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Why We Need The Mind To Shift Our Reality

By on November 4, 2017 in Health
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Why We Need The Mind To Shift Our Reality

by Vera Ingeborg,
Contributing Writer,

It is common understanding in the spiritual world that we need to leave the mind to make the shift into a new reality and become a successful creator. But this is only half of the truth and often is misinterpreted, thinking that we need to abandon the mind and live alone from the heart and feel. This could not be further from the truth. Inner balance is only possible through alignment of heart, mind and physical body.

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A lot of spiritual practices and methods are excluding the mind and concentrate on feeling only. Yes, true, in order to shift frequencies, we need to feel energy and have an emotional experience. And that clearly does not take place in the mind but through the heart and through the physical body. And yet, before we actually have an emotional experience, we make a choice and set an intention. And that is whether we go into trust or mistrust: if we come from a place of love or fear in how we deal with our emotional experience. This choice is done with masculine energy. It is observing, focusing, and choosing before it is handed over into the feminine field of energy again, where we actually feel and process. If we ignore the mind, we automatically invite it to stay in the same old patterns and programming And those are fear based. So very often, the methods and exercises are  not as effective, because the mind wanders off into past or future, trying to figure out  what is happening and projecting all kinds of things. We judge and blame ourselves or others for feeling in a certain way or being emotional. We feel wobbly and unsafe, we feel like a victim, driven by the emotional experience. Without the active choice of the mind, we are not taking responsibility for our own creation in that moment.

“Without the active choice of the mind, we are not taking responsibility for our own creation in that moment.”

We have been so busy with being in the feminine only, because we have subconsciously and consciously made the masculine responsible and accountable for all the misery in the world. We have abandoned the masculine traits, and were learning to just be, receive, nurture etc. The more we did, the less actually happened, because we need the masculine energy just as much for a successful creation. The doing and action does not come from the feminine. So the feeling of being stuck is not only a result of the panicking mind, it is also a result of us ignoring our inner masculine. What we need to understand is that we need both, feminine and masculine for creation. And in order to change the experience from one that is based on mistrust/fear/lack to one that is based on trust/love/abundance, both – masculine and feminine – need to operate on a different, higher frequency level. And also that shifting needs a choice and intention first how I will deal with the emotional experience: with trust or mistrust.

“The mind is the translator of masculine energy into intention and action. It is the gateway for consciousness to come through.”

The mind is the translator of masculine energy into intention and action. It is the gateway for consciousness to come through and is the energy of focus. It focuses in a way that energy can materialize (by structuring and thus increasing density).

The mind sets the intention to make a choice. That choice is always: Do I trust or do I mistrust.

Without the mind, there is no translation of masculine energy. That means, there is no action, no manifestation. If we only remain on the feeling side, we remain in the field of possibilities, without ever making a choice and focus. There is no commitment. And commitment is the essential basis for dedication and manifestation – feeling the new choice letting it grow (feminine) and then let it manifest (masculine).

“As long as the mind is programmed to react out of fear, it will always choose mistrust.”

As long as the mind is programmed to react out of fear, it will always choose mistrust. So we need to retrain and reprogram the mind to choose trust and set an intention build on trust. How do we do that?

1) Accept your Mind

First of all, we have to stop to condemn the (ego) mind for being the root cause and block to happiness. It is not doing that on purpose and has not learned any other way than trying to protect us. By accepting the mind, we stop fighting against ourselves. The mind is and will always be an important part of us, it just will change its way of working and processing information once we start transforming it.

2) Understand how your Mind works

In order to be able to re-program the mind, we need to understand how the mind works. So actually, we provide the mind with the knowledge about itself and the way it functions to reduce reaction from fear and to creation from love. The so-called ego mind has its roots in the Amygdala, a small part of the brain in the hippocampus. There, the fear responses (fight, flight, freeze) are produced. Yet, this is also the center of production for motivation. And we can shift motivation out of fear into love/trust. The old neuro-pathways have to be replaced step by step by new ones. So every time we discover a fear reaction, we can stop, breathe and be aware that we are about to go down that neuro-pathway we had built over our lifetime. This is the moment of choice. Instead of choosing the old and react with a fear pattern, we can choose to embrace the experience and step right into it. This way, we are overcoming the fear of the fear and are step by step learning, that the fear has a much bigger and more dangerous looking facade than it actually is.

3) Appreciate and love your Mind

By having gained a better understanding how the mind works and what we need it for, we can really start appreciating it in a whole different way. We can accept is as and essential part of us that helps us to accelerate on our path to inner balance. Inner balance means the balance of masculine and feminine energy, so how would it be possible without the mind? As long as the mind is still in ego-mode, we need to hold a safe space for it so that it can re-discover its true essence.

4) Support your Mind into Trust

The mind just wants to understand what is going on. If it does not understand what is going on, it goes into panic mode and starts to interpret and to create stories around pure facts that are based on experiences in the past. Again – it goes into the library of old programs and strategies from the past to protect us from pain. And that is what keeps us in old loops of experiences.

In order to redirect the mind, it needs to understand how energetic dynamics work. It will be surprised and baffled first that it is basically the opposite of all the programming it had been provided with. And it will not be able to play that new program directly. Repetition of information/new data is necessary to step by step take the mind into a whole new paradigm of thinking: An operations mode that switches from linear (time – past- future) to parallel (moment to moment / NOW).

5) Be patient with your Mind

That also means that we have to be patient with our mind. The ego does not transform over night, just as it had not been created over night. The physical body actually has to rebuild the neurological pathways – which again is a process of creation, where we again choose whether we trust or not.

Each time we use the mind to let consciousness come through, we also become aware of the old programs still running. And awareness is the first step to set an intention from a different/conscious perspective. Accepting it all means we are not fighting within any longer. The inner conflict dissolves and we are truly aligned to embody the balance of masculine and feminine. Enjoy that perfect dance of the feminine and masculine energies!

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted.


Thank you.

With lots of love,

Vera Ingeborg

About the author: Vera Ingeborg is an intuitive writer, energy coach and gridworker, traveling the world as a digital nomad to anchor, connect and work with the higher frequencies all over the planet and with people that are ready for exiting the 3D matrix. You can learn more about her and her work and services here:

Image: Pixabay

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