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The NESARA Pushers

By on January 22, 2022 in Awareness with 0 Comments

The NESARA Pushers

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com

Juan O’Savin is a FICTITIOUS name that tells fictitious stories. His real name is Wayne Ronald Willott but he hides behind the name Juan O’Savin. You’ll see a LOT of people in this genre pushing the NESARA narrative who hide behind fictitious names.

“Santa Surfing” is one of them. WHY? Because NESARA/GESARA is FICTION, just like their fictitious names.

The NESARA Pushers

Another fictitious name, Alex Collier, aka Ralph Amagran, is another NESARA pusher.

Another fictitious name, Alex Collier, aka Ralph Amagran, is another NESARA pusher.

You’ll find a whole group of people who are pushing this narrative and they all seem to be in the same clique.  Some even use their real names, such as “Dr.” Charlie Ward, the late Cirsten W, Michael Jaco, etc…

You'll find a whole group of people who are pushing this narrative.  Some even use their real names, such as "Dr." Charlie Ward, the late Cirsten W, Michael Jaco, etc...

I’ve never been a cliquey kind of guy but what do I know? I’m simply the parent who loves you enough to tell you the truth.  And I’m not calling anyone out.  This is all public knowledge along with their own testimonials that can be found on the net with very little research.

Sheldan Nidle tied NESARA into his years-old prophesy of an imminent large scale UFO invasion by benevolent aliens, saying the world would end on December 17, 1996 upon the arrival of 16 million spaceships and a host of angels from the “photon belt”.

And I challenge EVERY ONE of these NESARA pushers to show me the actual NESARA bill that was allegedly passed in congress.  This should be an easy task because it’s a congressional record, which can be found online.  I’ll wait…

….and wait…

…and wait…

…and wait.

At this point, I expect one of them to say it’s been suppressed and hidden.

The NESARA Pushers

You can read the entire History of NESARA here.

Some people might say that I hide behind “In5D” but if that were true, I wouldn’t announce my name at the beginning of just about every video I’ve made nor would I attach my name to the hundreds of articles I’ve written on In5D. I think what people appreciate is that I’m consistent and I don’t waiver or flip flop on my views on In5D. I’ve been writing articles for 14 years, since 2008, and my views have always been consistent.

…and so on.

There WILL be something to replace the current system of currency (most likely, a gold backed currency once the central banks are dissolved) and eventually, in 15 years or so, we will completely move away from the slavery system we call “money“.  Maybe it will be similar to NESARA but I guarantee it won’t be NESARA/GESARA.

This COULD be why the NESARA hoax was born. If people knew we would be going to a gold backed currency, there would be a massive rush to purchase gold and silver and it would collapse the central banks. Because the NESARA hoax is believed by so many people, there is no gold and silver rush. The banksters are laughing “all the way to the bank”.

I’ll repeat this because it’s worth repeating.  Personally, I LOVE the premise of NESARA/GESARA. On the surface, it’s something that we could all buy into, but for those of use who bought in to it DECADES ago, we see the real truth behind this hoax.

This post will rub the NESARA/GESARA believers the wrong way but in a few years after nothing has happened, you’ll see the truth. Many of us have moved on from NESARA with egg on our faces for believing in such a whimsical tale.

I’ve been writing about the truth behind NESARA for a long time on In5D.  The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote in 2014 called, “Foster Gamble: Dragon Family And BRICS To Usher In New Currency“.  I was skeptical of that “new currency and compared it to NESARA:

I think I see a little egg on your face, Foster…

NESARA has been around since the 1990’s (1991 to be succinct). After 31 years of hot air and BS, many people have awoken to the truth.

Some people say that NESARA was announced on the ticker below Trump in his recent rally in Arizona.

That ticker is for anyone who donates to Right Side Broadcasting. Someone could have as easily donated by the name of “NESARA ISHOAX” or “Letsgo Brandon” and THAT would have been on the ticker.

I totally understand HOPIUM. It’s nice to have HOPE in something that sounds amazing. Some people have been clinging to this hope for over 30 years. How long does it take to realize you’ve been lied to?

If you’re looking for something to believe in, believe in YOURSELF!  YOU are an amazing person who already has all of the hardware you need built in to your DNA.  It’s just a matter of time before we all learn how to FULLY tap into it and become superhumans without the need for Artificial Intelligence.

For YEARS, I’ve been asking for proof. If this alleged bill exists, then surely it’s in the government records. I’m still waiting for one shred of evidence years later.

The NESARA hoax was born in 1991, 31 years ago. The Juan O’Savin post was from 2020, 2 years ago. So, where is NESARA, Wayne, aka Juan?

Is that egg I see on your face?

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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