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New Earth News – Dolores Cannon On “The Event”

By on May 2, 2018 in New Earth News
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New Earth News - Dolores Cannon On "The Event"

Dream channeling by Candace Craw-Goldman,
Contributing Writer,

Candace do you remember in our QH classes that I would talk about how some ideas can bend our minds like a pretzel?

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Trying to “fully” explain “The Event” is like a bit like following the twists and turns of an intricate pretzel. On one level yes it is very easy and simple and even beautiful to describe. These more simplistic descriptions talk about the waves of energies, the colors and the feelings humans will experience. On other levels, the information becomes more complex and your understanding less possible because of your 3D perspective.

Despite your intense desire to know details and timing those things are in flux and they are in flux for individuals as well as humanity as a whole. And they will remain in flux, probably for quite some time.

Please understand that for some, not many mind you, but for some, the “new earth” really is and has been here for a while. This is not the experience of most, and it is not a universal reality, meaning, just because the new earth is real and experienced by one does not at all mean that it is or even can be experienced by the person standing right next to them.

You are dreaming the new earth into existence along with the physical and energetic energies that are coming in from the Great Central Sun and the sun that is altering material form. Your excitement and your open hearts are a part, a NECESSARY part for this shift to occur. Sharing these session stories, and dreams and hopes and desires are components of the shift itself!


Yes, you can feel and some can even see these waves as they are coming in right now and increasing in intensity, and- it is absolutely possible and within the range and field of probabilities that a visible rolling color-filled wave can arrive while you and your neighbors witness it wash over your planet and an undeniable planetary change is absolutely within reach.

That this kind of experience is in your field of probabilities is cause for celebration! That humanity has come to this point in its awakening is big news indeed. What will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen and for whom it will happen is going to be different for each and every single being on the planet.


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