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New Earth News – How Can We Move Into The New Earth Now?

By on April 22, 2018 in New Earth News
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New Earth News - How Can We Move Into The New Earth Now?

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Each week we ask a question in the Bridge To New Earth Facebook group and like to share the question and answers we get. We will be sharing the admin’s answers here, but Feel free to join the group to see answers from everyone in the group who participates:

The answers may come from automatic writing, meditation, intuition, higher self, guides, channeled, or from soul group.

Question #1: How do we collectively manifest or work on remembering HOW we can move forward into the New Earth now, for those of us that truly feel we have put in the work and are ready?


“The energetic version of the “New Earth” is already here. It can often be seen like a holographic image appearing in front of some. It’s growing in size as more are able to connect with it. If your soul is ready, you will be able to energetically reach and connect with it now. If one is not able to do so yet that simply means they have more soul growth to do in order to be ready. This is the awakening process and more specifically one’s connection to their higher self which is ultimately their direct connection to source. Once one has solidified their connection to their higher self, which again links them to source directly they will effortlessly begin to receive the downloads, upgrades, and enhancements necessary to connect with “New Earth”.

The collective part comes into play when more and more souls are able to connect individually. This not only enhances “New Earth” itself, it also activates a magnetic pull of sorts on all souls to begin or accelerate their own journey in order to be able to connect. When the masses have reached “New Earth” energetically, this is when it will begin to take shape in what you would consider a physical state.

Additional Side Note: Cats, like your house pets, have unlimited access to “New Earth”. They were helpful in setting it up,have free reign of it, and can come and go whenever they please.

I love you all my dear ones.”

I can personally say that I have experienced this New Earth myself. I can see it when I set my intentions to do so. I visit occasionally. It’s incredible. I have work to do here though, a large majority of which consists on helping others reach this New Earth. So here is where I spend a majority of my time. But at least now I know what my cat has been up to lately. Which highly explains his behavior as of late. We will all get there when it’s the right time for us. Continue on your path, follow your journey, you have the universe supporting you!


The New Earth is not a place but a thought. You can access this thought whenever you choose to. The New Earth is already here. All you need to do is call on it with your heart center.

**Mentally I ask, When will it be here?**

Be patient. Much has been going on behind the scenes. We are cheering you on because you are so close.

Thought creates word. Word creates reality.

Spread what you already know. People may not be aware of what you are saying but it will become a part of their portion of the collective consciousness.

This will bring in the new vibration for the harvest. Those who feel ready to go will be there. Be still. Hold the light. It is coming.

You are doing as you are meant to. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Don’t see with your eyes. See and feel with your hearts.

Dear Ones, you are about to be witness to something glorious. Something that doesn’t occur everyday.

Hold space for the New Earth in everything that you do. Envision that it is already here and it will be so.

All for the love of the One infinite creator.

Peace to all.


The New Earth Dear Ones is a reality of joy and love within the 5d dimension. Your key to this gate is through love and light. Not as only individuals but also as a I unity consciousness. Your all gods and goddesses and can manifest it. To break down your termed as matrix. Through unconditional love therefore you shall find truth and ultimate knowledge and wisdom. Provided that your heart mind is in balance.


The image that came to me is a bridge to the New Earth, but there’s a big gate in front of the bridge that is locked and needs a key to unlock it. The key in this scenario for me represents the knowledge that we haven’t remembered yet. I get that we have to collectively say, we are ready for this knowledge and ready to move forward! We need to manifest (hold the vision/intention) that we all receive this knowledge now or even that an individual receives it so that it becomes available to the rest of us. All of this is within our heart spaces.

Although I have had mixed feelings about the “EVENT” representing a big WAVE that comes over the planet, I can also see that this big wave could possibly be what the collective is manifesting as a way to unlock that gate and get over that bridge to the New Earth.

When thinking about this I heard in my thoughts pretty loudly “YOU ARE THE KEY” from one of my guides. This is more along the lines of saying that every single one if us is the KEY in this analogy. Higher Consciousness is there to assist, support, & guide us, but WE are the ones that decide what happens next, what is created, and when the gate is unlocked. We can each meditate and visualize us unlocking the gate and being in the new earth.

To participate and see the answers from others, join our group here:

Love & Light


Image: Pixabay

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