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New Moon In Virgo – House Cleaning Time

By on September 11, 2018 in Astrology
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by Matthew John,
Guest writer,

New Moon In Virgo/ Taking Care Of The Physical Vessel/ House Cleaning Time/ Being Of Service

Happy New Moon in Virgo! This New Moon became exact at 2:01 p.m. EDT (18:01 GMT) on Sunday, September 9.

This New Moon is being accompanied by a massive influx of cosmic energy. Have you been feeling it? I certainly have! Ascension symptoms have been very high for some people the past few days. There is a coronal hole on the Sun which is outputting enhanced solar wind.

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Although these times of increased Ascension energies can certainly be uncomfortable, they are always beneficial. It’s worth reminding that the energies, solar winds, geomagnetic storms, etc. are not here to harm you in any way. They are indications that changes are taking place on a cellular level as we transition from 3rd dimensional H0m0 sapiens into our 5th dimensional H0m0 luminous crystalline Light bodies.

The physical Ascension process is one of three simultaneous Ascension processes that are going on.

Check out my video to learn about the other two:

This physical Ascension from 3D to 5D takes place differently and over a different period of time for every person. Some navigate the process relatively comfortably; while others go through lengthened period of illness, fatigue, etc. Neither path is better nor worse, nor is either path an indication that you’re succeeding or failing the Ascension journey (hint: you can’t fail!). Rather, every body is different and every body needs to transmute different loads of viruses, bacteria, etc. and eliminate different loads of heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins. So when illness arises, it is never an indication that you are doing anything wrong—it is an opportunity for you to focus greater time and attention on your physical vessel to assist it in navigating this unprecedented, miraculous transition from 3D to 5D.

If you aren’t experiencing any symptoms or illness, it can be easy to take your body for granted. What if the most important job you had in this lifetime was taking care of your physical vessel? Have you been doing a good job or could you be doing a little better? What kinds of foods are you allowing inside of you? Are they the most supportive foods for your vessel and what it is going through right now? Are you drinking enough water? Is it the cleanest possible water? Are you taking time each day to move your body? Are there any latent viruses or bad bacteria in your body that need to be addressed?


This Virgo New Moon is also being hailed a ‘9-9-9’ moon because it falls on the 9th day of the 9th month and 1+8 = 9. The energy of 9-9-9 is the energy of completion. Oftentimes, there are things in our life that have reached a place where they are no longer serving us, but yet we keep these things hanging around. Will you join me in doing some house cleaning—both literally and figuratively—on this 9-9-9 Virgo New Moon?

What clutter can you let go of in your physical environment? Everything that is in your home carries an energetic frequency, and when you do some literal house cleaning, you will feel the difference! Are there things in your house that you feel you need, but no longer want? Are there any things that just don’t feel good to you, or bring up memories of a different time that doesn’t feel good? Can you let go of these things?

Let’s talk about energetic house cleaning. Which self-defeating patterns are you willing to give up? Do you have a tendency to be too harsh on yourself when you think you don’t do something right? Do you have a tendency to procrastinate getting things done and then regret it later? Is there a part of you who ‘gets off; on feeling wronged or powerless in some way? Are you willing to give up any of these patterns right now?

We inherit most of our self-defeating patterns from our parents or caregivers. When we become aware of these patterns, it is possible to then shift them. When you do shift these patterns in you, you also are healing your entire family lineage!


Virgo is associated with being of Service, so let’s explore this topic a bit. As I have written and spoken many times before, the Highest Vibration of 5D is not Bliss, Joy, or Celebration—it’s actually Service! We are now riding the wave of Creation as it rebounds back toward Oneness after its venture into duality. We know that we are here not just as Souls experiencing physical incarnation, but also as leaders of the New Earth. We are here to Serve Gaia and the Ascension program.

Being of Service doesn’t just mean you are working as a medium, a healer, or a bodyworker. Yes, these are wonderful, amazing ways of being of Service. But in truth, being of Service is an around-the-clock job.

When you are nice to yourself instead of demeaning, you are being of Service, for what you give to yourself you energetically give to the world. When you take care of your body and give yourself the very best nutritionally, you are being of Service—and energetically, you are infusing the grid with that vibration so that others around the world may learn to value feeding themselves with the best nutrition, so that eventually things like chemical pesticides and fungicides won’t exist anymore because as a collective HU-manity we will all value physical health too much to compromise it with toxins.

You are being of Service right here, right now, by reading this article, because by doing so, you’re showing a commitment to improving yourself, and energetically you’re putting out that vibration to the world for others to commit to improving themselves.

The Golden Age is manifesting because of our Service work!

Here’s a few other simple ways to be of Service today:

• Complement someone else

• Help someone else (only if you want to!)

• Recycle

• Pick up a piece of trash in your neighborhood or in the woods

• Wish someone Blessings in your head or out loud

• Give food to a needy person

• Post something High-Vibe on your social media accounts

• Water your garden

• Pray to Angels to help you or to help a situation that needs help

• Buy organic food (thus financially supporting those who are using organic farming practices)

The truth is, you’re always being of Service no matter what, because as a Lightworker here anchoring the Light, you are always transmitting codes of Awakening into the Earth grid and to others around you—even while you sleep! But when you are consciously, intentionally being of Service, you can’t help but feel your own vibration rise. It feels good to consciously be of Service!

Wishing you all Blessings of renewed self-Love, self-care and a renewed passion for your Service mission on this Blessed New Moon in Virgo!

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Intuitive Healer. He offers powerful 1-on-1 private session worldwide to assist you in healing on all levels, including Soul Plan Readings, Intuitive Healing & Coaching sessions, Starseed Coaching sessions, Spiritual Mentoring/Awakening Coaching, and Intiuitive Nutrition Readings. You can find out more about him, read more of his work, and check out his videos at Also, check out his Facebook page at

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