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My Vision Of The Event

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My Vision Of The Event

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

I’ve been talking about the white flash of light, which many people call “The Event” for the past 3 years but realized I never wrote an article about it.  I did, however, write an addendum to an article called, “Dreams Of The Event” in which I described what will happen when this white light floods the planet.

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So, what will happen?

In May of 2016, I wrote an article based on a dream that I had, entitled, “THREE Massive Tidal Waves Are Coming And It’s Not What You Think!” As I explained in the article, these tidal waves aren’t waves of water, but waves of ENERGY.  Water is a mutable energy and can be solid, liquid or gas.

In this dream, however, I interpret these waves as ENERGY! The first two waves converge with one another while the 3rd wave comes last.  Everyone on the planet will KNOW when these first two waves arrive! In early 2016, I also had a vision of white light FLOODING the planet. In this vision, I saw what appeared to be myself standing in front of me.  In an instant, the entire planet is infused with white light and when that happens, it completely transforms humanity!

The only thing that you’ll feel is unconditional love at a magnitude never experienced before on this planet. The only way I can describe this feeling is to imagine the person or people you love the most.  Then, magnify that by a million times (and I’m underestimating this amount). Every 3rd dimensional worry is eradicated, including money, government, and religion.  Do you work for a boss that’s an idiot at a job that you hate?  That’s alright because it will be the last thing on your mind, if it’s even there at all at this point.

It’s quite possible that where we’re heading is similar to this Star Trek episode:

Star Trek - Transfigurations

With Pluto in Capricorn until 2023, all corrupt system will break down. It’s already happening with money, government, and religion!

Feasibly, the transformation could happen by the time Pluto exits Capricorn.

What we’re now seeing is an infusion of photons (white light) flooding the planet caused by the Earth entering the Photon Belt.  You can read more about that in this article I wrote called, “EXCITING CONFIRMATION Of Entering The PHOTON BELT!“.

In February 2019, I was doing my “Walk of Gratitude” on Siesta Key Beach when I stopped to meditate.  During this meditation, I received a vision of something spectacular.  I saw concentric rings of light, or plasma energy, being pulsated from the Sun.  I wrote about that vision in an article called, “Incoming Plasma Waves!” and included pictures of what people are now starting to see.  My friend, Rosie Neal, called me several days after this vision and told me that she, too, also had this vision at the same time I had mine.


When I initially had the vision of white light flooding the planet, I never related it to the incoming energies from the Photon Belt.  In turn, these photons have turned the sun from yellow to white, which is evidence of our planet entering the Photon Belt.

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Intuitively, this is what creates the massive white flash that I saw in this vision. As the Sun and our entire solar system go through the Photon Belt, it triggers “The Event” to happen. The concentric rings of plasma being emitted from the Sun are a precursor to this event. In regard to the tidal wave dream, the first two “waves” may come (or are coming right now) from the Schumann Resonance and the Sun.

Exciting days ahead!

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Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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