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New Moon In Aries Speaking Your Destiny Into Creation!

By on March 30, 2022 in Astrology

New Moon In Aries Speaking Your Destiny Into Creation!

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New Moon In Aries Conjuncts Mercury March 31-April 1, 2022: Speaking Your Destiny Into Creation!

by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Happy New Moon in Aries! This Aries New Moon becomes exact at 2:24 AM New York time (06:24 GMT) on Friday, April 1.
We currently have a stellium of planets in Aries, with the sun, moon, Mercury, and Chiron the Wounded Healer all conjunct within just three degrees of one another within this cardinal fire sign. So the Aries energies are extra potent right now! With the snow and cold on its last legs in most parts of the United States, it really seems like spring is finally here!


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and the ruler of the First House – the House of Self. This house is associated with the Rising Sign (your Rising Sign is the cusp of your First House) and is in charge of our personality—how we appear and present ourself to the world.

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the most masculine and aggressive planet. The Aries glyph is a Ram. A Ram is aggressive, masculine and relentless. Aries carries a phallic energetic quality to it; it is the spark the starts the fire that carries a manifestation around the Zodiac Wheel until it ‘dematerializes’ in Pisces and becomes ether or spirit. Aries takes the potential energy of the ethereal Pisces and materializes it.

Are you ready to kick-start your destiny? I know that may sound like a paradox, but what if your destiny is waiting for you and just needs for you to turn the ignition key, so to speak? This is what Aries is all about: as the first sign of the Zodiac, it is the igniter, the starter. It’s the Ace of Wands, if you are familiar with the tarot.

So many of us are really meant to make big leaps and bounds this year in business/career/finances, wellness, relationships, and more. With the worldwide pandemic crisis slowly but surely on its way to some sort of resolution, the roadblocks are clearing for so many of us to find that success we’ve been yearning for.

This Aries New Moon is kindling the fire of springtime, providing the perfect energetic gateway to get moving on new projects that could end up providing long-term support and benefits for both us and our fellow humans. We are still in a very special time period when all planets are moving in Direct motion, meaning it’s ‘all-systems-go’ for manifestation and forward progress.

This Aries season is all about manifestation! It’s time to take all the dreams and projects that you’ve left sitting on the sidelines for awhile and put them into reality! Make a solid decision that you’re going to make something a success, and then go for it with all of your effort and energy! Aries is the motivational speaker of the Zodiac.


Speaking of motivational speaking, with Mercury in the mix of this Aries stellium, use your voice to create your dreams and destiny during this time! Speak and write honestly, fearlessly and courageously.

Here are some journaling prompts to align you with this intense Aries energy:

  • Where do I want to be with my career, finances and physical health by the end of the astrological year in March of 2023?
  • What are my priorities? (Make a list.)
  • What are the barriers/obstacles that I will need to overcome in order to manifest what I want over the next year?
  • How will I overcome these obstacles? Where will I get the energy to do so from?

These prevalent energies may be asking for you to take some calculated risks. I say calculated, because one of the shadow aspects of Aries is the propensity to take unnecessary or unwise risks.

The energies are ripe for opportunities to appear in front of you this month, especially around your business/career, but also possibly around relationships too. Venus and Mars are still conjunct in Aquarius—though they are drifting apart now—but it is still an auspicious time for romantic relationships.

The difference between taking a calculated risk that pays massive dividends and an unnecessary risk that either doesn’t pay off or even sets you back is often predicated on how adept you are at utilizing your intuition. This type of Aries energy is really asking you to trust your intuition rather than to capitulate to old fears.

These energies are setting us up for something ‘big’. They are delivering us to exactly where we need to be to either begin in earnest or to really accelerate and amplify our Service Work.


As I have said many times, the highest vibration of the Fourth Density/Fifth Dimension is not joy, celebration, bliss, or ecstasy: it’s actually Service. As Angels-in-Training here on this Earth plane, each and every one of us has come here with a specific type of Service Work to do. This is not a chore, or something you should be dreading; it’s literally the reason why you’re here! When you create or ‘fall into’ your Service Work, it is a great feeling of satisfaction, and at times—yes, bliss!

I work A LOT. In between working 1-on-1 with clients, writing, researching, and taking care of the other aspects of my business—there’s a lot to do. But it’s OK that I work so much, because I truly love what I do and the impact that it makes! It really makes me smile when people tell me how I’ve positively impacted their lives.

There’s no other work in the world for me, except this. I’ve found my calling. I wish for each and every one of you reading this to discover the same for yourself. You deserve it, and we (the collective of humanity) need you to find that! Or more accurately, for that to find you, which it most certainly will.

It’s actually so crucial that you find/create/’fall into’ your Service Work that the Ascension process cannot actually complete itself without your contribution! If there are steps that you are feeling called to take this month that may bring you closer to that Service Work, then do it! Take that leap!

Each and every one of us has a specific Service Mission. And not every single one of us is meant to be a professional healer or coach, though some of us are. There are an infinite number of avenues that your Service work could take. You could be a nurse helping people heal and feel safe in a hospital. You could be a writer opening people’s minds and hearts. You could be a teacher enlightening young minds. You could be a pilot carrying volunteers on a service mission. The possibilities are endless.

There is so much suffering on this planet. Gaia needs so much help. And we the Lightworkers are the ones who are on the front lines fighting this battle for her.

So if you feel called to work helping people to heal, then do it! Take that course or that class. If you desire to work with and help animals, then go volunteer or look for a job at the animal shelter. If you feel like you have a book or a YouTube series within you, then get started! If there is art inside you waiting to burst out onto a canvas or a photograph, get creating!

One of the ‘rules’ of your Service Work is that it is always something that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, and it doesn’t fill your Heart with a sense of well-being, purpose, and gratitude, it’s not your true Service Work. Perhaps it is an avenue to your true Service Work—a connecting flight, so to speak. Every skill you learn, and every job you ever work, is by design. Each and every skill or job is either training you with skills that will somehow apply to your Divine Service Work, or, it is providing you with the feedback that that skill or job isn’t for you, providing you the fuel to search for what is for you.

A big part of my Service Work on this planet is serving as a catalyst for others. When others come into my field of influence, whether as a client, a friend, an acquaintance, or just someone perusing my website or watching my videos, they often have something ‘spark’ inside them. I am intending to provide you with that spark that helps you to access your inner courage in April to step forward and take a leap in some area of your life!

If you are feeling called to work with me directly, I would encourage you to consider my Spiritual Mentoring Program. I have assisted many dear Souls in discovering their Divine Service Work and stepping into their Soul’s Highest Destiny. If you have been considering starting a spiritually-themed business, I also offer energetic and practical assistance in getting this from a concept in the mental realm to a successful business in the real world. You can check out my Spiritual Mentoring Program here:

Aries season is also the perfect time to discuss the virtues of the Divine Masculine that help us to bring out the inner Spiritual Warrior.


Strength: Clients often say to me that Ascension shouldn’t have to be so difficult. Well, if Ascension was meant to be easy, why would we bother traveling halfway across the galaxy (or even from another galaxy!) to take part in it?

Some of us on this Ascension journey have gone through multiple tribulations in this lifetime alone where we had to gather all of our inner strength simply to survive. Even if you haven’t had extreme difficulties like that, everyone can think of an instance where they had to be strong just to make it through.

When creating a life plan, the soul always includes situations in which the character incarnated will need to access their inner strength in order to proceed through the intended lesson. Some souls have created more situations requiring this than others. If you feel like your soul has created a lot of difficult situations for you to go through, know that it is because your soul believed you would survive each and learn valuable lessons in doing so. You are meant to make it through all of your tough times.

If you’re still reading this right now, then it’s not your exit point. You’re meant to stay here and persevere through whatever difficulties you are going through. Your soul is not trying to destroy you; it just might be challenging you in an extreme way. We could say that one’s tenor and resolve while navigating difficult situations is an extremely important virtue to learn while in a human body. Those who have accomplished great things in life all had to overcome significant obstacles in order to so.

Another aspect of strength is literal physical strength. Regardless of your sex or gender, working on your physical vessel–whether it is through exercise or using weights–is healthy for body, mind and spirit. Even if you’re not a gym rat (I’m certainly not), there’s always something you can do on a daily basis to move your body, whether it’s dancing, walking, jumping on a trampoline, yard work, lifting weights, calisthenics, sports, etc.

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of strength in your life.

  • In what situations do I feel the strength of the Spiritual Warrior within me? How could I bring that feeling into other aspects of my life to increase my productivity, success and self-esteem?
  • Am I able to cite situations in my life where I used strength to persevere through difficult situations? Was I able to take wisdom from those experiences and use that wisdom to help or motivate others?
  • Do I feel strong in my physical body? If not, could I work on increasing my strength just a bit?
  • How could garnering more strength improve certain situations in my life that are going on right now?
  • What would ten percent more strength in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Courage: This Divine Masculine trait is similar to strength, but with its own unique flair. Courage requires strength, though not necessarily physical strength. Courage most often shows up in our life when we are being asked to take a risk or are being initiated into a novel, unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable experience.

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We all can think of situations in our life where we took a risk and it paid off. Perhaps you followed a hunch and found yourself rewarded; or perhaps you said ‘screw it’ and did something fun that was a bit out-of-the-box. Maybe you decided to take a new job in a field that was very different than your previous experience and your whole life came together beautifully!

Oftentimes, a soul will write into the life plan one or several ‘big’ situations where courage is one of the intended lessons to be learned.

You might be presented with a big opportunity, however perhaps it might require moving out of your comfort zone. If you take the risk, it might mean you pass that particular lesson (not that it will likely be your last lesson in courage); while if you decide to play it safe it likely means you’ll get another opportunity to show off your inner courage down the line.

Do you ever get that feeling that you should just take a leap of faith and go for it? Those are the exact instances where you will find inner courage paying off handsomely.

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of courage in your life:

  • What situations can I recall where I acted on the courage of the Spiritual Warrior within me? Does this mean that I can access this courage any time I need to?
  • Is there a situation in my life right now where I feel the Universe is asking for me to take a risk?
  • How could taking more risks in my life lead to a greater sense of fulfillment within me?
  • Am I showing the courage to speak my truth?
  • What would ten percent more courage in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Perseverance: If you listen to any successful athlete, entertainer or business leader speak about their career, they will inevitably talk about perseverance. The ability to persevere through obstacles is what usually separates those who become successful in a certain field or talent from those who don’t.

No one has an easy ride to the top. Nearly every elite-level athlete, actor, or musical artist has been told at one time or another that they wouldn’t make it to the top. Nearly all of them were rejected at one time or another by someone who didn’t think they’d cut it.

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One of the biggest misconceptions out there in the spiritual community (among many) is that if something is difficult it’s not meant for you. Yes, it is a beautiful thing to step into ‘the flow’ in your life where things start to come with grace and ease—however there is usually a period of hard work and perseverance required before you can step into that period where things flow with grace and ease. And once you do step into the flow, it doesn’t mean you still won’t have obstacles! Oftentimes when obstacles arise, it’s because our soul is challenging us to see if we can overcome those obstacles, because what’s waiting for us on the other side is what’s meant for us!

I wish for all of you to access the perseverance of your own inner Spiritual Warrior within. I hope that you decide that the things you want most in your life are too important to not persevere through the frustration of temporarily not getting what you want. You’re worth it and you deserve to manifest your dream life!

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of perseverance in your life:

  • Do I tend to give up too easily? Am I easily dissuaded?
  • Do I truly feel like I am worthy of my dream life? If not, what beliefs am I holding onto inside me that are preventing me from feeling worthy?
  • Are there some situations in my life currently where I intuitively feel like I should persevere through the obstacles and frustrations?
  • What would ten percent more perseverance in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Discipline: The famous quote “You are what you repeatedly do…” (which has been misattributed to Aristotle) is certainly true. Your daily habits become your reality. Many people want to live a better life, whatever that means to them. Maybe they want more money, a bigger house, or a new or better relationship. Maybe they want to be fitter or to have a career they enjoy. It’s easy to want stuff, but are you willing to put in the work to get what you want?

If you want to get good at anything in your life, it requires discipline. If you want to be a good psychic, life coach, artist, athlete, welder, etc., it takes the discipline to practice your art. If you want to become more relaxed and at peace, then it would certainly help to incorporate daily meditation time into your schedule.

When you dabble in something, you can only go so far. But when you spend time developing a skill or working on something every single day, you’re going to become a master at it.

Prioritizing your schedule goes hand-in-hand with establishing discipline. Many people have their hands in too many jars at once, and because of that they don’t progress as quickly in their career. You’ve got to be able to prioritize what is the most important thing in your life at any given time.

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of discipline in your life:

  • If I were to be more disciplined with my spiritual practices, what positive changes might I see in my life?
  • What are the types of activities or time-wasters I would need to cut out of my life in order to have more time to have disciplined practices?
  • Would I be willing and ready to cut out some of these time-wasters, or not yet?
  • What could having more discipline do for my career or my art?
  • What could having more discipline do for my physical body?
  • What would showing ten percent more discipline in my life look like? What would it feel like?


Chiron is a comet that is also known as a minor planet in astronomy. It is known as ‘The Wounded Healer’. Chiron represents our deepest wounds—especially those wounds that come from childhood. Chiron spends almost 8 years in Aries, and during that time, the father/masculine wounds come to the forefront.

Consider in what ways the masculine aspects of you are out of balance. Do you try to control things (or people) too much? Did your father (or father figure) do this? Could this need to control be rooted in fear? In what ways did masculinity, or aggression, harm you? What do you fear about the masculine aspects of life? Were you manipulated or made to fear something or someone so you could be controlled?

More literally—think about what was lacking in your father (or father figure) when you were a child, and how you have been harmed by men—or the masculine aspect—throughout your life, especially when you were younger. How do these things still affect you to this day?
After taking stock of the Chiron ‘stuff’ that lies within, let’s talk solutions. With Chiron conjunct the sun, moon and Mercury, the solution at this juncture lies in overcoming these wounds with the masculine virtues we discussed in a previous section.

However, that doesn’t preclude one from seeking counseling, therapy, energy healing etc.–all seemingly more feminine modalities. Not at all. In fact, we could say that it requires the masculine virtue of courage to seek help for one’s woundings. Walking into a therapist’s office or sending me an e-mail requires the courage to dig into the uncomfortable parts that lie within and work on oneself. It’s much easier to just continually ignore, band-aid, gloss over, or escape from ones own wounds.

But of course salvation really lies in doing the inner work. Ultimately it requires a balance of the Aries overcoming, and the more Scorpio seeking and feeling, to finally heal from one’s deepest wounds.

Wishing you an exciting. happy and productive New Moon in Aries!

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Starseed Guide and Energy Healer. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone, Zoom and Skype, including Angel Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Discovery Sessions, Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regressions, Future Self Progressions, and Chakra Scans. You can check out his videos and articles and book readings and sessions at: Please note that the author is a contributing astrology writer to He does not necessarily endorse any information, views, or opinions expressed on (or any of the In5D social media platforms) other than those expressed in his articles.

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