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Next Stage Of Ascension

By on April 22, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Next Stage Of Ascension

by New Earth Energies,
Contributing Writer,

Next Stage Of Ascension

March and April have been full on energetic months for me and I know many others have also felt this. A series of letting go, reminiscing, choosing, purging, new raw energy, tiredness, blockbuster energy… etc .

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I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing and clearing for my 2 beautiful children in other dimensions that has most definitely affected them positively in the now. I saw the change in them almost immediately even though they knew nothing of what happened at their earthly conscious level.

The healings/clearings we did were amazing. Starting with a simple technique a good friend of mine taught me which was to imagine surrounding my child in love and then a beautiful unraveling occurred. It flowed so beautifully as the children told me stories of hurt and we healed together. This all happened at in the last hour of the Full Moon and when we finished I looked a the clock and the timing was exactly when it came into the new moon. Oh how I love synchronicity.

As the healings occurred, I did not ask permission. I thought about this as I have heard that permission should be asked, so I asked my true self, “Do I need to ask permission to do work on these people?” My guidance was that anything that comes to me as this did is given with permission. There is a trust and knowing that when anything is done in love that is permission. It is only when something is forced and not done in truth that it is a problem.

That resonated so highly with me. I have always seen permission of that as something only needed in the old timeline. When anything is done in love / the high heart there is a knowing within ourselves of the connection in truth with this person and what is needed for both of us.

Ascension Clearing

So, tonight I lay down doing a visual clearing of the chakas for myself and my kids. Whereas, usually, I would start at the base(red) but this time, I was guided to start at Gaia as we are integrating back to our true form , our true connection to her, to repair her and her us.

The chaka was a magnetic blue, then a magnetic green between Gaia and the sacral. Then, rather than just seeing the sacral as a red chaka, the sacral was blood and living. There was more of a living vibe between each of the chakras we went through and the divine feminine and masculine were being adjusted around the crown area for other new chakras to come on line. How exciting.

This has been a good week.

I also got a message about a rebirth happening in soon!

The synchronicity of the past few weeks is all too much to pass off. I think there are going to be many of us finding new connections to our true self and for the flow from our true self seamless.

Namaste and much love to you all.

~New Earth Energies

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Ascension is the process of elevating one’s consciousness and vibrational frequency to higher levels of awareness and spiritual understanding. It transcends the limitations of the physical realm, guiding individuals towards a profound connection with their higher selves and the universal source of energy or divine consciousness. Ascension involves shedding old belief systems, patterns, and negative emotions that no longer serve one’s spiritual growth, allowing for a profound inner transformation. As one ascends, they become attuned to their intuitive abilities, expanded perception, and a greater sense of interconnectedness with all of creation. It is a journey of self-realization, where the individual recognizes their inherent divinity and aligns with the universal flow of love, compassion, and wisdom.

During the process of ascension, individuals may experience spiritual awakenings, heightened sensitivity to energies, and a deep sense of purpose and service to others. This evolution of consciousness is not limited by time or space and can occur at both personal and collective levels. As more souls embark on their ascension journey, it contributes to the collective awakening and the overall elevation of human consciousness on Earth.

Ascension is an ongoing and transformative process, guiding individuals towards a state of higher consciousness, harmony, and unity with the greater cosmic tapestry of existence. It is a profound voyage of self-discovery and spiritual growth, allowing individuals to embrace their divine essence and contribute to the expansion of love and light in the world.

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