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New Awakening Codes of Light – Lion’s Gate – 8-8 Portal

By on August 3, 2018 in Astrology
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New Awakening Codes of Light – Lion’s Gate - 8-8 Portal

by Bartek Indygo,
Guest Writer,

As every year on August 8, we are all experiencing an interplanetary event which is the opening of the so-called ‘Lion’s Gate’. What is it actually about? Exactly on this day, Gaia is in perfect alignment to the Galactic Center (27 ° Sagittarius) and to Sirius, thus opening the cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.

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On this day of Galactic Alignment, you can expect an influx of huge amounts of light particles that will reach the Earth, activating your DNA, tuning the energy field of each and every being, as well as high vibrational frequencies and codes that affect the awakening of the planet’s inhabitants.

Sirius is very much involved in this event. There are lots of codes activating the process of awakening, elevation codes and further evolution codes being transmitted from there. Thanks to those codes it is possible to take another big step on the way to ascension.

The gate, or the Lion’s Portal, is a period of high energy acceleration, and this year it is intensified – I remind you that we are still in the season of eclipses, of which the last – solar eclipse will take place on the 11th August.

How Will It Affect Me?

Increased number of light codes affects very much the ‘tenseness’ of the Consciousness in you, thus leading to many significant changes in your life. It is primarily about really important issues such as relationships, career changes, purpose in life, health, letting go of what has been able to support you in the awakening process, but now is simply starting to pull you down.

All this now resurfaces to be subjected to a conscious re-evaluation. Does it fit in with your Inner Truth? Is it tuned to the vibration of Love and good for the further development and growth of the soul? Do not be surprised if something, or everything at once starts to change…

Ultimately, the changes that you can experience in this period are for your highest good to even more fully tune you to your authenticity. I realize that changes are often not easy, that losing the sense of control over the course of events can arouse anxiety. Consider, however, whether it is better to let go of something that causes internal conflict and tension in you and finally allow yourself to be fully authenticated?

Meditation Of The Lion Gate

Try to spend more time meditating around the 8 August to open up and be able to fully integrate these new frequencies. Visualize the light in blue and indigo colors flowing down to you from the center of the galaxy, pouring into your being through the crown chakra to fully illuminate your Divine Light, the pure Consciousness that you have always had in yourself!
It is the time of crossing borders and going beyond the third density based only on matter, and entering a new paradigm of Crystalline consciousness, Unconditional Love and interplanetary Unity Consciousness.

These energies literally liberate us and push us to align, to ultimately balance the energy of the Heart, Mind and Spirit so that they flow in one direction in a harmonious way. Ultimately, when the heart and mind unite together as an inseparable whole, finding their center in Divine Love, in harmony with your inner, authentic truth, you can fully tune into the new paradigm.

This is happening NOW, the new paradigm is HERE, it is only a matter of your choice and your own actions to become attuned. An important part of the whole process is to realize what you really want… what your heart and your soul ask for, and in what aspects of your life there is disharmony that prevents the realization of the True and Authentic intent of the Soul.


At this point I would like to invite you to a meditation conducted live on the day of opening the Lion Gate at 22:22 (GMT +1) in Polish and English on the YouTube channel UNIVERSE OF LIGHT (

Wish you all many constructive insights and courage to step out of ego and embrace the wisdom of your hearts!


Image: Pixabay

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