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The Next Leap In Human Evolution Has Been Around For Decades

By on February 8, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

The Next Leap In Human Evolution Has Been Around For Decades

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by Ray Maor,
Contributing Writer,

In the current era of rapid spiritual and consciousness expansion, one of the recurrent topics of study is the human energy body and its true potential. One of the ways in which I am called to provide a contribution to this greater expansion is by supporting the shift of our physical bodies to a higher vibration with the elimination or significantly reduction of the need for physical nutrition.


As I am a guide to this lifestyle also called “Pranic Living” or “Breatharianism”, I would like to provide the reader with both my personal experience and the scientific knowledge that supports my students in their Pranic initiations.

First – let us put aside a lot of misconceptions about this lifestyle. The first misconception is that Breatharians don’t eat or drink. From my own experience, those that live in the west and have a “standard” western lifestyle don’t usually take their Pranic living experience to its extreme – unlike many documented practitioners in the east. This is mostly a matter of personal choice and responds to a need to still coexist within family and work environments and be socially accepted. Most of all, maintaining some form of nourishment will convey a message that the average western individual will be able to at least take into consideration, if not to fully accept. You have probably heard that the only proven scientific way to live longer is to go on a caloric restriction. This goes to prove the connection between food quantities and health. In addition when thinking about “Nourishment” most will think it is about food. However a body can live without food for several week – but without water only a few days and without air just a few minutes. So what nourishes us more? Seems like air [=Breath] does the trick.

For several reasons, the average western Breatharian will usually decide not to commit to a full spiritual path like living in a cave in the Himalayan Mountains; therefore, his potential to achieve a state of complete Pranic nourishment will not reach 100%. It is true that there are Breatharians that subsist completely without food or drink, but these individuals are very rare.

The western Breatharian is likely to enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle combined with having a normal job, personal and social relationships, and a series of additional interests in life. For example, when I started my Pranic living path, well over five years ago, I went without eating for a whole year. I was just drinking tea, water and juice and went down from an intake of about 3000 calories a day, to around 400 in those days in which I wasn’t fasting.

Being able to make this transition in awareness took a while, and I had to be initiated by my guide which was initiated in Brazil. After a whole year of virtual fasting and social pressures – I decided that the best outcome for my purpose was to keep a foot in every world and chose a compromise stance. I understood that I had already derived the lesson that strict fasting had to teach me, and that is was time to come down from the clouds and allow myself to ground and enjoy food occasionally. So today I can say I eat about two meals a week. Mostly in the company of my wife and other people, as it is something that I have learned to appreciate much more.

Before creating my initiations, I had several personal conversations with Bashar that explained to me the existence of Breatharians in 5D and beyond. During the conversation Bashar has told me that in his civilization, most will chose to be sustained from Energy and in our future (he predicted at 2050) a larger percentage of the world’s population will become Breatharians. Bashar has also provided me with the key ingredients to mastering this skill in our currently shifting 3D to 5D reality including the type of breathing exercises, the length in days of the detox required and the general guidelines.


The ability to become a person that lives of the energy of Prana is defined by multiple personal variables such as: spiritual awareness, vibrational frequency, body shape, metabolism, intention, genetics/DNA variables, and many other factors.

The Pranic living process can be envisaged as separated into 3 phases

Phase I

The first phase is the initiation, which has the objective of opening of the Pranic centers. The duration and complexity of this process has evolved over time, but at present the initiation itself is taught by a few different guides around the world (this is one of my roles). These guides have taken upon themselves the task of transmitting this more “advanced” spiritual awakening knowledge to those that have the true intention of making the best of it for their own personal and spiritual growth and for the assistance of Gaia’s ascension. The various current forms of initiation differ usually in duration and content, but most will last between one to three weeks. Alone or in a group, having a more difficult system or a more subtle one.

In the initiation phase the body of the participants goes through a complete reset including a deep body detox. As this is a mind body spirit retreat, the change occurs on multiple levels. The initiation process is split into practices of balancing of the four bodies: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

A minimum of 3 days of dry fasting is required for the physical body to reset itself. The mental body (logic) will be aware of what is happening to it and start to alter its belief system more profoundly towards the inner knowing that it doesn’t require food to survive and can be open to chi nourishment. The spiritual body is always there with full intent for maturity and growth supporting guidance.

Over time we have come to appreciate that the spiritual body is stronger in groups and we have witnessed that when groups come together with a common intention, this helps virtually everyone to cope with the stress/fears of the initiation (three day long dry fast) and results in a relative ease for everyone to achieve full compliance. The last of the bodies is the emotional body. During the initiation and as a result of dry fasting, the deep water that holds on to trauma and unresolved emotions in our bodies is eliminated, which equates to powerful physical and emotional cleansing. This is further supported by the fact that participants go through a series of karmic cleansing exercises with the instructor.

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Phase II

The second phase is the so called adaptation period. Usually these are the first few month right after the initiation. The initiation would change the person’s vibration bringing him \ her closer to their higher self. This is a blissful state but can also carry lots of resistance to change and failure to re adapt into one’s previous lives. At this phase the need for physical nutrition is almost completely gone and most of the difficulties are from social and personal (emotional) reasons. Those that make it through this phase have allowed their body and mind to complete the transition and go onto phase 3.

Phase III

The last phase is living this way. The body has found its perfect ideal weight and the person begins enjoying the multiple advantages of this lifestyle: savings in terms of time and money, better sleep, reduced Inflammation, boundless energy levels, mood improvement, faster recovery, toxin free lifestyle, higher alignment with one’s true potential, reduction in illness incidents, and more.

As individuals, we are all different and we must appreciate that everyone’s journey is unique. My experience with teaching the Pranic living process is that most participants will become closer to their true self. This can also mean that there are certain things in their lives that they must change in order to continually be in the present moment and follow their own path of least resistance.

For example, a person that comes back from a Breatharian initiation might suddenly become aware of a need to change one’s profession or relationship, which – for different reasons – had been suppressed over time. The new awareness gained with the rising of the individual’s vibration will empower the person to deal with necessary life changes.

After undergoing the Pranic process, the new, transformed self will meet the old self and deal with memories of food and any other addiction. This will mean recognizing them for what they truly are – an emotional issue that requires attention and needs to be addressed with self-love.

That is the true beauty of this lifestyle. A gift that keeps on giving. After five years of full engagement into Pranic living, I still marvel at the profound ways in which the higher vibration I have attained has been changing me. I came into it because of a need to know more, learn more and to expand my own consciousness as a researcher.

Yes, it was my logic that was looking to break scientific paradigms and my spiritual ego that wanted to be “special”. Yet, I came out the other end transformed: Having more connection with my feminine side, more connection to nature, to my guiding spirit and with a strong will to serve humanity by serving others, teaching and supporting their unique forms of advancement in their lives.

Ray MaorAbout the author: Ray Maor was born in Israel. Following a normal Israeli life, he joined the military service when he was 18 for a five year service followed by a long trip abroad that opened up his eyes to the world of spiritual development. At the age of thirty one Ray has decided to take a huge leap of faith by going through a 21 day fast \ pranic initiation that changed his life forever. Now Ray is a spiritual Breatharian guide that is committed to bringing the self-empowering and spiritual development knowledge to all that is in search for a higher understanding of our reality and our divine selves. Ray is the only western Breatharian that has made a public television appearance and had been checked scientifically by medical doctors under supervision while going with no food or water for a duration of 8 days (one can watch the whole show here: He is the inventor of the 10 day process – the perfect Breatharian initiation process for those who seek to understand more about themselves and their origins. Ray currently teaches his process and other workshops in different countries, focusing mainly on Europe and USA. He is the inventor of the 10 day process – the perfect Breatharian initiation process for those who seek to understand more about themselves and their origins. Ray currently teaches his process and other workshops in different countries, focusing mainly on Europe and USA.

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