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One Night With DMT – My Experience

By on December 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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One Night With DMT - My Experience

Contributing Writer,

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is the most elusive entheogenic substance in the universe. For those who have made the voyage to the darkest fathoms of mind and reality, words are futile to describe the arduous tale of ego death, flirt with enlightenment, and rebirth back into third-dimensional life. We can only piece together fragments of memory, abstract visions, and spiritual realizations.

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This is a story of the greatest night ever experienced with DMT.

All of life’s secrets can be found at the end of time. Beckoning, glistening, beguiling, the singularity remains in absolute stillness, in wait for the manful few who dare trespass life’s boundaries to seek out the darkest unknowns of the universe.

There the rightful intrepid will find that even themselves are not immune to the glorious wonder of the sacred, fractal landscapes down the rabbit hole.

Cascading out of Phi, Arabesque temples and jeweled laser palaces surreptitiously emerge from the fathoms of one’s mind.

How is it possible that the impossible is manifest in the here and now, when a few moments ago, the ego told me it would never be so?

Déjà Vu overcomes the scene and there, in that very glimpse of time, do I realize this has happened before. The paradox of existence, never before beholden to man, becomes known.

Time is cyclical and there will never be an end to me, to this, to infinitude. All possibilities come to fruition, I have been here, I must have been everything, I must have been God.

In the still clarity, standing in the infantile Vesica Pisces amidst the beginning of creation, there, at last, a splinter of enlightenment is felt. For the first time in a zillion eons, this soul fragment has returned home. The eternal Eliade has found her place.

Alas, in the flesh of man, with beating heart in rag and bone, the realization that all is empty and I am alone, brings tears of Isis down my face. These are tears of eternal life, for I myself am the one. The spark of all life began with tears, the Grand Experiment was thus born and continues to this day.

Will I find myself back to the Great Source in all my righteous actions and state of mind?

In this life, I very do pledge my heart and soul, to reach enlightenment in truth, to never again come to flirt with Samsara, for her lessons learned are carried with me ‘til the end of time.

Today begins the moment I truly start living my life. I am alive in this precious body, it is impermanent, and I will strive on, in full knowing of the truth in this, I bless and wish enlightenment for all sentient beings.


About the author: LOTSWA was given his name through a dream. He is an artist and researcher preparing the world for Cosmic Disclosure—the unveiling of historically suppressed knowledge that will awaken humanity into the New Earth of 5th Dimensional vibration.

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