced meditation and was reading books like “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly The Way Things Are” by Bob Frissell which introduced me to a lot of those concepts, including Drunvalo’s Flower of Life work. I read books like Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman and others. That helped break me free of a crippling depression in my teenage years. A year or two after that I lost touch with spirituality. I always considered myself spiritual and would recognize signs from the universe when they would appear before me, but didn’t get back into it. Before I got back into my spiritual side I would come across things like the Spirit Science Video Series on YouTube and would resonate with material like that very well.

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Around two years ago I decided to get back into spirituality. There were a few times in my life that I got to a point where I saw I only had two options, to completely give up and leave via suicide or do something to change my life. I always ended up choosing to do something about it when I got to that point. But I was at a similar point around 2 years ago. I was annoyed with the world and my life and always kept saying that there was nothing here for me. I could not find a meaningful purpose to be here and could not be a slave to the system any longer. Everytime I tried being a part of that system I would end up destroyed. I was stuck in victim consciousness and had been for a long time. At that time a family member offered to refer me to an energy healing to work with. I accepted and started working with them. I was fortunate enough to be guided to someone that had been doing that type of work for 40+ years and was very advanced in skill. I would do half hour phone sessions with him twice a month. He was pretty expensive so that was about all I could afford.

From there things really started to change for me. I discovered for one, my father was constantly latching cords onto me and draining my energy, among many other things he was doing to my energy. This healer helped me understand these things and help me learn how to liberate my energy from these types of interferences. Things started getting better and I started learning about who my spirit guides were, getting names for them, and realizing that I had a lot of help & support. I also started paying attention to my thoughts and started reprogramming them. Being in such a negative depressed state most of my life, all of these negative thoughts were running on cycles and loops. When I started paying attention to my thoughts I would notice things like “I’m not good enough” running on a loop. There were many other thoughts that were like this. I would start noticing when that would appear, stop it, then start saying the opposite to reprogram my mind. So I would start repeating “I am good enough” for 5-10 seconds or so every time I noticed the “I’m not good enough” thought come into my head. I started doing this for the other thoughts as well. After a while this made a big difference.

6 months after I started working with that healer I awakened spiritually during an Akashic Record Reading I did with someone else over the phone. A week before this I was working with the healer that had been helping me and I asked about something I had always seen in my mind. Throughout the years I would see an image of a locked gate/doorway made out of stone in my mind. I asked him about that and he assisted me with finding the key in my being and unlocking it. I discovered that a lot of ancient knowledge was in there, as well as what I was doing in my ancient Egypt incarnations and other lives.

I was guided to do an Akashic Record Reading on my own via internet searches, because I was looking to explore more about these lives. I ended up doing the Akashic Record Reading session on December 2nd 2016. During the session my soul group/family appeared before me and helped me work through a block. It was very emotional and healing, so much so that right when that was cleared I felt like a lightning bolt of cosmic energy hit me. My body started vibrating like crazy and energy was flowing through my body. There was no way my logical mind could deny or doubt the experience I had. I was able to find out a lot more about my purpose from them and directly asked them many questions and my soul family gladly answered them all. My body continued to vibrate for that whole month. My frequency was very heightened and I was able to get a preview of my 3rd eye vision abilities and other abilities. It was during that month my healing abilities were unlocked and discovered I had healing gifts and was meant to help others with them.

Since then, there has been many initiations, lessons, growth, activations, upgrades, shadow work, & downloads for me. As well as an enormous amount of healing, clearing, removals, & transmutation. A lot of which has been ending cycles and dealing with things from past lives. I’ve probably explored or done healing on 25+ past lives in the last 16 months. Each time I do a big healing it’s like another big weight that has been chained to me, that I’ve carried for a long time, has been lifted and I get lighter.

I have had so many undeniable and “crazy” experiences since that awakening, that it’s difficult for me to even recall them all. My life was completely changed by deciding to get back into my spiritual side though. I’m in control of my energy and thoughts now. I had a seizure condition that is completely healed now. There were implants/devices that were the main cause of that condition which were removed about a year ago. My thoughts are clear and aren’t negative and chaotic like they were before. Before my mind was kind of like a big chaotic, negative storm and now it’s like a calm, positive, & peaceful lake, right before dawn. I know when that changes, it’s most likely do to interference or something that has come up for healing and I address it as quickly as I can. I discovered my meaningful purpose to my life and learned I am here to do many things which include helping others and assisting with the global shift in consciousness for the planet.

I would say a lot of this has been about AWARENESS. I have seen others talk about this and have found it to be true with my own journey. What has truly changed my life the most is asking for the help from my guides, higher self, soul group, archangels, and ascended masters. I started asking them for help and guidance, every day. I asked them for signs and to assist me. Then it was simply about becoming aware of the signs as they presented themselves, because they would be right in front of me. Sometimes someone else would suddenly appear in my life and give me information, sometimes I would be looking through things on YouTube or online and something would stick out or I would get a sensation/feeling when I stumbled across something. Have been hit with the number synchronicities several times a day as well.

I would start noticing that I would see the same word or phrase a few times within a week. For example there was a time I would see Mother Mary (the ascended master). Then I would see her name and the word Mother a few more times in a week. I looked into this further with assistance and found that she was currently by my side and guiding me at that time. I also utilized Oracle Cards at the beginning. The first deck I used was gifted to me. I used “Crystal Reading Cards: The Healing Oracle” by Rachelle Charman. They were all beautiful pictures of different crystals. So I would pull one card a day and see what I needed to work on. Through those cards at one point I kept pulling one of the black stones and in the guide book it would mention shadow work. I knew I needed to explore what shadow work was and do healing around that. Often times, even though I was only pulling one card a day, I would still pull the same card again if it was still applicable to what I needed to work on. I would also keep pulling the same crystal card that had “spiritual awakening” on it, letting me know that I was in the process of awakening.

All of these things have AWARENESS involved. One way guides & higher selves communicate to us is our own thoughts. It’s a strange thing to have ideas and concepts suddenly appear in my head and have these ideas and concepts come into being that are from my higher self and guides. Trusting this information takes time and practice. Trusting information from invisible beings is something I think a lot of us have struggled with. A lot of spiritual work is about believing to see rather than seeing to believe. After trusting and believing I did start to see and my 3rd eye abilities have shown me various things.

In healing sessions I do for others, sometimes I get taps on my body where I need to focus the healing on them. Very often I see/sense implants, discarnate souls, entities, & attachments with my 3rd eye vision and remove them that way. I am able to switch to black and white vision and ask my familiars or guides to show me what needs to be worked on in color. Sometimes it’s claircognizance/intuitive knowing where the info just suddenly comes in. I am also able to feel the energy, so if there are fear energies I feel the fear and am able to know it’s healed when that fear has gone away. I also sometimes mimic their pain on my body. So if someone has a hurt ankle, I will feel the same pain they feel and I know the healing is done for that area when I am no longer feeling the pain. There has been many ways the information has come to me, but it does find its way to me as long as I trust it to.

If you are just starting out there are various tools to help. A deck of oracle cards and a pendulum is always a good start. You can find a healing card deck like I used and use it for self healing. Pay attention to the signs and sensations/feelings your body has when you come across something. Once you start practicing you can figure out a system that works for you to get yes and no answers and confirmations that works for you. For example you could feel a sensation on the right side of your body for a yes answer or a sensation on the left side of your body for a no answer. That type of thing seems very unique person to person. However your guide(s) feel it’s best to communicate with you, they will. Ask your guides and higher self for help and they will be there. You have a team of powerful beings you hand picked to help you in this life and they want to assist in anyway they can.

If you are struggling with victim consciousness, there’s a great book called The Ascension Papers, by Zingdad that explains a lot about victim consciousness vs creator consciousness. It’s a great book all around if you haven’t read it, the digital versions are all free as well. Here’s the link:

For those of you that are still having a hard time in other areas, just know that there is a lot changing right now energetically and what may not have been an option or possible before, may very well be now. There’s new energies and opportunities coming in all the time now. If you are still being attacked and having a lot of interference, that does eventually get better if you continue to push through. It took a great deal of effort to liberate myself from interferences and get to a point that those energies couldn’t get through anymore, but it was worth it!

Feel free to check out my website and contact me to schedule a healing session if you feel guided to.

Love & Light


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