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Notre Dame – Enter The New Earth

By on April 19, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Notre Dame – Enter The New Earth

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

The Cathedral Notre Dame has been a beautiful piece of history that has been standing on the planet for a long time. A beautiful piece of art, an iconic place to visit, powerful and strong standing in the center of Paris. Yesterday much of it burnt away. The smoke and fire filling the skies of Paris, with the people feeling the sorrow and sadness watching this building, this history fall.

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Although it seems tragic and sad, all things happen for change, and it was time. I do not know how the fire started, but I do know that what has happened in Paris has happened for the unraveling of the old ways for healing to occur and an unveiling of the new. Energetically fire represents anger and smoke represents a clearing and cleansing. The smoke fills the air to dispel old memories, the fire clears the pain within a city that has been enduring heart ache over the last few years. The city of love, the city of lovers is healing.

Europe is in the midst of a physical shift, with Paris at the forefront. In general, Europe holds much history. History is a dense collective and is held deep within the consciousness and patterning of the country, the land and the people where old patterning and ideas need to clear. The buildings, the people, the thoughts, the actions are all old ways of living with the last few years the world has witnessed the struggles that have been occurring in Paris, with one foot in the old and one in the new, so it was inevitable that structures will fall. The time is now for the creating and building of a new way, and the fall of the Cathedral is just part of that change. The history, the heaviness, and the hatred held within the structure of the church is energetically clearing.

The world is watching, and with love we send compassion, kindness and human understanding to all those holding the space in Paris. This is how the world changes now. Our thoughts, our actions, our intentions of love shift the planet toward more peace.

Remember that all things change. Energy is always in motion. There is always a flow and this flow will always be part of our lives and our evolution. The fact that our world is moving or has moved into the energy fields of a higher light quotient or a higher vibration means that old structures, ideals, patterns cannot sit in this space. Thoughts, ideas, people, companies, buildings will crumble if they are not vibrating on the higher frequency. Earth simply cannot hold it any longer.

Did you know the Notre Dame Cathedral stands at zero point in Paris? How perfect. Her location and positioning in our world is one of great change, and you will find after this has cleared, Paris will become a little more calmer, a little more peace driven.

Great loss precedes great change, history has already shown us that, so while many of us mourn the loss of such a great and iconic place, let us take comfort in the fact that this has been a great physical manifestation of how far we have come as humanity and where the energies on the planet sit. It reminds us we are moving into a new way.

A new earth.

About the author: Messenger of Light. My information, ideas, and concepts come from my own challenges and life experiences. Understanding each other’s journeys evokes our innate human kindness. I am a writer, channeller, healer, speaker, intuitive messenger, galactic rep, lover, leader, creator and aunty! We are all messengers. OUR LIFE IS OUR MESSAGE so shine your beautiful light?

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