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New Earth News- How To Prepare For The Wave

By on March 17, 2018 in New Earth News
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by Michelle Walling,
New Earth News Correspondent

In5d has been sharing information through New Earth News on the waves of energy sweeping the planet and “The Event”. The time is getting closer for something to happen that will change everything, and those who wish to move forward into a New Earth reality will have a chance to remember and to finalize what they came here to do. Today we will address how will the physical body handle “the wave” as it washes over the planet.

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You may recall Allison Coe sharing that there will be a rainbow cloud or wave of iridescent light come over the planet. Her clients stated that they will feel it tingling as it gets closer, like electrical, and they will actually see it as it comes in the sky. It may look similar to the shimmering wall in the movie Annihilationir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B079ZV7BVB.


A few nights ago I had a dream about that wave of energy. In my dream it looked similar to this but there was an underlying (kind of dark) grayness to the clouds. When I told Gregg about this, I described it as if it were the darkest thunderstorm coupled with the most beautiful colors like the pic above.

Then Gregg posted about FleurBrun’s experience here, where she was trying to explain that she had just experienced the wave. At the time she didn’t realize that very few had experienced it and I think what happened is that a few people were shown what it would be like so that they could help prepare people. She posted a follow up video explaining that it is coming and she feels like she needed to get out the information so that people could be prepared.

Reducing fear is the main goal and a part of allowing the physical body to withstand the energy. She also said something very profound that went along with my dream.

FleurBrun said that as the wave sweeps across the planet, the dark beings will be vaporized as the wave hits them! This is what all of the darkness in the sky was mixed with the rainbow clouds. Be prepared to see a bit of ominous along with beauty as the planet is cleared of the phantasm and evil. There may be some fine powder or ash left on the ground as all of the infested bodies and spirits are vaporized.

Whether there are three waves or whether this one big wave is the event is still unclear. You know how we as humans like to over label and over think things. What is clear is the urgency to share what the human body will experience. In an earlier dream I had of the wave, a wall of water came over me on the couch in the middle of my living room. When it happened, I did not feel scared nor did I feel an over abundance of love or light. But that wasn’t in the holographic matrix in the physical body…it was in a dream. I know we will feel this with all of our senses and the body may immediately try to go into fight or flight mode if you are not aware of what is happening.

Now that you know it is going to happen, when you see it I guarantee you will be excited. Your heart will begin to beat fast and you might start to panic a bit….what do I do? Where is my spouse/dog/child? According to reports, you will also feel it like a bit of electricity being drawn to you.

Fleurbrun suggests to stop and allow the energy to flow through you, in a calm state, while grounded. She said that the energy may feel a bit uncomfortable as it washes through every cell in your body. You will actually be able to feel it change your cells and you probably have never felt anything like it. The closest thing she can compare it to is when you are going in for surgery and the slight sting of the anesthesia courses through your veins.

Of course it could be different for each person. Some may only feel extreme bliss and some will panic. Some will try to run away from it but it will permeate everything through the whole planet. Trust that you will know exactly what to do and you will have a little time to prepare if you wish to because you will feel it coming.

I suggest that the moment you see the wave or even when you start to feel the tingle of the wave, focus on calming your body and figure out how you can ground. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and steady your breathing and heartbeat. It is going to come no matter where you are and everything will be automatically adjusted to your energy and needs, as it is the most intelligent conscious living light from Source. However, make the experience yours and enjoy the event that you came to Earth for.

Don’t try to plan where you will be during the wave because we do not know when it will occur. Some have said by the end of March but if it does not come by then, you have to continue living your life, paying your bills, and taking care of your business. In 2012, many people thought the end of the Mayan Calendar was going to be something more tangible and let go of their jobs and responsibilities in preparation. Use common sense and don’t give up but at the same time we may be able to draw the wave to us faster with focus and intention.

Should you shout out this information from the rooftops to all of the people that you know? That is an individual choice. Think back to 2012 and see where that got you. We do not know exactly how this will unfold. If you feel an urgency to tell your awakened friends or share on your social media pages, that seems to be a good idea. If you have un-awakened family that is open minded, you might say that there are some talks of a wonderful wave of rainbow energy that is expected to wash over the earth, transforming everything in its wake for the better. Again, everyone will get exactly what they need from this wave so the only preparation necessary is to calm yourself as it comes so that you can enjoy the experience. You will also be helping others afterward understand what has happened.

As far as food and body preparation, some people are being guided to fast. Personally I think everyone should follow their own body’s signals as to how to prepare in the food and drink department. My body requires coffee in the morning and the foods I like to eat during the day, including a few sweets along the way. My routine hasn’t changed much in preparation other than a few weeks ago I indulged in bacon and now I am back to not eating any pork at all. I strongly encourage moderation on anything and everything, however I would say definitely less alcohol or drugs and to make sure that you are doing your daily spiritual practice of cleansing your auric field and blessing your food and water.

In summary, I do not know if this is the first big tidal wave or the third tidal wave that Gregg has reported on. I personally have dreamed about one big wave. I also feel like this is in preparation for “the event”, not the event itself, however I hope it comes all at once! What we do know is that something needs to happen that is not only tangible in our reality but that energetically washes away the extreme negative polarity and gives humanity a chance to remember. We need a chance to be love and to leave fear behind. We are ready for a new reality and to be able to reunite with our family from the stars. Hopefully this is the beginning to opening the doors once again.


For the reporters, it has become harder and harder to write these posts or any posts for that matter as we are feeling a sense of of completion in this phase of our jobs. We are all working on our personal energies as well and that takes rest and self love. While some have taken a wait-and-see approach, others like me are unable to get through a morning without having all of this information flow through their head until they put it in an article. At least the reporters can rest assured that they did everything they could to help humanity at this time (thank you to everyone that reports on their findings). Even if “The Event” ends up being something different, I have nothing to lose and will have done the best I could in my discernment. If we end up being certifiably crazy, at least we will all be crazy together. I think many of you will agree that something big is coming and if it ends up being just like it was reported here, we will be shocked at how brave we all were in getting the information out.
About the author:
Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit
Image: Pixabay

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